Interview with Reinert Kiil

ED- The Eerie Digest is pleased to present Norwegian film producer Reinert Kiil to our readers. Reinert, You recently produced the Comedy-Horror film ‘Hora’. Please tell our readers the theme behind this production.

RK- the Main ide that many people haven’t understand with Hora was that I wanted to make a slow sleazy 70 flick in the same way they did it back in the 70. Not to pump it up for our generation. Just that you feel it kud be made in the 70… I feel that the only persons who actually see that are the once that have gaven me feedback on the film that I like in bout a good ore a bad way.

ED- Tell us about the cast, and the characters that they play.

RK- Isabel Vibe is the main star. She plays Rikke in the first part of the film that we called the rape part. Rikke is in the beginning of 30. Shes a city girl with attitude and openes. Shes a writer and comes from grunnerløkka in Oslo. A place where people in Norway are more open to everything. She visit here dead mothers house in the country side. A redneck city called Dokka. Here two sisters have already gone to Dokka and what Rikke doesent know is that they already got raped and is dead somewhere in the woods. Then we have the 3 locals. The retardet man (Gaute Næsheim), American psycho kind of guy (Kenneth Falkenberg) and the bully (Eik Ommedal). They all have fun with Rikke in a way she never expected. And then we are of to the next chapter. The Revenge part. Rikke is becoming the whore after the gruesome rape. And is seeking revenge on the 3 guyes.

ED- We understand that you are planning a sequel to this movie. Please tell our readers about it and where they can find the film ‘Hora’.

The Sequel is already shot. And in a couple of months there will be a trailer on the net. It’s a mochumentary about the making of Hora 2 “Inside the whore” You can fint Hora everywhere on the net. Now just with English subtitles. But its beehing dubbet to German as we speak and the Danish relies of the film have some more langues on the subtitles.

ED- Reinert, tell us about your beginnings in cinema and what encouraged your career in it.

RK- I made short films from the age of 9. Just loved films from I was little. Always know that I wanted to work with movies. Started as I sayd with short films on HI 8 camera that I got from my dad. And whent to digital when I was around 20. I took up drama at school just to learn about how it works and to have it in the feature for directing other people.

ED- There are many facets in the production of a film, and most people do not know about a lot of the work that takes place on a movie set. Please tell us what a Property Master does, and what his position is in relation to a film.

RK- Property master is the guy ore girl who have control over every prop in a feature, tv show ore comercal. It’s the person who are in charge of the hole props department. Everything you see in the picture that issent alive is props or sett decoration. And in Norway often the propertymaster is in charge of the set decoration as well. But over the property master is the art director ore scenograf. That’s the person who draw ore say what the director wants. And in many cases that’s the person who is the most important person after director, producer and camera.

ED- With many of our readers being students of film, please tell them the details behind props and set designing.

RK- That’s a hard one. Hmm… I work mainly on features and comercials. Have done som reality and some tv series, but not mutch. Its different from tv to feature. Feature is more in to details and coloring. Like in one film you don’t jus sharp colors. And in a nother films the look is sharp colors but not with the color blue in it. Mayb e because the story is around a book that is blue and the director wants to have all the focos on the book when it first comes in the frame. But in tv its more like try to fint all the props. Make the props ass good as possible, but you never really have time to start with finess. Its always hurry hurry hurry. Another thing with props to all of the students out there. Many people who start making films don’t care about the props ore artdirection. That’s something I always feel sad abnout when I watch short films ore b films at festivals. Its so important. Becouse just some props in the picture. A little bit of moving around on stuff can make a film that cost 100 kr become a 1 mill shot. Pluss if you don’t think about props in a film its probably because its good props then. If you think about the props ore artdirection its normaly bad. Not if there is something really special like in Tarantinos Death Proof. Where he moves arroud on props in perpos just to tribute the old school films from the 70 and to fuck with your minds

ED- Tell our student readers about the relationship between production assistant and the film production that they are working on.

RK- Production assistant can be many things in Norway. Its like somthimes you only work on set as a floor runner. Ore you are the person after the first AD who make shure everyboddey is on time. Many times there is a 3 AD on sett as well. And then he ore she have some production assistant who can run to get all from actors to electric stuff and somethimes just coffee ore water. But to be a good production assistant you must know the sett and how the production is runned.

ED- Reinert, please tell us about your earlier films.

RK- Fuck Norge. Zombie comedy. Inside the mind of Jorg Buttgereit. A 20 minute intervju with the legent behind Nekromantik and Schramm… Suicide. A music video about the fight betvin our garding angel and person on the last break before going to heaven. The Voice of once conciense. A film about a serial killer who dossent manage to live with the facts that he has killed all his life. The Judge. A superhero movie with a young girl who fights pedofiles and it’s a love story betwhin here and a girl she meet on here way.

ED- You have also worked in a number of television series in your country. Can you tell us something about these ?

I have worked on all from soap series to reality and fiction. But the most fun is working on comedy. Becouse there its a lot of fun props to collect. In two months I be working on a big comedy series here in Norway. Its with a lot of famous comedians from the south of Norway. And im looking forward to it. The Pay is good and the people you work with are normaly really great persons. The Only thing is the working houers. Becouse in TV everything goes so fast that you have to work 3 times mutch. And the script issent ready before the day before you actually going to shoot it and so on and so on.

ED- Reinert, we wish you well in your newest film ‘Hora 2’ and hope that you keep us up to date with all your latest project. We want to thank you for your time and the wonderful information about some of the many things that goes into producing a film.

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