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“Hard to Be Me” receives theme song by Cyndi Lauper, Awards; Art in Real Life, LLC signs agent

09/13/10-Washington, DC: It is with great excitement that ART IN REAL LIFE, LLC, the production company behind the new TV pilot, Hard to Be Me, announces several new developments. Just last week, ART IN REAL LIFE, LLC signed a contract with Agent Trisha Campo, Uraz Agency to represent Hard to Be Me. Campo will be bringing Hard to Be Me to the decision-makers at several TV networks, looking to secure a broadcast future for Hard to Be Me – the series (learn more at…

Additionally, the latest round-up of awards that the TV pilot has received are as follows, Hard to Be Me has received not one, but three “TV Pilot” awards:

“Best TV Pilot” – New York International Independent Film Festival

“Best TV Pilot” – New Media Fest (Phoenix Int’l Christian Film Festival)

“Award of Merit for Television Pilot”- The Indie Fest

“We are also very proud of, and proud to have our Director, Erik Cielsewicz, recognized for his work on the Hard to Be Me pilot, with an “Award of Merit for Direction” from The Indie Fest. All of these awards are particularly gratifying and important as we move forward with our new agent, looking for cable/network distribution of the series. They prove that we have an audience who enjoys the show,” said Executive Producer Virginia Ryker.

…And last, but far from least, Art in Real Life, LLC has also just confirmed their world wide festival license to feature the song, “It’s Hard to Be Me” as performed by Cyndi Lauper on her CD Shine, as the theme song for the TV pilot. The Producers of Hard to Be Me were told that Ms. Lauper, herself, personally approves all such requests and doesn’t often grant such licenses, so “for her to like the show enough to lend us her music is a huge honor” says Edward Robert Bach, the show’s creator.

Hard to Be Me is the vLog of Kevin Hamilton (played by Edward Robert Bach) which is brought to life in this hour-long dramedy. Kevin tells the story of his life in terms of “art, friends, and family,” as he balances his hard-nosed COMM 101 teacher (played by Kelli Biggs), family members, and colorful gang of friends. It’s a show about story-tellers, for story-tellers, Hard to Be Me uses web 2.0 savvy alongside the traditional television show format with the hopes of bringing back family TV night.

ART IN REAL LIFE, LLC is an Annapolis based, regional independent production house, run by Edward Robert Bach, Virginia Ryker, and Robert P. Bach. Hard to Be Me – TV pilot/series is the company’s first production and already the team is earning recognition for their work. In addition to the awards above Hard to Be Me has previously earned a Certificate of Excellence at the SkyFest Film and Script Festival, Best Editing Award and Honorable Mention in the TV category at the Los Angeles Movie Awards, Best Use of Music in a Short Film “Director’s Choice Bronze Medal” (Paul Oehlers) at the Park City Film and Music Festival, among others; and is receiving further acceptances for competitive festivals across the country. (See the trailers-

For more information about Hard to Be Me –TV pilot/series, go to, or contact ART IN REAL LIFE, LLC at

Agent Contact Information:

Trisha Campo
URAZ Agency

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