Interview with Actor Dave Colon

ED- The Eerie Digest is happy to present actor Dave Colon to all our readers. Dave You have graced both the Silver Screen and television. What influenced you in the career of acting?

DC- When I was up in New York I had a friend of mine who was in the movie ”Jaws” I thought she was so great, and it always stuck with me and I used to say I wanna do that too.!! Especially after one of my first commercials it was a PSA “Better Man” it went National after Superbowl Sunday 2005. Friends and people who saw it would come up to me and say “Hey weren’t you in that commercial” Ok I was hooked then.

ED- Early on you had easily filled the role as a police officer in many of the productions that you have been involved with. Had you had police training to be able to perform these roles, or do you credit this to your physical attributes?

DC- Back in 1984 I started out in Gov’t service as a Police Officer out at Norfolk Naval Base and a member of the Emergency Response Team . I attended SWAT training at the FBI Academy, Quantico, VA. In 1988 I switched agencies and was with the U.S. Dept. of Energy as a Federal Agent doing classified shipments ,I also did Dignitary Protection for the Secretary of Energy especially when he traveled to NYC me being born and raised in Manhattan. Actually I think it’s the Command presence that gets them.

ED- Some of your earliest performances were in ‘Waking Up In Reno’, the pilot for ‘Wildfire’, and ‘Three Wise Guys’. How did these strengthen your conviction toward acting?

DC- When I was living in Texas one of the first movies I shot was just south of Canyon, TX “Waking up in Reno” with Patrick Swayze, Billy Bob Thornton, and Charlize Theron I was in awe, surround by this cast. Billy Bob in his black Cashmere coat freezing just like me he was so cool to just hang out with .In “Wildfire” talking with Dennis Weaver and making friends with Creg Serano who played Pablo the words of encouragement to continue acting and to just have fun made my conviction to succeed stronger. The Comedy “Three Wise Guys” working with Eddie McClintock and Arye Gross was just great, I felt these guys were so smooth and had their act down tight oh was I hooked.

ED- Amongst other projects, you appeared in ‘The Hitcher’, ‘Wild Hogs’, and ‘Urban Justice’. Here, too, you demonstrated your macho side. Tell us about the roles that played in these productions.

DC- In the “Hitcher” I was back to playing a NM State Trooper, “Urban Justice” again a Police Detective and in Wild Hogs a pissed off Townsperson ready to get rid of motorcycle gang in town.yea tough guy roles

ED- You then went on to ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Love Lies Bleeding’, and ‘The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’. Tell us about these and the other actors that you teamed up with in them.

DC-“Breaking Bad” Wow! Playing opposite Bryan Cranston(Walter White) and Anna Gunn(Skyler White)along with Carmen Serano, and my other concerned parents Lorrie Oliver, Kristen Loree. Bryan and I were sitting opposite each other and I was just off camera and I was acting like I was appalled about him playing with his wife under the table you can see him defiantly looking at me on TV. Too much fun!! Love, Lies Bleeding playing a cop who is bringing another hooker in for questioning playing opposite Christian Slater really nice guy.!!And of course “Terminator “The Sarah Connors Chronicles this movie I used my own Police style motorcycle for my role as a L.A. Motor Cop where I am eye balling John Connor (Thomas Dekker) Sarah Connors (Lena Headey) and Cameron Phillips (Summer Glau) as they are traveling in their pickup. I was on the street long enough in uniform I ended up directing traffic to keep the intersection clear. lol

ED- You also appeared in ‘In Plain Sight’, ‘Linewatch’, and ‘Grave Mistake’. Can you describe your performances in these projects?

DC- In Plain Sight I’m an FBI agent just waiting for Marci Arnstein (Sherry Stringfield) to get incriminating evidence from the wire she’s wearing, recording Jay Arnstein (John Ales). Once she gave the signal I along with my agents bust in, guns drawn and I tell Jay he’s under arrest.!!Linewatch as a Border Patrol Agent I play opposite Cuba Gooding Jr ( Agent Michael Dixon) and Dean Norris (Agent Warren) in several scenes and thank god we were shooting inside it was really hot, another Albuquerque hot summer day.“Grave Mistake” a Shawn Darling project, I play a soldier who is traveling thru the sandy bush and steps upon a land mine and gets blown up, got lucky just missed landing on a cactus bush.

ED- ‘Kites’ and ‘Scoundrels’ came next and they added to your acting career. Please share your experiences in these film with our readers.

DC- In “Kites” I was a Mexican Policia in control of a check point, checking vehicles for contraband this was my second Bollywood film and I must say Dir. Anurag Basu was very accomodating to me. And in “Scoundrels” I play a Biology teacher in front of a class of students. I really enjoyed working with Virginia Madsen (Cheryl West) who plays the mother of Hope West (Vanessa Marano) who has been absent from my class for sometime giving the excuse that she has the sickness Lupus.!! Yea right!

ED- Your newest film, ‘Warrior Woman’ is now in the filming stage. Can you give us a sneak-preview of the film and and tell us something about the rest of the cast and crew?

DC- “Warrior Woman sneak preview sorry mums the word. Dir. Julie Reichert brought me on as a Motor Cop(yes again lol) using my motorcycle again (loved it) where I roll up on a vehicle occupied by Karen Young( Alice) where she has pulled off on the shoulder and I am checking on her condition. I found this young filming crew to be very professional and attentive.!!

ED- Dave, thank you for sharing your career with us and giving all our readers a look behind the scenes in all the productions that you have been in. We wish you much luck and hope that you become a regular visitor to our magazine.

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