Interview with Actor David Spates

ED – We would like to introduce David Spates to our readers. David, you are another Hollywood personality that has worn many hats in your career. Tell us about your early years and some of the many contributions that you have performed for the silver screen.

DS- I’ve wanted to act in movies and on television since I was a kid and always knew that I would some how because I was willing to do what it took to make it happen. The only role model I had for acting at that time was Eddie Murphy and since he started out doing stand-up comedy that’s what I did. I was 18, sneaking into comedy clubs and winning contest when one day an agent was watching and asked if I was interested in acting in movies. I said “HELL YEAH… I mean yes I am”. Where I grew up , Riviera Beach Florida, there were no acting opportunities so I spent many days driving two to four hours just to go on an audition or to play very small extra rolls on projects. Those experiences really helped me appreciate when I started to get principle roles. My first principle movie role was in the movie “The Substitute” and when I found out that I was given the role I think I peed on myself a little… I had a lot to drink that day. After that principle work started to come more regularly from television to other movies like “In Too Deep”‘, “Southside” , “Looking For Sunday” and other films.

ED- You have also been a writer for many of the projects that we have seen. Tell us about this aspect of your career and the different productions that you made contributions to.

DS- As far as writing goes I’m more of a comedy guy. I can write comedy all day long and apparently a lot of people like it ( taking a bow ) but that doesn’t always mean the things I write are acted out or directed the way I had in mind but that’s Hollywood for you. I’ve written quite a few things for “AD HDTV” and an internet media company called “The Station”. A lot of time I just spice up scripts for people because I’m pretty busy writing things for myself on my youtube channel “LaughAndPeeAlittle”.

ED- In the 90’s you appeared in a number of projects including ‘Shame’, Extralarge: Condor Mission, South Beach, and ‘Moon over Miami’. Tell us about the roles you played in for these.

DS- I’ve played everything from a waiter in “South Beach”, a prisoner in “Shame” to a guerilla soldier in “Extra Large”. That’s what I love about acting. There are so many different roles a person can play and so many different personas to take on that I feel like a child who gets to play pretend all the time and the beauty of it is that it’s my job… what a life!

ED- Later you appeared in ‘Sea Quest 2032’, ‘Looking for Trouble’, ‘The Substitute’, and ‘In Too Deep’. How did these affect your acting career?

DS- I would say they helped my grow in experience but after my role in “In Too Deep” was when people started to notice me and the phone calls started to come… for work, not just from mom.

ED- Between 2002 and 2005 you appeared in eight episodes of ‘Strong medicine’. Tell us about these roles and about the rest of the cast that you worked with.

DS- I was a re-occurring character “Paramedic Watts” on the show and it was one of the best times I’ve ever had working… and it was quite lucrative. I loved it because it was so different than the roles I had in the past. The medical terminology was definitely a challenge at times and that’s what actors love, a challenge… and a job that’s lucrative. The cast was wonderful and I don’t mean that in the Hollywood “I’m just saying that” way. Joshua cox, Patricia Richardson, Rosa Blasi were just great people to work with who make you look good.

ED- After this experience you played roles in ‘The Investigators’ and ‘LA Forensics’. Please inform our readers about these well known shows and the parts that you played in them.

DS- The funny thing is both were shows that I watched before I actually worked on them so it was almost like a dream come true except I never remember my dreams so I can’t tell you if I ever dreamed of being on them… where was I? “LA Forensics” is a program that shows how investigators solved various crimes. I was a Detective on the show. On the flip side on “The Investigators” , a show that reenacted high profile crimes, I played a serial killer and boy I had my hands full killing people. The funny thing is that after playing such a violent role like that the character never really leaves you. you still have the urges to just break into house a kill everyone inside just because you bought some fries at Mc Donald’s and they were cold… then again maybe it’s just me.

ED- It wasn’t long after that you appeared in twenty-two episodes of ‘AD HDTV: With Lew Marklin’ Tell us about this show and the remarkable run that you appeared in on it.

DS- That was… how can I say? An experience. I had the opportunity to work with some really fun people, had some good times, and did some traveling to Santa Barbara which is a beautiful place that I had never been to before. Not everything you work on will turn out they way it was intended but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from the experience, meet some good people, and use it to become a better actor or a better person.

ED- Your latest acting role was in the production of ‘The Station’ in which you played the character ‘Batman’. Please give our readers an insight into the show, its cast, and the role that you portrayed.

DS- “The Station” is an internet media company that came across my youtube comedy videos ( ) and thought that my style of comedy would mix well with the comedy videos they produce. The cast is some what of a rotating mix of other internet video makers who come together to form “The Staion”. The first project that I worked on with them was “Batman” a comedy spoof where I played the dark knight who was cheating with another mans wife. We’ve worked on other projects together and they also helped me to realize how popular my comedy videos are on the internet. In just a few months I have over 135,000 fans and millions of video views on just youtube alone so I think I will continue making videos because it is a great tool for getting exposure for acting jobs and it’s helping me reach my ultimate goal which is getting the comedy features that I wrote made.

ED- David, we want to thank you for the time that you spent with us and wish you much luck in all your upcoming projects. Please promise to keep us informed about all your future work.

DS- I will, pinky promise. And thank you for taking the time to interview me. I appreciate it. David Spates

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