Interview with Author C.C. Guice

ED- The Eerie Digest is happy to provide our readers with an interview of an author that fully fits one of the genres that make this magazine so great. We’d like to introduce C.C. Guice to all our fans. C.C., what inspired you to become a writer?

C.C.- I think I simply wanted to be able to express my thoughts, with such precision and beauty that weather it be in be a poem or a story, my words would remain with you. I wanted mine to be the phrase that runs through your head and heart long after my work has left your hands. I wanted to impact others as so many great writers had me.

ED- Your genre style of books is one of the mainstays of all our readers here at The Eerie Digest. What made you choose this particular line of writing style?

C.C.- I believe everyone wants to believe there is something more. Science has become a cruel god requiring we sacrifice our dearest human attribute, imagination.  I wanted to provide a plausible foundation on which anyone could find and even rebuild that child-like hope- that moment of belief there was a giant bunny laying chocolate eggs once a year. A good book should transport you beyond the mundane to where anything is possible.

ED- Tell us something about your first book, ‘Being Were’.

C.C.- Being Were is about Being Aware. You learn it’s all true, every fantastical bit of it, our ancestors weren’t all that creative after all, they just didn’t fully comprehend a few things and oral tradition muddle others still further. I begin to unveil the supernatural by introducing an ancient Scottish werewolf and an even older Greek Changeling to a very curious young woman who’s been condemned as a witch in the fifteenth century.

ED- As a fantasy, what is the basis for your story?

C.C.- In almost all religion, all over the world, many things remain the same: A First Father and First Mother; A Fall from Grace; Provision for Redemption; A Great Flood, etc. I build on those nearly universal ideas. I tell my readers about the First Born, how that never having fallen from Grace, they were never cursed (to be human) but remained in the image of the Creator. I explore the limitless possibilities of that ‘image’ and retell myth from that/their perspective.

ED- This book is the lead-off for a series known as ‘First Born Saga’. Please tell us about the second novel in the series, ‘No Ordinary Angel’.

C.C.-  In No Ordinary Angel the Changelings have figured out what they are and what impact that has had on humanity and that they must change things. They come together to no only figure out how to help humanity but how to save themselves from what has been hunting them for millennia.

ED- Tell us how this fits in with ‘Being Were’.

C.C.- Being Were is a Journal, told first person by Angelica, a 500 year old Changeling who has lost her will to live. It is made a complete story by the Forward and Afterward added by her friends who later found it. Because Being Were was her journal it only told her side of many things. No Ordinary Angel is a two part book the first part tells Angel’s friends side of things while the second half relays the need for, and the formation of, a new Changeling Council.

ED- As the saga continues you have added ‘Myth’s Requiem’. As this will be the latest addition, and not completed yet, can you give us a sneak-preview of the story line?

C.C.- Ahh… Well, you will finally get to actually spend some quality time with one of the First Born. I introduce another werewolf and I believe she may have a bit of a thing for Baylor. I introduce my first vampire, he may be a problem child. Also the druids return, I look forward to that. It is hard to say, the Changelings do what they will and with four chapters left to go, no telling how they will surprise even me.

ED- As noted in your correspondence, there will be a fourth addition as the saga continues. Please tell us about it.

C.C.- The Unoriginal Sin, the final book of the First Born Sage will reveal what has been hunting the Changelings and while opening a few windows it will close the door on the First Born.

ED- Where can our readers find all of your work?

C.C.- My website,, has everything available at the push of a virtual button but if you have a favorite online bookseller, like Amazon or Barnes & Noble, they have them too. Other than online, I know they are at my local Borders but I am not sure about other places ‘in store’ availability.

ED- Will this conclude the series or will we have the chance to see more of it?

C.C.- The First Born Saga will only have the four books already mentioned but the Changelings will continue to tell their tales in The Further Chronicles of Change. They have many more stories that need told. As a matter of fact one in particular is what is holding up Myths Requiem at the moment.

ED- Please tell us about some of the other titles that you have produced so far.

C.C.- I have also written a supernatural romance entitled What Dreams Remember about a young woman being haunted. While it deals with concepts such as karma and past lives it also delves into the nature of love in all its forms. From love of family, friends, dogs and lovers I explore love that is everything from obsessively co-dependent to the bone-deep unconditional, illogical and often messy. An interesting note to this novel is that in discovering she must solve for past life mistakes she is brought into contact with everyone’s favorite half-mad Changeling, Angel.

ED- Will this be the only story genre that you will be working with, or will be others that you’d be interested in producing?

C.C.- I have put out a collection of poetry, called Phases, it took me years to gather the courage to put more than just my award winners out there but it has done well and brought many requests for more. I may put another out someday, that first compilation only contained 45 poems out of thousands written over the last 24 years.

ED- Christina, we want to thank you for this fascinating look behind the scenes of the style of writing that you produce. It is always great to present a craft, such as your, to our readers and fans world-wide. Many thanks again, and please keep us up to date when each new novel comes out.

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