Interview with Filmmaker Devajit Chakraborty

ED- From across the ocean, and on the other side of the world, we’d like to introduce Indian filmmaker Devajit Chakraborty to all our readers. Devajit, how did you start in your filmmaking career?

DC- It’s almost 5 years before when I thought to become a filmmaker/producer and wanted to make some quality films one day. So I joined this industry as Executive Producer to learn the nuances of production. Then I realized that the most important thing a producer/filmmaker needs to establish himself is artist support so I also did during those times celebrity management also to become more closer to Bollywood Actors so I can approach in future easily Bollywood actors for my any future projects so now the time came that I should look forward to utilize my past efforts.

ED- We have also learned that you are very active in the Human Rights Organization in your country. Please tell us about this.

DC- Well yes I am deeply involved with Human Rights Organization in India. I was elected as “President” for ALL INDIA HUMAN RIGHTS & CITIZEN OPTION (An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Organization) for NATIONAL FILM & TELEVISION INDUSTRY Committee.

ED- You has also been in many important posts and committees in the film industry in India. Please explain the roles that you have had in these.

DC- I was an active member for Women Rights in India for ASSOCIATION OF CINE & TELEVISION ART DIRECTORS in Bollywood. It’s the only esteemed association of all Art Director’s in Bollywood.

ED- You are also the Executive Producer for the cancer documentary film ‘A Ray of Hope’. Please tell us about this important production.

DC-Yes I am the Executive Producer for the cancer documentary film “A Ray of Hope”. This documentary film is made for the best NGO of entire Asia “Cancer Aid & Research Foundation”. It was our honor to be a part of this documentary film. Many top cancer doctor’s from all over the world gave interview also for this documentary film and also many top Bollywood producers & actors gave their full support & their interview for this documentary film. This documentary film became a huge success across the world.

ED- How has this film affected people on your side of the world?

DC- Yes in India after seeing this documentary film many people changed their views regarding cancer. They realized that how deadly cancer can affect human body. Many quit smoking and all after seeing this documentary film and that what we wanted & was motive behind to make this documentary film.

ED- You is also the Founder/ Producer for the film production studio DEV UNITED FILMS INTERNATIONAL. How did you create this company and what are its goals?

DC-Yes I created my film production studio DEV UNITED FILMS INTERNATIONAL 2 years back because after getting involved deeply with media industry and being in many important positions in Bollywood associations I realized that now the time came I need to invest & create my own film production studio. Because I realized that now I am enough experienced to adjust with the pace of Bollywood.

ED- You has also produced music videos. Tell us about these and the musicians involved in them.

DC- Yes my music video album’s title is “Woh Baarish Ki Boondein”. It is the first of kind in Bollywood where you can hear & feel the fusion of Jazz, Symphony & India music. Mr. Eric Marienthal (World famous Saxophone Player from USA), Smt. Usha Mangeshkar (Legend Singer), Smt. Sadhna Sargam (Famous Bollywood singer) & many more famous people are involved in this music video.

ED- Your latest venture is a suspense-romantic thriller film entitled ‘GRIP’. Tell us about the film and the cast and crew involved.

DC- GRIP is a bilingual feature film which will have culture fusion of both Hollywood & Bollywood. Major Actors & Technicians will be from both Bollywood & Hollywood which will create more excite among mass & will have big impact on worldwide release. This film will showcase many facets of crime, suspense, romance & action. That why we have created the script keeping in minds each & every point from dialogues to songs to screenplay. This film will be shot in various locations in various countries like USA & INDIA. Our target is to release this film in almost all major countries like INDIA, USA, CANADA, UK, ISRAEL, ITALY, GERMANY, FRANCE, CHINA, HONGKONG, SOUTH AFRICA, BANGLADESH, THAILAND, DUBAI, AUSTRALIA & TURKEY. Before the worldwide release it will be screened in all International Film Festivals also for more promotion & Publicity.

ED- When will this film appear on screen and where can it be seen?

DC-It will appear on screen around May 2011. Thank you for all love & support.

ED- Devajit, it has been really exciting to have this interview with you and learn what the film industry is doing half a world away. We thank you for your time and wish you luck in all your endeavors. Many thanks again!

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