Interview with Melissa Bacelar

ED- The Eerie Digest is very excited to present an actress that has appeared in genre movies that are close to our heart. Melissa Bacelar has not only had an acting career but has been a producer as well. Melissa, tell our readers about your early films ‘The Toxic Avenger’, ‘The Last Prediction’, and ‘Cornman’, and the roles that you played in them.

MB- I think every actress should learn from Lloyd Kaufman 🙂 He is a genius and has his own vision, and for me right out of college to work on a Toxic Avenger movie… .Well it opened my eyes to Independent Cinema. Meeting Lloyd opened up a world of fake blood, genre fans and horror conventions!!

ED- How was the effect of these films on your career?

MB- On my career??? Ya know, everyone knows ‘Trauma’ or worked on a ‘Trauma’ film at some point. I will say that no matter what caliber of producer or network executive I am in front of, they all appreciate Lloyd!

ED- You then went to television and played roles in ten episodes of ‘One Life To Live’. Tell us about this favorite soap opera and the role that you played.

MB- I was a waitress on the show and they liked me so much they kept bringing me back. ‘One Life to Live’ was a great learning experience, because you don’t get many takes on a soap set. You better know your lines and that’s it. Professionalism, preparedness, and in no way can you be intimidated by the stars. After working on this show I knew I was ready to take on the world. This role lead me to Los Angeles.

ED- Tell us about the rest of the cast in this production.

MB- Really, there isn’t much to tell. They are kind, professional, and ready to go when you get there. When you get a break you have a few laughs and then it’s back on instantly. They really were actors in the top of their game and field and it was a pleasure to work with them.

ED- You then appeared in a number of projects, including ‘Strange Things Happen at Sundown’, ‘Addiction’, and ‘The John Henson Project’. Please inform our readers about these productions.

MB-Strange things was interesting! It was the first film that this particular crew has ever put together.. It was fun, long, interesting.. Liza Minnelli was dancing in the next room while I was rolling around on the ground in my underwear covered in chocolate syrup and fake blood… This team was low budget but they were FANS of the genre and did a great job with what they had. ‘Addiction’ was my first film with James Tucker and Joshua Nelson.. It was fun! These guys make you feel like you are on a multi million dollar set even though they have no budget 🙂 John Henson Project! Wow, this was a job I booked a couple weeks after landing in LA. I had never experienced the “Hollywood” treatment before. I had my own trailer with my name on it… P.A.’s bringing me food and drinks.. It was like a vacation.. I think everyone should work low budget because when you get on a project that has money you appreciate it soooo much more.

ED- In 2008 you also worked the other side of the camera as an executive producer and actress for ‘Pink Eye’ and ‘Eat Your Heart Out’. Tell us about your work here and what it entailed .

MB- This was the first time I had produced anything. I got the money together and hired a lot of people! Joshua Nelson was an old friend of mine and I love his writing. He wrote the scripts and got the locations together. I flew to New York and we were filming long hours with a great cast and crew. It was a very sticky situation, because of the blood/syrup. They are both horror films. I sold one to Warner Bros. / Halo 8 and the other to Lions Gate. You can find them on Netflix now.

ED- You also were in another favorite ‘Slumber party Slaughter House: The Game’ . What do you do in this film?

MB-I was!! lol. Now this production was interesting. We filmed in a house in Hollywood. The people had gone to ‘Burning Man’ and left food out on the counters.. So we walked in to rotten milk and butter…lol. So ya see here is where the low budget is back and you aren’t totally upset because you are used to it! If I went from Trailers and waitress service to rotten milk.. I may have not had fun! But Matt, at Halo 8, is just amazing!! The shoot was short, fun and I play an angel. An angel is in a white and red bikini. It is a pretty cool game and I had NO idea it was going to get so much publicity. We were in Femme Fatale, we went to Comic Con.. It was sweet!

ED- ‘You were also the executive producer for ‘The Scream’ in which you portrayed a character with your name. Please give us some insight for this project.

MB- This was a web talk show. I brought amazing stars on the show to interview like Elvira, I played a vampire with a zombie slave named Zek, and I had a wonderful opportunity to electrocute people in my electric chair! My life, and work, is a lot of fun.

ED- Your latest projects are ‘Wake’, ‘Gravity’, and ‘Zombie Ed’. Tell us all about these.

MB- ‘Gravity’ was interesting, because I actually had nude scenes, and as an actress and an artist you want the experience to be tasteful, and you want it to go well with the story line. Some movies or shows tend to throw in sex and nudity for the sake of ratings. I agreed to take the role and was nervous and scared up into the moment my manager sent me the clip and I watched it. ‘Gravity’ is a very entertaining show about people who tried to commit suicide previously in their lives, and about recovery, love, and everything in between.

ED- You also have another project in production. Can you tell us about it and give us a sneak-preview behind the scenes of this production?

MB- At this time all of my projects are completed. At the present moment the majority of my time is being spent doing dog and animal rescue. In the future I will open up a dog sanctuary and I’ll produce a documentary about animals and how important they are to the planet, and to us as human beings. It was their home first and they taught us how to survive. For millions of years they have been here. We come along and now they are in danger. My documentary will show a very real side to the abuse these animals have, experience or the neglect they have been through. Some of these animals have had their owner (human parent) die and just have no where to go. These animals are very close to my heart. So much so that now the projects I want to work on involve animals in some way or fashion. My dream is to have my own Animal Planet show or do a show involving animals. It will happen soon. With all the passion I put behind it saving animals it would be impossible for it not to. I already have casting directors, producers, actors, executives, celebrities, and TV personalities who are as interested in making my dream a reality and they are apart of my animal rescue efforts. Some of these are Gabriela Castello, a celebrity animal healer, and celebrity psychic Belinda Bentley (Vh1, E!, NBC New), who are constantly posting animals in need of homes on Facebook, attending and volunteering at animal charities, and doing animal healings at the Gentle Barn with me. I’m always looking for people who’d like to be a part of this on going process. You can contact me via AnimalsRStars@gmail if you are involved in animal rescue. These are the people I will contact when we are ready to do the documentary!

ED- Melissa, we want to thank you for the time that you spent with all of us for this interview. We wish you luck in all that you do, and hope that we can hear from you again in the near future.

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