November, 2010

Interview with Sofia Milos

Monday, November 1st, 2010

ED- The Eerie Digest is extremely excited to present to our readers the well known actress, Sofia Milos. Sofia, You are a very familiar face on some of the most popular shows on television today. Please tell our readers about your early years in your home country of Switzerland, and what influenced you to set out a career in acting?

SM- I was to young and to shy when I lived in Switzerland to be inspired to do any on-camera work, if anything I would have thought or hoped at best for behind the camera or lens. I loved painting in those years, I still do and my whole inspiration at that time was to capture the essence and beauty of others, to shy to think of my own. It was only years later, of a modeling career that started at 15 and traveled me throughout the world that I engaged in the idea of wanting a stronger source of communication, that still had ascetics with it, but that came within. And was so with able to create greater effects than a still photograph could. My acting career started in the states on stage and then on television with my first series in “Cafe American” with NBC in 1993. Many shows followed since and I never returned to Italy, where my family still resides.


Interview with Actor Patrick Kilpatrick

Monday, November 1st, 2010

ED- The Eerie Digest is proud to present one of the most versatile, and long standing, actors today. Patrick Kilpatrick has starred in many of the most watched television shows to date, and he has expanded talents far beyond this as well. Patrick, tell us a little about your beginnings and what made you seek out your career in acting?

PK- I began as an athlete in high school, becoming sidelined as a teenager when I had a severe car accident in which I nearly died. During the years it took to recover I became a writer for nearly every magazine in New York. Eventually, I took a sabbatical to write a novel. To save money I split a house with an actor, John Tillinger, who was becoming a big time West End of London / Broadway theatre director. As a sideline I became his assistant director, wrote a play instead of a novel, founded a theatre company and was catapulted into acting. (more…)

Interview with Actress Jessie Camacho

Monday, November 1st, 2010

ED- The Eerie Digest is proud to present the very talented actress and television host, Jessie Camacho, to all of our readers. Jessie, you first appeared in the ‘Survivor’ television show. Please tell us about this show.

JC- ‘Survivor’ was an amazing experience. It was the first time I had traveled outside of the country and to such a far location like Kenya. When I joined Survivor, reality television shows were non existent, Survivor was it, so it was a new experience in that aspect as well. As you all know I didn’t make it very far because I got sick due to the water. However, my experience after Survivor changed my life. I stayed in Africa long after all the participants left and worked in a community project called Shompole Group Ranch. I went without showering, shaving, brushing my teeth, brushing my hair, and many other of the amenities we have here in the States. I stayed in Africa close to three months and was there when the September 11th tragedy struck in New York. Getting out of Africa was not easy and after tons of convincing and my passport about to expire (you only get three months), I was finally back in the U.S., on my birthday out of all days, Sept 24. It was a life changing experience for me, one that I will treasure forever.


Interview with Author Charles E (Eddie) Butler

Monday, November 1st, 2010

ED- The Eerie Digest is always interested in those who write about stories close to our hearts. One such author is Charles E Butler, who has contributed his research on Dracula to our magazine. Eddie , where do you hail from?

CEB- I’m from the North Yorkshire city of Leeds in the UK.

ED- How are you so fascinated by the subject of Dracula?

CEB- I remember being in a hospital waiting room. I would have been about 6 years old and there were comics and magazines strewn across a table. Marvel had just begun a big onslaught into Britain with reprints of their silver age stories. I picked up a magazine titled Dracula Lives #2 and I read the tale as Dracula was revived by a servant pulling the stake from his heart. From that moment onwards I became a Dracula fan and a comic book fan almost immediately. (more…)

Interview with Alex Knight

Monday, November 1st, 2010

ED – The Eerie Digest is proud to present author Alex Knight to all our readers. Alex you have written many short stories and several novels. Some of your short stories will be appearing in The Eerie Digest over the next several months. How do you keep up with such an active writing curriculum?

AK – Thank you, as a fan of The Eerie Digest, I’m thrilled to be here. In answer to your question, I love writing and always have several projects on the go at the same time. Quite often they are at or near the same level of completion so I may not have anything new out there and ‘suddenly’ I have two or three novels being edited and five short stories available. I’ve learned the hard way to keep a mini recorder with me at all times to capture that one perfect sentence or thought before it’s lost forever. The recorder is compatible with my ‘speech to text’ software so that makes the whole process a lot easier. I’m also lucky in that my family and friends are very supportive of my writing habits. Finally, I’m blessed with a partner who helps with research, designs my covers and he keeps our home life running as smoothly as possible.


Interview with Actress Catherine Black

Monday, November 1st, 2010

ED- The Eerie Digest is very proud to present the well-known actress Catherine Black to all our readers. Catherine, it is an honor having you with us. Tell us a little about yourself and what influenced you into making acting as your career?

CB- It is pleasure to be apart of Eerie Digest!  Thank you for having me.

Growing up, I fancied myself an artist. Always painting and drawing for hours, sketchpad in hand ALWAYS.  Telling everyone I couldn’t play because “I had work to do”.  I also loved to dress up and imitate anyone I could.  I made Weird Al type “albums” of all my favorite songs, recorded with my fisher price recorder.  I got my sisters and the neighborhood kids to perform in all my “productions”.  Naturally my parents realized they had to get me an agent.  I did a few commercials and had a top agent in Toronto, but I told my agent (at the age of 12) that I wanted to be a fashion designer instead. She told me to come back when I changed my mind.  I learned how to paint classical oil paintings at the age of 16 and I was cast as Juliet in a professional production of Romeo and Juliet.  It was a huge year.  These were both pivotal moments in my life.  I remember stomping across the stage to yell at The Friar as Juliet and thinking “OH MY GOD I WANT TO DO THIS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!”  My first agent, who I left to pursue my “fashion career”, was in the audience and so it all began. (more…)

Interview with Michael Dean Shelton

Monday, November 1st, 2010

ED- It is a rare occasion indeed to be able to introduce to our readers a great personality that gives so much of themselves to great causes. It is my honor to welcome Michael Dean Shelton to The Eerie Digest for all our readers to get to know. Michael you have been described as an American Activist, Philanthropist, Socialite, and a writer. Tell us something about your early life.

MDS- My early life played a huge role in what I am doing now. I am a child of adoption & a survivor of child abuse. Both of those experiences are what makes me so passionate about my work with children & with charity work in general. I could have let that negative experience & anger eat away at me but instead I am using it to help others, which is much more worthy I believe. apart from that part of my childhood, I had a great, loving childhood being raised by my adoptive parents. I was raised on a farm surrounded by animals, grew up in a school where k-12 was in one building, & the whole community had a part in raising me into the individual I am today. So as much as I would like to say my successes are my own, they aren’t. They belong to them as well.

ED- You are also the CEO for your family’s foundation. Can you tell our readers a little about that ?

MDS- Yes, At Our Table, is a private foundation focused on advocacy for those with eating disorders. I created the foundation in 2009 based on my own personal experience. I am a survivor of anorexia stemming from the child abuse when I was younger. At Our Table provides resources & support to those battling either bulimia,anorexia, or obesity. I believe now, more than ever, its important to realize that not everyone can or should be so thin or even obese. We each are unique but we should celebrate the diversity of each person as long as they are living in a healthy realm.


Interview with Connie Lamothe

Monday, November 1st, 2010

ED- The Eerie Digest is proud to introduce Connie Lamothe to all our readers. Connie, you are one of those amazing people in the film industry that wears many hats. Your role in the well-known film ‘Something The Lord Made’ must have been memorable for you. Tell us about it and the part that you played in it.

CL- This was a very exciting opportunity for me as I was able to work with some amazing and well-known names such as Alan Rickman, Kyra Sedgwick and Mos Def. Even more thrilling was the opportunity to work with Joseph Sargent, the Director of the film. At this time in my career, I was still getting my feet wet and learning the how and why of the whole entire filmmaking process was very exciting to me. As you can imagine, there’s a tremendous amount to be learned and this is not something you can learn from a textbook. EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING! I actually look back at this experience and laugh. You might be wondering why I would make that remark, but I did do something that was a HUGE mistake and subsequently was something that ended up on the cutting room floor. In the party scene at the Blalocke’s home, the Director picked me to cross right in front of the camera and in front of Alan and Kyra as they were sharing dialogue. You might think big deal, but honestly, when you are one of hundreds appearing in a film, any little thing you are asked to do personally when you are NOT part of the main cast, is very exciting. After all, this could be your one big chance to become noticed and be an instant “STAR”. (LOL!) In any case, I walked across the room and called out to a “supposed” person on the other side of the room. As I passed in front of Kyra and Alan and most importantly, the camera, I ducked down, as I did not want to steal their camera time! At this point, the Director hollered cut and we did it again! Ouch! How embarrassing was that!!! What a stupid amateur thing to do, I knew better, but I guess I was just not thinking at the time. I think back and am pretty sure, I just felt rude for stealing the camera from Kyra and Alan. Several days later, just as I arrived on set, I heard the Director hollering “Where’s my girl in the green satin dress, the red head, I want her. Bring her to me”. Wow!!! He wanted mwah, was I dreaming??? In any case, I went to him and he asked me if I could dance to which I responded, “Yes”. He then sent me off with the dance choreographer where I was paired up with a gentleman dressed in military apparel. We appeared together as dancers and it was just another scene of which I worked during that film. You can be sure; I did no ducking EVER AGAIN!


Interview with Carmen Perez

Monday, November 1st, 2010

ED- The Eerie Digest is proud to introduce Actress and Producer, Carmen Perez to all of our readers. Carmen, you have appeared in many of the most popular shows today. What influenced you in your career in acting, and tell us about the first roles that you played?

CP-Thank you for having me ED! Lately my focus has been on making music (as a singer/songwriter) & painting and I’ve been lucky enough to still book acting jobs here and there. All of what I have done in my life has opened up my eyes about creating in every way, and to me it’s sort of an “addiction.” I was in the U.S. Army, stationed in Washington, D.C. and pursuing a degree in International Politics because I thought I wanted to work for the Department of State one day. I was always curious about the Arts, but was always scared to look at it closely. One day I saw an ad in the newspaper that said “Do you want to be in movies?” It was an acting workshop that came to D.C. for the weekend & I decided to take it. I knew that weekend I had to at least try to pursue acting or else I wouldn’t be happy. I graduated and moved to LA a few months later. Then about 3 years ago, and after about 30 acting credits, I started writing and recording music. I got a deal with a Dance label (under Universal Music) and had two songs in the Billboard Top 50 Dance & Top 10 UK Pop Charts. My father, uncle and grandfather were musicians so Music has always been in my heart. I’m also a painter and after 4 art shows, I sold my first painting exactly a year after I started painting. I love painting the most out of all of my artistic Passions. About the first roles I played… I got lucky and auditioned for an indie low-budget film called “Bad Placas” which I booked right after I moved out to LA. It was a great experience and they asked me to play another role in their next film.


Interview with Actress May Wang

Monday, November 1st, 2010

ED- The Eerie Digest is happy to present actress May Wang to all of our readers. May, you not only have a great acting career but have also produced a project of your own. Tell us about your early career with the film ‘Prisoner of War’. What was that about, and can you tell us about the role that you played ?

MW- The director of “Prisoner of War” Scott Byrns wrote about his fathers experience as a prisoner during the Vietnam War. It is a story of a U.S. Air Force Fighter who is shot down, captured and imprisoned in the infamous Hoa Lo Prison. I played the Viet Cong villager who threatens him at gunpoint.

ED- You then played on some well known productions such as ‘NYPD Blue’, ‘Star Trek: Voyager’, and ‘The Chronicle’. Can you tell our readers about this and how exciting it was for you to be in these popular productions?

MW- Yes, I loved working on these exciting shows. In “NYPD Blue” I played the victim beaten from the Snakehead gang of NYC and had been covered with paint as bloody bruises from head to toe. It looked so real that some of my family and friends cried when they saw me in that episode. I had a great experience playing that role, a Starfleet cadet in “Star Trek: Voyager”, and “The Chronicle” where I was helping to deliver a dragon baby.


Dracula: Dracula (Horror of Dracula 1958), Dracula (1979) & Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

Monday, November 1st, 2010

1.CHRISTOPHER LEE as Count Dracula in Terence Fisher’s Dracula (1958): This was Christopher Lee’s very first time in the cape and he grabs his opportunities with both hands just as tight as he grabs his victims. Like the following films in the series, barring the execrable, but fun, The Scars of Dracula (1970), he has very little screen time, but takes advantage of every second onscreen to immortalize his performance.

He is the ambiguously charming host of Stoker’s story, a gracious aristocrat, given to bouts of tiger-ish ferocity when reprimanding a straying underling. Not having the powers bestowed upon his literary counterpart, he seems totally at ease to go striding boldly into the village to pick up a wayward traveller.

Being a Hammer film, generally a woman.

But he always has the drawback of picking up very loose women indeed: a cute young thing in flimsy nightdress and push up bra.


On the Rocks by Alex Knight

Monday, November 1st, 2010

I sat in my agent’s office and tried to make him understand why I wanted to back out of a project I had previously agreed to.

“You took an advance months ago and they’re getting impatient. Either produce a finished documentary or make your excuses directly and return the money; there is no third choice.”

“Okay, I’ll return the money. I can’t imagine going anywhere with Walter right now, let alone to a foreign country where I’ll have to rely on him for company in the evening after spending the entire day with him.”

“Fine, but let me warn you that if you bow out now you’ll probably never work for them again, or anyone else in the industry for that matter. At least not in the near future.”

“Bart, it can’t be as bad as that.” I insisted.


The Maybelline Story

Monday, November 1st, 2010

“A woman’s most powerful possession is a man’s imagination.”
—Maybelline Ad, 1934 In 1915, when a kitchen stove fire singed his sister Mabel’s lashes and brows, Tom Lyle Williams watched in fascination as she performed a “secret of the harem”—mixing petroleum jelly with coal dust and ash from a burnt cork and apply it to her lashes and brows. Mabel’s simple beauty trick ignited Tom Lyle’s imagination and he started what would become a billion-dollar business, one that remains a viable American icon after nearly a century. He named it Maybelline in her honor.

Throughout the 20th century, the Maybelline Company inflated, collapsed, endured, and thrived in tandem with the nation’s upheavals—as did the family that nurtured it. Setting up shop first in Chicago, Williams later, to avoid unwanted scrutiny of his private life, cloistered himself behind the gates of his Rudolph Valentino Villa and ran his empire from a distance. (more…)

Press Release for Christopher Stadulis

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Hello fellow artists, friends and family,

I sent in a video audition to CD Donna Belajac, who’s located in Pittsburgh, PA and she then said she liked my audition and asked me to fly in to Pittsburgh to meet with Tony Scott for a role in his latest Action/Thriller, “Unstoppable”, Starring Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson and Kevin Dunn. It was quite an adventure to say the least.

Just as I was about to leave the house as I was already running a little late for my flight, my lovely wife texts me and asked me to do her a huge favor, which was important but not priority over my audition. Sorry hun, ha-ha. Soon as I got downstairs in front of my house, I started to feel guilty (I have such a conscience, sighs) and went back upstairs to send her the ever so important email to someone at her job in corporate. It took maybe 3-4 minutes of my time but time is of the essence in a situation like this. (more…)


Monday, November 1st, 2010

THEARC Theater

Publisher Joseph J. O’Donnell, of The Eerie Digest attended the Washington, DC REEL INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL in THEARC Theater complex, located in Southeast Washington on October 23rd, 2010 to see the screening of ‘Hard To Be Me’. This film TV/Pilot has been written about in our magazine for several months, and is the creation of Director Erik Cieslewicz. Virginia Ryker is one of the Executive Producers. Editing has been accomplished by Allen Korslund.

We were able to meet cast members Megan Hurst ( Juliet), Bob Creager (Marcus), Edward Robert Bach (Kevin), and Doug Henderson ( Dan Corrigan). The pilot was well done and the cinematography excelled and was best in the show, as per Mr. O’Donnell. “At present we understand that it is making its rounds of Hollywood, and it mostlikely will become a TV show soon”, Mr. O’Donnell said.

The Eerie Digest is hoping to present more on their progress in coming issues and really looking forward to the great possibility of this becoming a television series. This magazine wishes them great success! (more…)

CAMPAIGN: The Musical

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Published October 04, 2010 by: Randall Gray

Whatever happened to a country where we had elected officials in positions of authority with strong character, sound morals, and solid ethical standards? What happened to campaigns where we learned who the candidates really were individually? Where are the days where ‘we the people’ would care enough to truly investigate the practices of our leaders to make certain that they were indeed worthy of leading us? Have we forgotten that these individuals have the ability to make laws, pass bills, and allocate funds that will control our destinies? Have we become so complacent, so sophomoric that we will accept the lesser of two evils as our authoritarians?

America is quickly going to Hell in a hand basket, and our willingness to support selfish, sarcastic, money mongering, power hording, ethically deficient, morally depleted, spiritually ignorant, consciously depraved representatives is toppling the very vision of what this country was founded for. It has been said that ‘Freedom is not Free’. This is true. Thousands of men and women have given their very lives to support our ability to be stupid! It is past time for us, the people of America, citizens who pay taxes and give a damn about what happens to this country for our children sake, to realize that we too must fight. We must fight the arrogance and full-hearty self servitude that is the common every day campaign for any seat of authority in this country. We must learn about whom our candidates really are, not just rely on the image they want us to accept of them, which is paid for in public media circuits. We must go to the voting booths on election days caring about every position available, every measure being brought up, and every change that these elections will bring about. We need to care! If we don’t, we will fall. (more…)

Update on Amy Ricalde

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Headline – Nationally Known Voice-over Artists to Appear on TV CONFIDENTIAL

“Entertainment Tonight” announcer Randy Thomas along with voiceover specialist Amy Ricalde

Recording Artist Fawn Official Nominated For The Hollywood Music In Media Awards 2010

Monday, November 1st, 2010

by Esteban “Steven” Escobar

Recording Artist FawnOn October 9, 2010 Recording Artist Fawn posted on her official website that she has been officially nominated for The 2010 Hollywood Music in Media Awards for her music song “Wish U Love” by Fawn vs. Chad Jack & Tim Letteer in the dance category.
Wireless from AT&T
“Fawn, my dear talented friend and recording artist, who once said that “there is no such thing as ‘problem’ adult or child, but only a problem in understanding there is no distinction or difference in the heart of humanity,” has been nominated for The Hollywood Music in Media Awards for her song “Wish U Love.” She has been nothing less then a guiding loving light to all her friends and supporters. You are just unique, and I am thrilled to have you in my life!” Said Aura Imbarus, PhD, Author of “Out of the Transylvania Night”

“When Fawn sings, it makes me want to get up and dance!” Said Judy Tenuta, American entertainer, comedienne, and accordionist.

Press Release for “Out of the Transylvania Night: A Story of Tyranny, Freedom, Love and Identity”

Monday, November 1st, 2010

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Monday, October 18, 2010

“Out of the Transylvania Night: A Story of Tyranny, Freedom, Love and Identity”By Author, PhD and Educator Aura Imbarus Official Book Signing Release
At Barnes and Noble (Inside the Grove Mall)

WHAT: “Out of the Transylvania Night: A Story of Tyranny, Freedom, Love and Identity”, Official Book Signing

WHO: Author, PhD and Educator Aura Imbarus Official Book Signing Release of “Out of the Transylvania Night: A Story of Tyranny, Freedom, Love and Identity”

WHEN: Saturday, October 23, 2010 from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
After Party from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm (Location to be announce at the event)

WHERE: Barnes & Noble, at The Grove (In the Miracle Mile area by the famous Farmers Market )
189 Grove Drive Suite K 30 in Los Angeles, CA 90036

MEDIA RSVP: Required via email to: RSVP deadline 10-21-2010

INFO: Visit (more…)

Virginia Writers Club, Inc. 2010 Annual Meeting Notice

Monday, November 1st, 2010

John Gilstrap

The 2010 VWC Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet will be held Saturday, November 13 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the historic Mount Vernon Inn in Alexandria, Virginia. The Northern Virginia Chapter is hosting the event and they have planned a great program with New York Times bestselling novelist and screenwriter, John Gilstrap, as our keynote speaker along with two bonus afternoon roundtable discussions. The full agenda, menu, directions, and registration form are in the following invitation.

Registrations are due by October 31.