Interview with Actress May Wang

ED- The Eerie Digest is happy to present actress May Wang to all of our readers. May, you not only have a great acting career but have also produced a project of your own. Tell us about your early career with the film ‘Prisoner of War’. What was that about, and can you tell us about the role that you played ?

MW- The director of “Prisoner of War” Scott Byrns wrote about his fathers experience as a prisoner during the Vietnam War. It is a story of a U.S. Air Force Fighter who is shot down, captured and imprisoned in the infamous Hoa Lo Prison. I played the Viet Cong villager who threatens him at gunpoint.

ED- You then played on some well known productions such as ‘NYPD Blue’, ‘Star Trek: Voyager’, and ‘The Chronicle’. Can you tell our readers about this and how exciting it was for you to be in these popular productions?

MW- Yes, I loved working on these exciting shows. In “NYPD Blue” I played the victim beaten from the Snakehead gang of NYC and had been covered with paint as bloody bruises from head to toe. It looked so real that some of my family and friends cried when they saw me in that episode. I had a great experience playing that role, a Starfleet cadet in “Star Trek: Voyager”, and “The Chronicle” where I was helping to deliver a dragon baby.

ED- Describe the other cast members and how you shared your experiences with them.

MW- Gordon Clapp and Tzi Ma rescued me in the episode of “NYPD Blue” and kept on nurturing me in my painted “bruised up” state. The make up artist did such an incredible job that the crew kept asking me if I was in any discomfort.

ED- You continued on from these and had roles in ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ and ‘Joy in the Mourning’ Please tell us about these venues.

MW- For “Unsolved Mysteries” I played the best friend to Jenny Song who was kidnapped. It was the first true story that I worked on and I felt so sorry for the Song family. Jenny had been missing for over ten years. I also worked on another tragedy “Joy in the Mourning” where I played a daughter trying to survive after my parents were killed in a car accident. Both were deep and important roles that required experiences of loss.

ED- From here your career took a giant leap forward, and you produced, and directed, your own project ‘10,000 Apologies’. How did your acting prepare you for your work behind the camera?

MW- My coach Amy Lyndon and writer C.Y. Lee played a significant role in putting this piece together. I was trained and ready for the task by tons of preparation and research.

ED- Please tell us about this production.

MW- “10,000 Apologies…to my ancestors and still counting” portrayed a girl searching for her identity. She grew up with strict and conservative Asian parents who trained her to act a certain way but is conflicted with her more modern views of an Americanized culture.

ED- You then had roles in four episodes of ‘Do Not Disturb’. Please tell us of your about your performances in this program.

MW-“Do Not Disturb” was my first pilot and I had a great time working with the talented director “Jason Bateman” and cast. I played the maid in an Inn with my manager and staff of supervisors. My role required that I speak Chinese and am shocked to find my promiscuous supervisor in bed with a hotel guest.

ED- You had a couple of shows you played roles in after this and then you appeared in two episodes of ‘90210’. Tell our readers about this point in your career.

MW- During this point I played quirky Chinese characters. I got to say lines in “Ching-lish”, my Chinese language mixed in with some English along the way J,

ED- You also appeared in ‘Cougar Town’ as well. How were the other cast members to work with in this?

MW-Courteney Cox was amazing to work with. I played her manicurist on the show while she was getting a waxing done and we shared some hilarious moments. She wore many hats as the star and producer of “Cougar Town”.

ED- Lately you had just finished filming in ‘Aaseamah’s Journey’ and appear in the upcoming production of ‘The Gunrunner Billy Kane’. Can you give us a sneak-preview of these projects?

MW- “Aaseamah’s Journey” is about an Iraqi girl who travels to Iowa and befriends a TV Reporter during a search to find her GI father. “The Gunrunner Billy Kane” is a series of a rogue professor who runs guns to fund dangerous human experiments that three superpowers believe may change the balance of global Military Power. Mad Max meets Frankenstein. I play one of the gunrunners Rhy Ming with more info updated on

ED- May, it has been a pleasure interviewing you and have you share your career with all our readers. I want to personally thank you for the time that you spent with us an we wish you much luck in the years ahead.

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