THEARC Theater

Publisher Joseph J. O’Donnell, of The Eerie Digest attended the Washington, DC REEL INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL in THEARC Theater complex, located in Southeast Washington on October 23rd, 2010 to see the screening of ‘Hard To Be Me’. This film TV/Pilot has been written about in our magazine for several months, and is the creation of Director Erik Cieslewicz. Virginia Ryker is one of the Executive Producers. Editing has been accomplished by Allen Korslund.

We were able to meet cast members Megan Hurst ( Juliet), Bob Creager (Marcus), Edward Robert Bach (Kevin), and Doug Henderson ( Dan Corrigan). The pilot was well done and the cinematography excelled and was best in the show, as per Mr. O’Donnell. “At present we understand that it is making its rounds of Hollywood, and it mostlikely will become a TV show soon”, Mr. O’Donnell said.

The Eerie Digest is hoping to present more on their progress in coming issues and really looking forward to the great possibility of this becoming a television series. This magazine wishes them great success!

Allen Korslund (Editor)

Erik Cieslewicz ( Director), Virginia Ryker ( Ex. Producer/Producer)

Erik Cieslewicz ( Director), Virginia Ryker ( Ex. Producer/Producer )

Bob Creager ( Marcus)

Megan Hurst (Juliet)

Edward Robert Bach (Kevin)

Doug Henderson ( Dan Corrigan)

Photography by Joseph O’Donnell IV

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