Interview with Actor William Bresch

ED- The Eerie Digest is please to introduce another new actor, William Bresch, to all our readers. William, how did you first get started in the acting field and what was your inspiration to do so ?

WB-I first got started in Acting when I was a kid in school back in the 1970’s. My very first role was one of the three kings in the play “Bethlehem” at Immaculate Conception. then I went on to Frosty the Snowman in Lakeview Elementary School and moved on from there. My Inspiration would be God. I wanted to change the world and people I work with around me, just like Jesus did. I enjoy working for God and have a lot of fun doing it.

ED- Where did you learn to ply your craft ?

WB-I started in Junior High School as Doctor Stevens in “VD” . I was the Dr. who came in and told the patient they have V.D. It was weird, I came on stage and everyone roared with laughter. I started to leave but remembered this is my stage and my show so I stayed right on through the production. I later asked why people laughed and my teacher told me that , people knew me  as a Rough and Tumble kind of kid. they never expected to see me in a Nurturing role. All the students later on told me how good I was and were Impressed with the way I pulled of the Role of the Doctor and should keep up with acting which I did.

ED- William, a lot of our readers are students of the arts with desires to pursue the acting field. Please tell us about your first experiences with acting.

WB-My first experiences were extremely Positive and Forthcoming. As an Actor or Actress, you have the Ability to change a persons thinking and their mind. You always have to remember as an Actor or Actress, what you do can be Imitated and that Basically is the “INFLUENCE’ that moves an Artist forth in the field of Theater, Television or Commercials. So many Actors and Actresses first time out, want to Impress the Director or Producer and you have to realize that, the stage is already set in the Producer or Directors mind on how they want their Movie to perform. Yes ideas are welcomed but at the same time Creativity and direction are highly encouraged. I would tell anyone wanting to be an Actor or Actres that, to be the best in your Artistic Nature you have to reach deep inside yourself and be willing to take that Character or person to a space and time , so when the show or Television production Airs, it can be remembered for who the character was and what they did.

ED- In 2009 you starred in the film, ‘The Money Trail’. What was the theme of this project and can you tell us about some of your fellow actors in it ?

WB-The theme was about a Drug Dealer who has his Chief Hitman “Bromey”  hire a bunch of thugs to go after and get his son out of a prison work detail, and perform a snatch and grab. Everything starts to go well until, the plan starts to fall apart and the wrong people get shot.

ED- What was your role in this film and how did you interact with the other characters in it ?

WB-I was the Himtan “Bromey” . I interacted very well with my other characters. We actually fed off of each other’s actions and were able to tell when and where we were needed and what would work well and what wouldn’t .

ED- Who was the director in this film ?

WB-Ray and Migdalia of Golden West Films in Palm Harbor Florida.

ED- You also starred in the short, ‘Wayward’. What was this film about ?

WB-The film was about a Bunch of Bank robbers who break into a bank, steal money and then come to our Town, where we try to rip them off. they wind up killing my Sister and our Mother curses them. they all eventually “Die’ from the curse in one way or another.

ED- Where can our readers find these films ?

WB-the “Money Trail” and “Wayward can be found on or for purchase.

ED- Please tell us about the current project that you are working with.

WB-Vengeance. Is about a young boy named Finley who started causing trouble at the age of 12 and he was so good in fighting that a thug got jealous and killed him then his brother comes in to Avenge him .

ED- Are there any future projects that you are aiming for, and what genre films are you looking to work with ?

WB-Yes the Future project I am working on is “BushWhacked” . it’s about a Marine Sniper who is actually a “Ghost’ working for the government to clean up their messes, but in the end exposes the marines for who they really are. Also, I am working on another movie in which a child has an Implanted chip in his head and it is up to me to get him to safe haven before the North Koreans Kill him . The genre of Films I am looking to work with, must expose the truth and show people for what they really are. My current line of work allows me to do just that, working in High Profile Security. I basically go from contract to contract cleaning up other peoples messes . I want my Films to show that in every way and show people they do not have to be scared to move ahead .

ED- The many students who read The Eerie Digest, and are looking to make acting their career, always look for inspiration in perfecting their craft. What words of wisdom can you leave them with ?

WB- I  am going to be me and as honest as I can. If you want the Lifestyle, Career and Respect that Acting brings then do this. “Take” what you want and never look back. The devil is in the rear trying to pull you down and God is upfront lifting you to new heights. I have found this to be very useful in my Career both on the Screen and Off. “Never” compromise yourself Actor’s or Actresses or do a movie you will regret later on “Ever” !!! . Never Stop believing in yourself, even if you don’t get the role, So be it. Remember your time is now and your Future is in your hands, where you go in your Career in the Arts will determine the person to whom you will be for the Future for all to See including God and Yourself.

ED- William, we want to thank you for your time and know many will learn much from your experience. Please promise that you will visit with us again so that we can closely watch your progress in this exciting industry.

WB-I will and thank you for allowing me to take the time to be Interviewed and I look forward to hearing from you and the Artists of Eerie Digest on their progress and how they move forth in their Careers. God Bless and Be Safe, Stay Cool .

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