Interview with Author Eugene Nelson, Jr.

ED- The Eerie Digest is always on the lookout for new authors. Starting out fresh in the field of Sci-Fi is author Eugene Nelson, Jr. from Chicago. Eugene what drew your interest to this genre of writing ?

EN- Well ED, I have always been fascinated with Sci-Fi. I use to write my mother short Sci-Fi stories while my brothers and sister were at school. At that time I was too young to attend school yet. My father, Eugene Nelson Sr., did not wait for me to start school for learning. He taught me to read and write before I ever started school. When I was about 10 years old, I discovered AD&D. I was hooked from the beginning. I love the action, the variety of races, the many abilities, and especially the magic. Magic has been a love of mine ever since. It makes the hairs on my body stand up, if you know what I mean. Sci-Fi is a bottomless pit of possibilities, and that is what I love most about it. My mother, Carrie Lee Nelson, encouraged me to read and write everyday. She also loved Sci-Fi. We would watch Dr. Who together. I loved the way “The Dr.” would solve situations using Science and his mind. It thrilled me. We also watched a number of other Sci-Fi Series and movies. One of our favorites was Phantoms. It is a great movie. Every time it was on we would call each other to make sure we were both watching it. Sci-Fi gives you the freedom to be whatever you want and wherever you want. I am not saying that I am a control freak, but the aspect of creating my own universe was just to tempting to pass on.

ED- Your first novel, ‘Covert Operations: Alpha’ is one truly for those that are deeply into this genre. What influenced you to write a story on this topic ?

EN- My sole influence came from the Role Playing Game that I created. Covert Operations. The book is taken directly from my interactions as GM and a player of my game. Covert Operations the game is the origin of the book. I have spent the pass 15 years perfecting the game, and now that it is ready I felt compelled to write the series. The game runs pretty much in the same fashion as the book. This first book is just s little bit milder than actual game play, but the rest of the series will be full blown. The game is fast paced with a lot of action and thinking. I have always loved anything that makes me think, so I designed the game and wrote the book to inspire deep thought.

ED- What is the theme behind the story ?

EN- Reality is the theme. The characters in my book act how people wish they could. They say and do the things that can’t be done in their everyday lives. This book looks at relationships from the point of view of productivity. What will benefit the individuals involved on both sides. We all look at relationships like this, but most times are not willing to do what is necessary to optimize our associations. The characters in my book have no such drawbacks. In other words, everyone knows when they are using someone and when they are being used. We don’t always admit it, unlike the characters in my book. I like to call this “Up Front Reality.”

ED- Tell us a little about it ?

EN- I will try my best to be concise, but that will be hard with my book. Covert Operations: Alpha begins with a failed theft attempt by a man named Spy. He tries to steal the financial records of Crem Dela Crem for an old buddy, No Joke. No Joke received the contract from two women, Felisha Babish and Nanette Nelson A.K.A. Antares. They are secretly working for Crem Dela Crem to bring it down from the inside, but they have not made any head way. So they hire Spy through No Joke to do what they can’t. Wounded, he barely escapes his first attempt to retrieve the information. His pride is hurting him more than anything. He realizes the mistake he made trying to do this job on his own, so he recruits some back-up. The job goes off the second time without a snag, but Spy’s friend, Puma, is killed in the process. Spy is unaware of his friend’s death at this time and moves on. Spy must deal with a contract on his head put there by the head of Crem Dela Crem, Joseph Long. Joseph just happens to be the step father of Katrina Long A.K.A. Yaud. Yaud is the number 1 ranked Assassin on the planet. Yaud is hired by her step father to find Spy and get his information back. Yaud must also find out who hired him to steal the information. No Joke tries to kill Spy during the information exchange, but is captured instead. Spy learns that Dovacy, the third ranked Drug Lord on Earth, wants the information first and is willing to kill him to get it. Spy sets up a direct exchange with Dovacy. He will give Dovacy the information and No Joke for his money. Dovacy brings Yaud with him as his ace in the hole. This is a double edged sword because of the open hatred that Yaud has for Dovacy, but the situation will serve her purpose for now. Spy brings Cloud Dung which is a Brite, as his backup. The exchange goes bad and Spy is hurt once again before being hauled away to safety, but Yaud is mortally wounded during the failed exchange. Hiding out at his friend Marco’s estate, Spy learns of Puma’s “capture.” He soon learns that Dovacy has killed his friend also. Spy’s need to avenge his friend draws in every connection he has as he faces his greatest foe ever, Dovacy. Dovacy has Yaud “repaired,” and takes this opportunity to harvest his unnatural lust for Yaud and to maneuver her into marrying him. His plans of matrimony are stomped out by his father Caster Fest, who is the top Drug Lord on Earth. This starts a war between father and son that will bring beings from across the Multi-Verse into play here on Earth and across the galaxy. While Dovacy and Spy play chess with there friend’s lives, there are plots against both of them that will twist the game until friends and enemies blur together. Many will learn new things about themselves and many beings will die before it is all over. Many more will wish that they had died by the time it is all over.

ED- Can you give us a few exerts from the novel?

EN- My Pleasure. [Spy] Yes!!! The nullifiers are working perfectly. All of the Suits should be immobilized. I can just waltz right in. I know that I’m good, but… (A male voice from behind Spy interrupts his ranting.) [Male Voice] Halt!!! Put down your weapons and put your hands up now! If you deviate from these instructions in the smallest bit, you will be shot! (Spy thinks to himself. “I’d be standing here asshole naked if I did that.” With that thought out of the way, Spy puts his Taxion Shotgun on the ground and slowly raises his hands. He thinks to himself, “I smell an opportunity for mischief.”) [Spy] What’s the problem officer? I just came out for some air. (Spy starts to turn towards his would be captor and without warning, he is fired upon. Spy drops to the ground as he leaps and rolls behind a nearby building, but not before he is hit three times. Once in the stomach and twice in the right leg. Spy gives us a slight yelp as the laser-blasts increased his momentum just enough to make his landing a hard one. Spy grits his teeth as he pulls himself behind a trash bin and waits for his assailant. No one comes running down the alley way.) [Spy] I just bought that damned leg last week!!! (He grits his teeth as he pulls his right leg out of view.) Now I’m fucking pissed!!! (He says through clenched and bloody teeth.) Trigger happy Motherfuckers!!! (Spy retreats down the alley way a little to give himself some breathing room and to get a better shot at his victims, but he can already feel his wounds working against him. His strength and speed are already suffering as he almost trips on his way to his new position. “I caught a glimpse of three figures as I dived for cover.” He recalls to himself.) [Spy] Stay focused you son of a bitch. (He mumbles to himself a loud. He looks at his bloody torso and cauterized flesh. He touches his abdomen slightly with his left hand and instantly regrets the decision as the burning sensation increases ten fold.) Lasers!?! But the nullifiers! (He mumbles then takes a short pause.) They’re Mutants!!! Time to… (Before Spy could finish his sentence, someone grabs him from behind, stands him up and yells out.) [Female Voice] I’ve got him!!! I’ve got him!!! Come on! (Spy never even heard her coming. “She must have teleported behind me.” He comments to himself through clenched teeth. He struggles to break free, but his wounds have weakened him too much for that. He can already hear the foot steps of the other two guards as they come running toward him. Spy emits a low roar as he uses most of his remaining strength to toss the woman over his shoulder. The toss would have slammed her into the wall in an inverted position had she not disappeared an instant before the impact. “Fuck!!!” Exclaims Spy as he is hit in the back with some large and heavy flying object. An object which is weighty enough in his current condition to flat drop him. He looks around to see a woman lying upon him, which could only be the woman whom had teleported behind him before. “She’s good.” He mumbles to himself as he notices that the impact has rendered her unconscious.) [Spy] She must have teleported behind me when I threw her. I like this woman, and she is damn cute too. Maybe I’ll… (As Spy is talking, he pulls out his Pulse Gun and slides from under her. He stands her up and trains his gun on her as he struggles with her limp body to make her stand up straight and to pull himself to his feet all at the same time. The two guards come to a running stop in front of them.)[Guard #1] Lay down your weapon and step away from the female or we’ll open fire!!! (The two guards have Spy dead to rights, but that’s exactly how he likes it. His gun is at hand, but in his condition it is very unlikely that he could hit both guards before one of them tags him again. After some quick consideration, he is ready to respond when the second guard grabs the first guard by his Heavy Armored Trench Coat and attempts to whisper something to him. When the first guard is unmoved, the second guard decides to say his piece aloud. While keeping a loose eye on Spy, the second guard speaks to the first guard through clenched teeth.) [Guard #2] We can’t. We’ll hit Nanette, (He falters.) I mean Antares you fuck! (Spy finds this amusing, but keeps his gun pressed firmly up against the body of the woman known now as Nanette.) (The first guard turns his attention towards the second guard just slightly and Spy sees the few seconds that he needs. Spy drops his gun and as the gun falls to the ground, he reaches into one of his pockets and produces a grenade. He wastes no time throwing the grenade at the feet of the two guards. As the gun hits the ground, the two guards bring their full attention back to Spy and they see the grenade just as it takes its first bounce. Both guard’s widely-surprised eyes are locked on the grenade as their bodies have already started to turn. Spy simply closes his eyes and turns his head as the alleyway lights up with the explosion of the Flash Grenade.) [Both Guards] My eyes!!! I can’t see!! I can’t see!!! (Both guards stumble into each other and fall to the ground.) [Guard #1] Open fire, we can’t let him get away!!! (He starts firing wildly in all directions.) [Guard #2] Nooooo!!!! (He rolls over to where he last heard the first guard. He latches on to Guard #1 and they start to wrestle.) I can’t let you do it!!! [Guard #1] What the hell are you doing?!? Get the fuck off of me now!!! (Spy stands there for a second watching these two fools, then he remembers Nanette. He lifts her head by the chin with his right hand to get a better look at her. “You are cute.” He lays her gently on the ground and as he does, he feels a twinge of pain in his abdomen. He looks at her for a moment as he listens to the two fools locked in blind combat not three feet from him.) [Spy] Nanette aye? (Her skin is light caramel in tone. She has a small circular brownish birth mark on her upper left cheek. Her lips are full and pink, so much so that even as she lays there unconscious her mouth is slightly open. The kind of lips that you never want to stop kissing. Despite the fact that her eyes are closed, you can tell that they must be large and hypnotic. She is totally insatiable. Oblivious to the melee continuing just behind him, Spy leans over and kisses her gently on the lips. Her lips are soft, warm and moist. The soft escape from between her lips beacons him to enter and taste her properly, but he gathers himself and his things and pulls away slowly. He stares at her momentarily before the crash created by the two wrestlers brings him back to reality. Spy leaps to his feet, and then regrets it all the way down the alley way as he makes his way off of the complex. He makes it to the clearing where he left his car. He slows to a trot as he crosses the field casually.) She might be worth looking into later.

ED- Tell us about the characters in it and the roles that they play.

EN- Ok. Here are the main characters. Nograd Dracon (High Spy) – Top Spy on Earth – He steals the information from Crem Dela Crem that starts everything. Lang Slow – Lawyer – Trusted side kick to Nograd and friend to Yaud. Felisha Babish – Co-Owner of Gen-Tel and undercover spy working for Crem Dela Crem – She hires Spy. Nanette Nelson (Antares) – Co-Owner of Gen-Tel and undercover Spy working for Crem Deal Crem – She hires Spy. Inapt – Spy – Loyal friend to Spy – Spy sends him to keep tabs on Nanette. Scrap – Cyborg – Loyal friend to Spy – Spy sends him to keep tabs on Nanette. Tom – Spy – Loyal friend to Spy – Spy sent Tom to keep tabs on Nanette. Nanette sent Tom to Felisha Babish. No Joke – Assassin – He is the middle man between Spy and Gen-Tel and works for Dovacy Fest. Dovacy Fest – 3rd Ranked Drug Lord on Earth – He wants the information from Spy before he delivers it. Joseph Long – Owner of Crem Dela Crem and step father to Katrina Long – He hires Katrina to find Spy. Katrina Long (Yaud) – Top Assassin on Earth – She seeks out Spy and his employers. Caster Fest – Top Ranked Drug Lord on Earth and father to Dovacy – He breaks rules that bring cosmic beings into play. Shadowmelt Felt – Protector of Earth – He tries to fix the wrongs before it’s too late. Sirrion – Aid to Nakan – He is sent to Earth to fix the wrongs. Nakan Fest – Father to Caster and Shadowmelt and Member of The Association Eternal – He sends Sirrion to fix the Wrongs on Earth.

ED- Please tell us a little about yourself.

EN- My pleasure ED. I am my favorite subject. Eugene Nelson Jr. was born on September 17, 1971 in Chicago, IL. He has loved writing even before he was five years old. Reading came natural to him as well as writing. Eugene loves to play Role Playing Games, Chess, Shooting Pool, Darts, Dominoes, Traveling, Partying, Card Games and just about anything that challenges his mind. Eugene has created a role playing game and a book based off the game. Both by the name of Covert Operations. Eugene’s greatest achievement is being the father of his five wonderful children.

ED- Where can our more ardent Sci-Fi fans find your work ?

EN- Covert Operations: Alpha is available worldwide. You can go in to any book store to order it or anywhere online. My publisher is Authorhouse. The ISBN is Soft = 978-1-4490-9027-2 and Hard = 978-1-4490-9028-9. You can also go to my book’s web site. It is available in all languages.

ED- Is there a sequel planned for your first book?

EN- Yes there is. Covert Operations: Alpha is just the first in a series of books based upon my role playing game. I am currently working on Covert Operations: Delta. I already have the next 6 books in the series mapped out and outlined.

ED- Are there other genres that you would look to write about ?

EN- Yes there are ED. I already have several Erotic Stories that I have written. I am in the process of typing them up for publication. The first one will be “That Sexy Night: Sex With The Stranger I Love.” Not only is this story too steamy for words, It is written with the same passion for details that all of my writing displays. Some might call this one a “How To” book of erotic sex.

ED- Eugene, we thank you for your time with us and wish you much luck, and best wishes, in all that you do. Please keep us informed of all your future projects as I know our readers would love to learn more about you.

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