Interview with Tino Struckmann

ED- The Eerie Digest is proud to present one of Hollywood’s leading producers to all our readers. Tino Struckmann is one of those rare individuals who has worn many hats successfully in filmmaking. He also has a surprising background that most people are totally unaware of . Tino, tell us about your early military career.

TS- interesting enough my military career came after working as a bodyguard for many years, I worked security jobs since 17 and after working with many veterans I thought it time to serve my country, so I served nearly 10 years with the ARMY, started with the military police and ended up an instructor with a few fun games in the middle and oddly enough they are the ones who pushed me towards Hollywood by having me lead a recruitment commercial. I still did various deployments around the world but finally ended up making movies.

ED- You also had competed in many contest of physical strength. Please let our readers know about these and the championships that you had won.

TS-I started competing in bodybuilding at 18 and won several local shows in California, the nationals and placed in several European shows. But still find the best cardio is MMA, and train every week it’s a great combination of the different martial arts I have done and may even have a fight coming up..

ED- Before your movie career, you had provided security protection to many high level personages and celebrities. You had even owned your own security firm, International Special Service, Inc.. Tell us about this aspect of your life and some of the important people that you protected.

TS- I spent many years providing personal protection around the world; I toured with several groups in Europe, and provided location security for people like Brittney spears, Cher rolling stones and so on. But my most important services was to those who were unable to pay themselves, I worked for the women shelters and battered women as they worked their way through the system to get away from abusive men. This is why I founded the Struckmann foundation in order to provide funding to those still in need, and why I wrote my first book Stalked. It was always important for me to keep women safe, as it is the true job of every man to provide safety for those around us.

ED- You also wrote the book, ‘Stalked’. What was this about and where can our readers find it ?

TS- The book was mainly to provide women with information on how best provide their own protection and keep safe in every day life. Also on the website there is additional information. The books distributor went out of business along with so many others, so now its only on Amazon I believe

ED- You appeared on Television in ‘Crossing Jordan’ in 2002 and later in ‘Geraldo at Large’. What were these experiences like for you and in what way did they heighten your acting career?

TS- I do hundreds of interviews about the book and women’s security issues and try not to mix the two; I don’t want one to stand in the way of the other. But naturally publicity is publicity

ED- You later appeared in three episodes of ‘E-Ring’ and two episodes of ‘Numb3rs’ .Please tell us about these shows and the roles that you played in them.

TS- Before I begun to be a Good guy in films, I was always the bad guy and had lots more work, same with those shows, they were great to work on, I loved e-ring.. After all it shot 3 min drive from my house, and we had a great cigar smoking cast. I was sad to see them close as I had hoped many more visits. Now I just have to get back to being the bad guy again, its much m ore fun

ED-You also appeared in ‘The Doers of Coming Deeds’, ‘Red Belt’, and ‘Turning Point, Graf Zeppelin’. What part did your early military training play in these, and what were the themes behind these projects?

TS- doers was my first production here, and as I also study military history it was the ground work for those projects, Red Belt was more because of my martial arts background, and I loved working with David Mamet, a great director and also a vivid historian, so we had quite a few history talks behind the scenes

ED- You were then in ‘Race to Witch Mountain’ and ‘Brother’s War’, the latter of which you wrote, directed, and produced. How did your earlier acting afford you the experience and confidence on the other side of the camera?

TS- the main thing in my life which prepared me for making movies were life and the ARMY, any film production is just like a military deployment, its all about logistics, the second thing you need to direct and act is empathy and life experiences so you have something to draw upon, and nothing brings out a great performance then heartache and we all have them

ED- You then formed your own production company and have produced some well known films such as ‘In The Name of the Son’, ‘Coming to Light’, and ‘Forever Plaid’. Please tell us about the venues and themes behind these projects.

TS- i always try to make films which sheds light on issues, gives rise to debate or will tell history, the same is true here, except for forever plaid, I think it is important as film makers that we do our share to educate or start debate. And as a historian seeing history forgotten everyday I love to do historic themed films. And will try to always produce films with content having people leave the theater in deeper thoughts.

ED- Your latest works are ‘Sisters’ reported to be out later in 2010. There is also ‘Red Rose of Normandy’ and ‘Code 207’ that are in varying stages of production. Can you give us a peek behind the scenes on these ?

TS- we just wrapped on both features, and they should be in stores in early spring, a war film with more action and real ww2 equipment tanks landing crafts then just about any other war film seen in a long time. It takes place in Normandy where the German lead tries to save his fiancé from the hands of the Gestapo, at the same time as D-Day quite an epic story. Code 207 is a modern day action film in the style of taken and die hard, where a rangers wife is kidnapped by a human smuggling ring in the heartland of America, to note is that proceeds of both films will go to charity there are trailers and pictures all over the internet these days and we have been received very well in the south where we shot. So we aim to come back and make many more

ED- Tino, you are truly one of the most remarkable people in Hollywood, and we know that you are a rising force in Cinema and that there are many good movies to be made by you in the coming years. We want to thank you for sharing your career with all our readers and hope that you will return to The Eerie Digest in the near future so that our readers can be kept informed of all your new projects.

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