Press Release: “Firefighter Turned Actor is “Unstoppable”

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Christopher Stadulis’ journey has taken him from 9/11 to a Pittsburgh film set

From an interview by WTAE News Reporter, Mike Clark

A New York City firefighter who volunteered during rescue efforts in the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, is channeling his experiences into the focal point of his career as he climbs the Hollywood ladder of success

Stadulis said the emotions and experiences he’s undergone have made him a better actor, and helped to breathe life to the characters he portrays.

He said his real-life experiences are one of the reasons director Tony Scott hired him for a role in his upcoming movie “Unstoppable,” starring Denzel Washington, which has been shooting in Pittsburgh.

“I have the ability to affect people I’ve never met. People go to movies to get away from reality — to escape, to be told a story — to be able to affect people worldwide, telling them a story, taking them on your journey, having emotions come out, whether you cry or you’re happy, it’s a powerful thing,” said Stadulis.

Stadulis said he got his start as an actor when he needed one more credit to graduate the police academy and decided to sign up for an acting class.

Here is a news story that WTAE news reporter, Mike Clark, did on Christopher Stadulis, just after working with Tony Scott on the new Denzel Washington Action/Thriller.

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