Press Release on ‘Adulterous’

Joseph J. O’Donnell, Publisher of The Eerie Digest magazine, is set to produce the Anne Beyer play, ‘Adulterous’, in Los Angeles in 2011. The date and time for the play has not yet been disclosed, but Mr. O’Donnell is already at work lining up backers for it.

The play, by Ms. Beyer, is about a young couple and the effects the modern world has upon their marriage as they struggle to cope in establishing their relationship in a new living location. Ms. Beyer is very excited to have Mr. O’Donnell on her team and we can expect great things from this talented match-up.

“I am very excited to be part of this experience, and look forward to closely working with Anne on this project.” Mr. O’Donnell quoted. This magazine will update this story, as it unfolds, in upcoming issues. Filming of this play is also under consideration. Mr. O’Donnell is also putting together feature films for his novels ‘Walkers’ and Night Trains’ and has compiled his short stories to create a ‘Twilight Zone’ style show for them as well.


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