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Damian Chapa

By Joseph J. O’Donnell

As the Publisher of this magazine I had the sincere honor of ‘Walking the Red Carpet’ at the World Premier of Damian Chapa’s film, ‘Brando- Unauthorized’.

It was a superb job that Damian had done on researching the life of Brando and how he focused the movie not on Brando, but on Brando’s son, Christian.

It was also a successful father/son collaboration as Damian’s own son, Ricco, portrayed the actor’s son in the film. A shaky start, caused by the loss of sound at the outset, was quickly overcome as the story unfolded. The audience became captivated as the true life of Brando revealed his troubled upbringing, flaws and triumphs, and his tragic end.

Damian Chapa stuck to his course throughout, and I found myself mesmerized by Ricco Chapa’s superb acting as he portrayed Christian Brando’s addiction and demise as his health deteriorated. So much history of Brando’s private life was kept from the public’s eyes, yet Chapa held it out for the world to see, and understand.

The house was packed and a goodly portion of the crowd could not gain entrance for good reason. Damian Chapa performed magic and opened our eyes to the heartache and triumph that many great screen names go through in their lives as we, the public scrutinize their every move.

This reporter feels that ‘Brando- Unauthorized’ will draw great public attention, and the American Film Academy will surely take notice of Chapa’s work. Bravo, Damian, this was a work of art.


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The Magestic Crest

Premier Night

Theater Interior

Pamela Hasslehoff, Producer Jeff Bonilla, and Publisher Joseph J. O'Donnell

Pamela Hasslehoff, Producer Jeff Bonilla, and publisher Joseph J. O'Donnell

Premier Crowds

Premier Crowds

Brando Poster

Ricco Chapa


Damian Chapa

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