The Rock Star- [BRËN]

by Joseph J. O’Donnell

During the second week of November I had visited Los Angeles to see Damian Chapa’s premier of ‘Brando- Unauthorized’ and attend it’s after-premier party in ‘The Warehouse Restaurant in Marina Del Rey. I also attended the American Film Market’s gala at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, visit with actors, producers, and film studios. I also had the pleasure of meeting with recording star [BRËN] and his agent Margaret Guirard of the IMT Agency, in Century City, California.

[BRËN] is a unique musical talent and was interviewed by us in our October, 2010 issue. His music is in the style of Ozzie Osborne, yet I found him to be a sincere and down-to-earth person. We talked about his career and his goals, as well as the many doors that are magically thrown open before him. Magic is not the case, however, as it is his music that is paving his way towards his own stardom.

[BRËN]’s music is quickly becoming the favorite of rock fans and there is even an effort by him to focus on musical scores by the band , too. His is surely a rising star, and he is becoming the hottest item in the musical industry. The Eerie Digest is hoping to hear more about this fantastic talent in the near future.

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