ED Parties on the East Coast

December 18, 2010

If you think that just Hollywood sizzles, think again! The Eerie Digest team attended Producer Carlos Roman’s birthday party in Falls Church, Virginia just outside of Washington, DC and we found out that the East Coast is alive and kicking, too.

The party was held at the fabulous Majestic Restaurant and Nightclub on Annandale Road, which features a very diverse agenda for nightly entertainment from Tuesdays through Saturdays. The front entrance to the club is flanked by palm trees and the atmosphere inside was definitely alive. It’s manager, Mario Suazmabar and his staff really know how to show a good time. You can find their web page at mymajesticclub.com.

The guest list included Connie Lamothe, who we introduced in our November 2010 issue. Connie has headed such productions as ‘Reunion’, which just premiered in Winchester, Virginia, and ‘Rose’s Miracle’. She plans to dive into a new project next year entitled ‘The Driver’, dealing with the mob controlled world of crime. We also had the pleasure of meeting many of the stars in Producer Roman’s many films as well. All these stars will be introduced to our readers over the next three months.

Carlos has produced many fine films, and his films about the paranormal ring true with this reporter. His latest project, ‘Signals II’, is the latest in the series of ‘Signals’ films which will definitely herald in the long anticipated coming of the Paranormal genre into movie theaters everywhere. Yes, vampires and werewolves are on their way out…make room for the Paranormal. ‘Signals II’ is making it’s way to theaters during the summer of 2011, so look out Hollywood…enter Roman Pictures. Another new project for Roman Pictures will be a ghost story like no other. They plan to begin work on their newest project, ‘Second Time Around’, this coming summer. We featured Carlos Roman in an interview with us in our August 2010 issue, and we plan to follow his career closely.

Some of the other attendees for this star-studded party were Tracy, his lovely daughter; Antonio Coleman; Adianne Smith; Danny Damico; Deirdre McCullagh; Terry McCongoha; Kevin Troy; Lawrence T. Miller; Pablo Rodriguez; Sandy Lisiewski; Sharon Carpenter-Rose; and Tom Lyle. We plan to introduce them, and the other party-goers to all our readers world-wide in short order. So stay-tuned Hollywood, here comes the East Coast filmmakers!

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All pics by Photographer Joseph O’Donnell IV

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