Interview of Author Michael Bangham

Michael Bangham

ED- The Eerie Digest is really excited to present an author who writes in the genre of science fiction, on of the mainstays of our readers. We are happy to introduce author Michael Bangham to all our fans. Michael, what influenced you most to write in this genre?

MB-It began when I was a pre-teen. The classic—H.G. Wells “The Time Machine” was the written and visual experience that actually pushed me into the whole literary and sci-fi world. During that time I wrote short stories, viewed, and enjoyed just about every fictional and real-life experience.

ED- Please tell us the theme behind your novel, ‘Door World: Planet Dectonia’.

MB-Door World is the intriguing love-story, action, adventure, high-tech-saga about the dilemma of a young boy who finds himself caught up in cosmic forces (time travel) that existed from the singularity.

ED- Who are the characters in the story, and tell us something about each one of them?

MB- There are more than one-hundred and twenty characters within the universe—so I guess I can only tell you a little bit about the main ones. Brian Rigg: is our main male character and cosmic gateway traveler. He’s an artist and quite humble—considering that he’s only fifteen, well, before the government’s and military’s experiment, of course! Helen Rigg: his mother, who is a nurse and very kind—many have said. Janasia: is our lead persona from Planet Dectonia. She is a medical healer and inventor to the royal family and court of Satarine, mainly. Emperor Gala: the valiant emperor who rules Dectonia alongside his other, Empress Hena: Empress Hena—loyal and dedicated to the people, she is respected amongst the court as well as the venssadors and ambassadors—from the tree city of Consfone throughout Treeshun all the way to sea-side city of Zanyer. Omeglar Celadus: the evil Kanthean ruler and controller of Dectonia. Many Dectonians say that Omeglar was born of a Grigite, other worldly cousin, the (T-Rex)!

ED- What do they represent, and do they relate to anything in our world?

MB- Dectonians represent some of the more respected core values that we have here, on Earth. Love, honor, truth, bravery, integrity are some of the few traits that earthlings and our created Dectonian civilization share. To envision a Dectonian aieman standing next a Earth human are quite similar considering that the only differences between the two are—hair color, eyes, and of course the sun’s or Dectonia’s (Veon’s) luminosity—not to mention Dectonia’s exchange system for goods, foods, and reecaniks (technology).

ED- Please give us an excerpt from your novel.



In the beginning before time and space, there was an energy that existed indefinitely. It resided at the center of nothing and had a size no larger than an atom. It was known as the singularity, (the opposite of endless nothing.) Surrounded by gray space at every angle, it grew heavier-and-heavier receiving the opposite of nothing which is everything. After a (quadrillion) years, it out-weighed eternity. Suddenly, it tore a hole in the fabric of space before erupting with a big bang releasing—dark matter, light, energy, and weight formations that multiplied across infinite time and space. Enduring its position, it shared very few of its unique properties with the multi-verse. Planets, stars, galaxies and even quasars were formed but none were as powerful or more-beautiful than the singular point.

While the multi-verse dimmed and settled; the singular point drained itself of weight. Countless years it remained at the center—before one particular galaxy of stars surrounded its well-being… (This galaxy in known as the Milky Way) As purpose grew, huge rock formations collided within its illuminated swirl creating what is known as…Earth! Coincidently, this planet sojourned with it. Throughout time, the singular point became housed within Earth’s atmosphere next to vast oceans and rocky plains. Eventually, it dimmed as sunlight brightened the solar system.

As Earth rotated and evolved within the galaxy—the singular point’s weightless energy did the same. The present day is now on the horizon. During this time, homes are being built and cities start to flourish on every continent, but one home in particular is quite special. (Present Day), “Brian, it’s time for school,” Helen said with a soft tone as she spoke through her son’s door. “I’m sick; I don’t feel like going to school today.

ED- Tell us about the publisher Xlibris Corporation.

MB- Xlibris is one of the pioneers of the print-on-demand publishing services industry, and still leads the way today. One of their founding principles, dating back to when they were newly incorporated and making books out of a basement office, is that authors should have control over their work. This principle still stands today as they help hundreds of authors every month publish their work in the manner and form that the writer envision. Giving authors control is why they don’t take rights and why they’re nonexclusive. This means that you can achieve publication with them and offer your work to publishers and agents.

ED- We also understand that you have formed a production company in order to create a movie from this novel. Please tell us all about it, and the process in which you created it.

MB- Well, my production company is at the grass-root level. I and a few colleagues of mine decided to start this journey along with the assistance of real-life actors and actresses. Although we are a small company and not established yet, continuously, we seek major studio advancement.

ED- What actors do you envision starring in this production?

MB- Wow, interesting question, hmm…for starters, actually I envisioned a few. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting a female actress from Australia, “Ceallach” to one day star as Empress Hena: Considering that actor “Keanu Reeves” is a science fiction buff, and personally enjoying his demeanor on screen and being a fan—I believe he would make the perfect Emperor Gala Stahndaire. To play Janasia—I have a couple: Stephanie Burkhalter who is an ex-model and fashion designer would be nice, primarily! Emma Watson would be a nice secondary choice. To star as Brian Rigg, I’d select Gavin Anast—a smooth grass-root talent from Canada. Due to his appearance, surly he’d make a great fictional hero.

ED- Where can our readers find your book so that they can purchase your work?

MB- Barnes and Noble, Amazon,, Borders, etc… mainly online venues.

ED- When will you start filming, and when will it become available?

MB- Filming, I’ll leave that possibility up to the major studio that decides to take “Door World” to the next level—considering that—due to all the in-book inventions and landscapes, more than likely, this vision will cost a pretty penny. Personally, Door World’s vision may need to be sized down before that happens! But if I had it my way, I’d say sometime in the spring of 2012

ED- Michael, we certainly wish you the best of luck and thank you for this opportunity to interview you. Please keep us up to date on the progress with your project and let us know when we will be able to view it. Many thanks again.

MB- With pleasure. I thank you for having me!

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