Interview with Author Marc Douglas

ED- The Eerie Digest is absolutely thrilled to introduce author Marc Douglas to all our readers. Marc, your books are the stuff that our readers really enjoy. What was your influence in this genre of fiction?

MD-I love science fiction but am particular about how it is presented. I prefer reality based what-if scenarios to fantasy. I like a good, creative imagination but I like to be substantiated. I was living in up state New York during the 9-11 crisis. I had spent most of my life living within view of the WTC and like so many other people this outrage hit hard. There were a couple of other personal events that took place when combined together presented an overwhelming unexpected change. I decided that terrorism, pollution, war, corruption and the vanishing resources we all deal with presented an interesting platform for a story, “How did we get here?” and “Where do we go from here?”. One last note: I have to give Dean Koontz another credit. After reading “The Watchers” I fell in love with the possibility of intelligent dogs. My test readers requested more chapters on the dogs and so I obliged. I think they add some fun into the mix and play a substantial role in the book. You might expect this from the cover.

ED- Tell us about your earliest experiences in your writing career.

MD-I have always enjoyed reading. A page of words selected by someone I did not personally know could reach across as though the author were sitting next to me. Writing has always had that mystical aspect which has fascinated me.

ED- Tell us about your ‘Slingshot’ series that took you nine years to write.

MD- In a few words….Earth reached a point that it could no longer sustain life as we have known. Corporations with divisions on every continent could no longer accept corrupt, inept governments and so they now rule Earth. We turn to the stars and our long range telescopes find a “sister” planet. This world was in the “Goldilocks Zone”: not too hot, not too cold. The “Slingshot” principle is discovered and for the first time we can walk among the distant stars. Unknown to Earth or each other two flights crash and become marooned on the alien world. All the technology that had gotten them to the planet was lost in the crash. Slingshot is the adventure and romance of these colonists.

ED- What is the theme behind it and some of the characters that are portrayed in there ?

MD-Life can not be controlled…only lived. There is a classic conflict of good vs. evil. I have enjoyed placing quite a few twists and turns along the way just for the fun of it.

ED- Your second and third book of the series were ‘The Road to Damari’ and ‘The Right of Way’. Please tell us about these.

MD- The two sequels (which are finished but not edited yet) are the continuing story of how these folks survived and what they had to go through to get there. One crisis is overcome only to see another in its place. It is a story of courage, hope, not giving in to adverse conditions and fighting for what is good.

ED- Your next novel was ‘Soon’. Please tell us about this work.

Marc Douglas

MD-After I finished the Sling series I took a break and read another Dean Koontz novel. His imagination and creativity inspired me to try my hand at a thriller.

ED- Will there be sequels for this book?

MD- No, but its older brother, Blind Sight, will be released soon…I mean…shortly. I had such a good time writing Soon that I immediately began Blind Sight.

ED- Who is the publisher for these novels, and where can our readers find them?

MD- I had a contract for the Sling series but canceled it to place all my work with EDGE Publishing Company. You may go online and purchase at:

You may also get the kindle version through Amazon. Slingshot was fortunate enough to have two readers offer a five star review. Audio books are available as well at EDGE.

ED- Your latest work is ‘Blind Sight’. What was your influence for writing this ?

MD-As I mentioned Soon was so enjoyable to write I continued with Blind Sight. I enjoy a good page turner with an unexpected ending. I think Soon does that.

ED- When will this publication be released ?

MD-The final editing is done, cover art is finished and I am going over the manuscript one last time before printing……..a few weeks or so.

ED- You call your next work the Dumas project. Please give us a hint behind its title ‘The Sultan’s Angel’ and how you came about giving it the name for the author Dumas.

MD-My father’s, my son’s and one of my favorite books is “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Dumas. It is such a great story that I decided to do a modern take on its premise. I am almost done with it and it is a wild ride. Great fun to write and I think to read as well. So far my test readers have come up positive.

ED- Can you give us a release date for this ?

MD-I am hoping for the middle of next year.

ED- Marc, I know our legions of readers will love reading your novels, and learning all about you. We want to thank you for this opportunity to interview you, and wish you much luck in all your endeavors. Please promise to contact us about all your future ventures.

Blind Sight (to be released shortly):–HI-_lKY


Slingshot (a three book series):

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Thanks, Marc

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