Interview with Actor Laurence T. Miller


Laurence T. Miller

ED-  The Eerie Digest has quite a few readers who are aspiring actors who are looking to make a career of it. We have introduced them to many in the acting field in all ranges of their careers, and now we’d like to introduce a newcomer. Actor Laurence T. Miller has just started into his career of acting, but the stage is no stranger to him. Laurence, after a stint in the Navy you took up the drums as a musician. Please tell us about this period of your early musical career.

LTM- I fell in love with music as a young boy and tapped on everything from my legs to tables and chairs, constantly creating a beat of some kind. Once out of the Navy, a dear friend told me I could set up a kit and practice in their basement. So I did! After a couple of lessons I understood what it was I needed to learn. I spent hours a day practicing rudiments and playing to CD’s. After 3 months, my friend and I created a small band a put together approx. 15 song set.  Once I could play by instinct, I discovered my connection to the source and/or the divine. There is no better feeling in the world than living every moment of the creation process. If you can add to that with the exchange of energy between people, it is a mind blowing experience. I hope to discover a similar connection the the universe via acting.

ED- You prefer to perform rock music. Tell us about the first band that you were in.

LTM- The very first band I played in was formed shortly after I picked up the drums. I came up with the name “Mr. Novocain”, and it stuck. The other two members were high school buddies. Since the singer/guitarist had 10yrs of experience, he created a set list. We learned to play approx. 20 covers and created 3 originals before we split to go our separate ways. That time in my life was an exceptional blessing because I found a way to channel the over abundant energy I had at the time in a creative, non-destructive way, lol.

ED- Tell us about the other groups that you played with and their styles of music.

LTM- I played ANY kind of music through the years from R&B to Heavy Metal. I found my groove in funk rock and blues-rock. I love playing up-tempo music that inspires people to dance or at least draws them out of the their chairs. The one band that stands out the most, not because of the music per say but the chemistry between us all, “Blue Nevada Joel” NOW just “Blue Nevada”.  “Blue Nevada” consists of nothing but originals, which is my preference. Shannon Blue and Dusty Nevada created the band and they are still kicking it today!

ED- What was your earliest influence toward acting?

LTM- Elementary school presented young minds with the opportunity for expression through skits. It was so much fun making my peers laugh at my antics. I later was known as the class clown all throughout the school years. Growing up with a brother in a broken home, we would rent 12 movies at a time from Erol’s video during our weekend visit with our mother. That escape created an obsession with film, later in years analyzing every moment and nuance.

ED- Your first role was in the film ‘Local Hero’. Please tell us about the theme behind the movie.

LTM-An impatient man finds out he is terminally ill, but rather than wait around to die, he decides to speed up the process. Our leading man, Stan, hires a firm that handles this sort of thing, but not in the typical Jack Kevorkian way. Rather than slipping away quietly in the night and forgotten forever, this firm makes sure that you go out with a bang. Not only that, they ensure that you die heroically, therefore leaving behind a legacy. Stan can’t know when the firm is going to do it’s dirty work, after all, it’s got to look real. So Stan is to go about his daily life until the firm performs it’s charade and ends his life for him. The only problem is Stan’s contact at the firm is involved in a terrible accident before he can make the arrangements, while Stan goes through life believing that every dangerous situation he .encounters is his time to be heroic and leave his mark

ED- Tell us about the role that you played.

LTM-Actually the one role I was signed on to do, spawned into 3 roles. I play a cop in the opening theme listening to an angry bus driver. Later on, I play the leading bank robber and in proceeding scene play a swat member firing a shotgun at myself. All roles are for the most part non-speaking roles with a liner here and there. I couldn’t believe I beat out so many people with my first audition. It was a great first project and was very easy to work with Steven Andrus (writer, director, actor). Steven knew exactly what he wanted and how. The process in itself was wonderful to witness.

ED- You just landed a role with Roman Pictures for their film ‘Signals 2’. What is the film about and tell us about the role that you played in it?

LTM- The Sci-Fi saga continues with the second installment of the tetralogy, Signals. The lives of a variety of unrelated characters, CTU, FBI, White House, Secret Service, Police, Prosecutor’s Office, Government Medical Research, Organized Crime and plain everyday people, eventually intersect in one way or another. I play a swat team member (one with goggles) and a body guard for one of the leading bad girls.

ED- What other genre films are you looking to take part in?

LTM- I am partial to Sci-Fi action films but would also love to partake in a romantic comedy, action comedy, some horror, thrillers, and some drama. I guess really anything, depends on what my spirit calls me to do.

ED- What studies are you undertaking to strengthen your career and where do you see yourself five years from now?

LTM- In Feb. of 2010 to took a couple of acting classes before I went for my first audition in April same year. While performing 6 roles in 3 films in 2010, I also own and run a Chimney Sweep and Repair business leaving not a lot of time for anything else, yet! However, I research tips, articles and opinions of others while working on my physical self. I do not have the luxury of being able to just focus on my acting which I would love nothing more to do. I am working hard to make that a reality. 

ED- Laurence, we have many students who read our magazine, not only from Coast to Coast, but virtually from around the world. What advice would you give them in starting their acting careers?

LTM- Its simple! Always, surround yourself with those whom are more seasoned in the your field of interest and soak up as much as you can from them. When you are in a constant state of learning, you are growing closer and closer to your goals.

ED- We’d like to thank you for the time that you took with us, and hope to hear more from you in the future. We wish you luck in everything that you do and I know that our readers will want to keep tabs on your career.

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