Interview with Producer Gloria Kisel-Hollis


Gloria Kisel-Hollis

ED- Many people outside the Entertainment Industry are confused when asked what a Producer is, and often relate the term to a Director of a film. I’d like to present Gloria-Kisel-Hollis to all our readers to shed some knowledge on this subject. Gloria, I have recently met you through the world premier of Damian Chap’s film, ‘Brando-Unauthorized’ in which you were one of the production’s Producers. What is the difference between a film’s Producer and Director?

GKH- A director is the person who tells a story on film and “directs” the actor to play it the way the story is. A producer is the person who assembles everything necessary for the director to do his job. It takes an army to make a film and sometimes a lot of money. A producer is the grand organizer. Sometimes we are creatively involved, sometimes not.

ED- I understand that in an Independent Film these positions are often shared by one person. What is the benefit of this?

GKH- Well, with both an independent film or a major film most directors produce at some level, but the smaller the budget to work with, the more multitasking from all.

ED- What is the primary focus of a Producer, and what responsibilities befall them?

GKH- A producers main responsibility, and hardest  task, is assembling the team both creative and non creative at the projects genesis stage and to keep them involved thru the pitfalls of raising money, bringing the project to life thru the development, pre production, production, and post production phases… Then there is the selling process.

ED- What does the term ‘Line Producer’ refer to?

GKH- A line producer is someone the films producers hire to budget the films cost below “the line” which is to say EVERYTHING below the actors director and producers.

ED- What are the aspects of a ‘Line Producer’s’ domain?

GKH- They are familiar with the union rules and scales, crew positions and local resources.

ED- In ‘Brando-Unauthorized’ what were your responsibilities for this project, and how did you go about these tasks?

GKH- I helped the director assemble some of the cast and most importantly promote the film for sale.

ED- Gloria, you were involved with ‘Brando-Unauthorized’ throughout the project. What were some of the difficulties that you ran into, and how did you solve them?

GKH- Refer to the last question

ED- In planning such a production what are some of the key points that you concentrate on?

GKH- Well I can only speak to projects that I’ve had more involvement than casting and sale. Like I said earlier the challenges are widespread when you are the organizer at the genesis stage in that what we do is assemble and army of creative’s for the common good of outputting a good product and holding it together till final delivery of the product… a movie.

ED- You also run Trendy Productions & Public Appearances in Hollywood. Tell us about your company.

GKH- Well, it started with me helping my celebrity friends in the public relations arena. I represent them, promote them, and have them get involved with all the charities that I believe in and work at. That really is the core of who I am and what I do with my life; give back to the world what I have been blessed with. It is so important.

ED- In producing a film, how important is publicity for it?

GKH- If not for publicity how would anyone know a film exists or see it? In the world we live in now that is so interconnected and plugged in, it is a challenge to get seen because of electronic information saturation and overload, but a benefit because the medium exists. Without publicity we would still be a sheltered society.

ED- What are some of the differences in being a Producer for a play, and the Producer for a film?

GKH- From my standpoint it is very relevant, just the mechanics are different. You still have to assemble a team, follow through till delivery, and promote, promote, promote…

ED- If you were the producer of a play, how would you organize this?

GKH- It is really not my medium of choice in the arts. I have always been involved in film and TV. It isn’t that I don’t have a respect and love of the theater, I just don’t do that.

ED- With so many students of the arts reading our magazine, how could they contact you for advice when endeavoring to create a play, or film?

GKH- Well, I am almost always involved in multiple projects and keep a very full pipeline so I have to somehow prioritize and schedule my time. I will say this, I am always interested in new talent and helping them. 

ED- What are some of the projects that you are looking to get involved with in the near future and where do you see yourself, and Trendy Productions, five years from now?

GKH- I am a producer with R2K Entertainment LLC, you can see our website at We are almost there in the financing stage of three medium budget films in the horror, action, and psych thriller genres. I am also Executive Producer for three or four large budget theatrical films and in the middle of the finance stage with my partner Mark Harris. In five years I plan on us having a minimum of ten of these credits to my name and always looking for more to be involved with. Plus I just got an award from the Beverly Hills Film and TV New Media film festival for the best new directorial debut for my short film Hollywood Struggles , which I’m planning on make it into a feature film , Here is the company logo~

MOBIL-310-600-9904 FAX-310-274-2122

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