Interview with Actor Demetrius Parker


Demetrius Parker

ED- The Eerie Digest would like to present an exciting personality to our legions of readers from around the world. Demetrius Parker is an actor, but he has also taken on the mantels of Casting Director and Producer in his career. Demetrius tell us about your start in film and what drew you to it.

DP- First let me say thank you to Eerie Digest for this opportunity to share what has been a very humbling and rewarding experience in my life thus far. It first started as an extra in the movie “Gardens of Stone” while serving in the US Army & I was home on leave and a friend let me borrow his OLD Guard Uniform. But, we can thank our good friend Carlos Roman of Roman Pictures for casting me in my first independent film as an extra in “Cabolto Force” because I showed him how well I could die. I love film making and its process of blending the expressions of creativity & the power of social influence.

ED- In 2001 you appeared in the film ‘Lethal Force’. Tell us about this production and your role in it.

DP- Although “Lethal Force” wasn’t my first independent feature length film it was the first IMDb credited movie I performed in. I played an African Hit man & did the voiceovers for every black person in the film. It was crazy trying to come up with three different African sounding voices to include laughter that all took place in the same scene. It was challenging and being on that project introduced me to my good friend & kick butt film maker “Eric Thornett” of Piranha Pictures.

ED- The following year you starred in the film ‘Shockheaded’. Describe this film for our readers and the plot behind it.

DP- Actually, I had an extra role in the Piranha Picture called “Fifth City” where again I played a body guard henchman type character and then it was the thriller classed horror ‘Shockheaded’ where I was originally slated to play the man behind the Mask. However, due to my beliefs of the project first & EGO  second, I took on the role of Detective Riegert one half of a PI team that works on both sides of the law depending on which is paying more. This movie will take you into mind of its creator “Eric Thornett” & deeper into the world that he has created called “Fifth City”. Quickly summed; A man loses his memory, see’s dead people, has a man in a mask constantly following him, and has to dwell in the world of pornography and blood is throughout. I’ll just say its thriller you go out and rent if you don’t own it!

ED- After this you appeared in a number of short films and also in the movies ‘The Inn’ and ‘Confinement’. Please describe these venues and how they strengthened your career.

DP- I loved my brief moment as a drug addicted purse snatcher turned murderer in the film “The INN” and thanks to Pepi Singh Khara I was introduced to my fantastic friend & wonderful actress “Jennifer Robers” who introduced me to the talented film makers at Dobler’s Pen Productions. Being a part of the “Fifth City” Alum helped me to land a role in “Confinement” where I play a crazed maniac on an island where people are being hunted for sport. We has so much fun running through woods, and dark underwater caves with freezing waters and bats! I’ve had the privilege to with so, many film makers and no matter what the outcome of the films they all helped me to grow as an actor. Every director, crew member and actor I worked with gave me the opportunity to learn something new and I thank them all for that!

ED- You then appeared in three TV episodes of Buddy Jackson, and the films ‘Prayer Life’ and ‘A Piece of Infinity’. Describe these productions for our readers and the roles that you portrayed.

DP- Wow, these first two projects were very humbling for me as an actor. They were the first projects that I auditioned for a particular role and didn’t get. However, they felt I was good enough to work with and I love both of these production companies very much. Playing the cool and whimsical “Robbie Johnson” on “Buddy Jackson” was a blast and both the cast & crew were amazing to work with. Honestly, I wish they would bring this series back cause, it has staying power I’m sure. Barry Gribble & Kevin Good are truly integral to the filmmaking community. Besides, if not for this very funny web series 70% or more of the cast for “Boxing Day”& “6 Nonsmokers” may have never met. My role in “Prayer Life” was brief but the folks at Eastwest Films have become very good friends of mine and I respect them dearly. Prayer Life is a Christian based family film that’s both intriguing & genuine. ‘A Piece of Infinity’ is a very touching music video for the group “Everything” that I’m proud I had the opportunity to be a part of. Jamie and Janine Sides were wonderful to work with.

ED- Roman Pictures had you play a part in their film ‘Signals’ and you not only acted in, but produced, the production ‘Boxing Day’. How exciting was this for you and how were you able to play in front of, and behind, the camera?

DP- It’s always fun and interesting to work with Carlos & the Roman Picture family no matter what size the role may be. Carlos is very talented and ambitious so you either keep up or move out the way and I love that about that camp. I’m looking forward to working them all again soon. “Boxing Day” & the year 2008 was the birth of a new me. I was in about 8-10 films that year but, “Boxing Day” was truly my baby. Working with the talented writer/ director Mr. Francis Abbey, my now business partner Matt Hines of 57 Pictures and the 10 Sundays Production company was exciting. Most of the cast had met on the set of “Buddy Jackson” and each of them, were wonderful to work with. By, this time I had worked behind the scenes as a casting director but, I really believed in this group and this project and saw the opportunity to do more so I sat down with Francis shared my ideas and we moved forward from there. “Boxing Day” is a very funny movie that takes on the subject of race relations and boldly makes us ask the questions about ourselves and those around us. Are you Racist? Cause some of us really don’t know until it’s in our household. It’s a movie about family that’s not made for the family except the adults due to the explicit language only. We’ve been accepted in many festivals throughout the US and abroad & we’ve won several awards. Congratulations to the team for winning “Best Comedy” & Vicki Hartford for winning the Best Actress Award for her role in “Boxing Day”. Much love and respect to Danny Gavigan, Jenna St. John, Bridget Devlin Burke, Ariana Almajan Jim Murphy. I love this cast!

ED- You were next seen in ‘Premise of Duality’, ‘Bounty’, and ‘Ghosts Don’t Exist’. What were these about.

DP- Man, these are three very different films by three very different film makers and all very talented in their own rights. ‘Premise of Duality’ is a spiritual film that questions your faith. I play Dr. Webber the doctor to a close friend and patient of mine that may have the cure for AIDS. Brian Nesbitt & New Wave Films continue to grow with each project. In ‘Bounty’ I played the role of “Webb” in this film that crosses “Dog the Bounty Hunter with Dawn of the Dead” it was my first time working with Kangas Khan Films and Kevin Kangas but, I look forward to doing it again. ‘Ghosts Don’t Exist’ is another thriller that’s classed as a horror and this movie will make you wonder if you believe in ghost or not. It gave me a chance to once again work with my very close friends Aaron Goodmiller and the rest of the team over at 19th & Wilson. I also got the chance to be both behind the scenes as the casting director and out front as an actor. The acting part came from the direction of the director & writer himself, Mr. Eric Espejo. I’ve worked with this talented group of intelligent film makers on over seven projects and it’s always a pleasure to do so. I’m sure we shall work together again soon.

ED- ‘Close’ and ‘Drug Related’ were your next performances. Tell us about these works and your roles in these films.

DP- I have a cameo in both of these movies and its ironic that I also play a police detective in both of them as well. Denni Wagner is the writer and director for “Close” and she was a joy to work with. Master June Diguiso, martial arts master turned writer & director offered me the cameo in ‘Drug Related that will hopefully blossom into a much bigger role in his future films. June and I are good friends and we met through Carlos Roman when June was coordinating fight scenes. Both movies although police related are very different and yet both interesting in story.

ED- Your latest projects are ‘6 Nonsmokers’, which you produced and have a part in, and ‘Conquering the Rose’. These sound fascinating. Please describe them and tell our readers when they will be able to view them.

DP- ‘6 Non-Smokers’ again gave me the opportunity to work with close friends Francis Abbey and Matt Hines. Matt & I knew we wanted to be a part of this project as soon as Francis pitched the idea to us so, we signed on as associate producers. I play Stephon Stiles the charismatic one hit wonder. We brought back most of the cast from Boxing Day, and brought in other Buddy Jackson Alum with Frank B. Moorman, Kelley Slagle & Ariana Almajan also of Boxing Day along with many talented local players and LA heavy hitter Greg Thompson and the local turn LA girl Bridgetta Tomarchio. Earlier I mentioned how I love that film making gives us the opportunity to blend the expressions of creativity & the power of social influence. Well, that’s what ‘6 Nonsmokers’ does as it has you laughing out of your seat! When two high profile academic types war with each other we, delve into the lives of 6 roommates with nothing in common but the fact that they don’t smoke and the shows us that there are no good guys or bad guys, and it’s ok to agree to disagree. Conquering the Rose is the Brainchild of our talented Ms. Jenna St. John and this melodramatic drama will be a treat for those who enjoy a character driven drama that’s definitely of the cerebral variety. Both of these movies are now in post production and are sure to be hit in festivals this year so, I hope people will come out and support them. I like to thank The Eerie Digest again for this opportunity and for the record if I didn’t thank, or mention anyone in this interview I apologize. Thank you to everyone in my life that continues to support me and my career, mad blessings.

ED- Demetrius, you are definitely an amazing personality and one that Hollywood should be keeping a close watch on. I am going to predict that you will do well in your career and I expect that we will hear more about you in the years to come. Thank you for your interview with The Eerie Digest magazine.


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