Interview with Author Amy Mah

ED- The Eerie Digest has spread its wings and besides the more than 40,000 readers of our magazine, we have reached out to colleges across the country as well. Our January issue featured it’s first story that was submitted by a student from UCLA, and now we are excited to introduce a student from England. Author Amy Mah has written a story about something that is close to our hearts…Vampires ! Amy, tell us about your school and about where you live.

AM- It is very embarrassing to say as I had to leave high school in a hurry after the dead bodies started to pile up and it was not my fault!  Everyone always blames the vampire! ‘She has fangs it must be her!’…..huh ………everyone is so anti vampire that is all, just look at what they said about the massacre on 42nd and 3rd   it was not entirely my fault, they started it by shooting at me first and besides no one every says anything about the puppy I rescued.  My education then continued at the Nest where my Aunt and Uncle live, it is deep underground and I have a large cave bedroom all to myself, I just wish my Aunt had not painted the cave pink as if I was eight, My Aunt has never had children so she decided to practise on me and I live in fear of what child rearing book she will read next! I am a vampire, a blood thirsty killer of the night and yet all my underwear have small pink bats on it…………….If I ever get run over I would just die of shame! Vampire Collage education is not as good as you think, you are not forced to learn anything………. Er…..but if you don’t you do not age! I have been warned that I will stay a teenager for the next 100 years! And as to Female nest uniform …………. Well ……… what can I say all uniforms suck ………. Our female uniform looks like a 19th century nightdress! ………….. Yes that could sound sexy and female until you understand we have mixed classes in wall climbing and hanging from ceilings by our claws …  yes it does hurt and you can easily break a nail when doing it!…….. Only a male would think of designing a compulsory uniform like a nightdress for girls….huh………….. Hanging from a ceiling by all four sets of claws wearing a nightdress……….it is just perverted……… all the guys want to do is look up staring at your underwear! ………   I have got around it by wearing jean leggings and a sweatshirt under my nightdress…………. And well it is just as funny watching the guys try to hang from a ceiling getting tangled up in their uniform which is a large black red lined cloak so long that they trip over it most of the time!…………. yes…….. they all have to wear a stupid uniform as well and theirs looks like it was designed for count Dracula! ………….huh……… So much for blending into modern society.

ED- Your book titled ‘Fangs Rule: A Girl’s Guide To Being A Vampire’ will be on the market shortly. Please tell us the theme behind it.

AM- Well it’s a handbook (Fangs Rule a girls guide to being a vampire isbn 9781874192480 not that I am trying to plug it……… heck …….. yes I am see it on Amazon and my own website…. ) for female vampires, just because you are a vampire it does not mean that you know what you should be doing in the modern world, humans have it easy, they don’t have to worry about at what stage in a relationship you can let a male vampire bite you, and yet the simple rule is never on a first date! On the first date he must pay for dinner so that means you can bite him!

ED- We understand that you have a large following amongst the female population with a wide range in age groups from fourteen to sixty-four. How do you account for this popularity?

AM- No idea, all I know is that thousands of people around the world read my blog, but I am a little suspicious that not all of them are vampires! But I am not specie –ist so I don’t mind sharing my wisdom with the lower orders of life.

ED- Tell us about your publisher. I understand that he is very proud of your work and is extremely excited about the release of your book.

AM- My publisher is Nicholas Reardon (He is Human, but don’t say anything as he can’t help it) of Reardon Publishing and he must be mad as he sometimes thinks I am a human girl, but as long as he publishes my books I have promised not to bite him or his staff, so you can see we are getting on very well working together as two different species

ED- What first inspired you to write ‘Fangs Rule’?

AM- . I wanted to help young vampires and also point out to humans the errors that so often appear in films, Hollywood has a lot to answer for. Ok an example:  a swimming pool full of blood is in one film where a vampire girl has to strip off and swim in it!……like where does it say that just because you are a female vampire you have to swim naked? And as to swimming in blood it’s far too sticky! It would start to congeal before you filled the pool, plus it would form a skin so thick that instead of swimming you could bounce across the top in the nude, turning any horror film into a very funny porn show.

ED- There is another addition to your book that is also extremely popular in that it contains Manga drawings. Please tell us about the artist and her work.

AM- Ho yes……… mean the famous manga artist Heby Sim well she is Chinese and is at the moment in a teacher training collage somewhere in South East Asia, her work is just so special as she can take an idea and bring it alive, you should see the one of me naked swimming in the hot underground pools…………. Er …..No……….perhaps you shouldn’t.

ED- How did you originally both hook up, and tell us about the similarity between you and those drawings?

AM- Heby is a friend of my publisher as she has done other work for his company and what he did was send photos of me to her and she turned me into what you now see in the book! She has also done pictures of my ‘Aunt’ and ‘Uncle’, my bestie ‘Ice’ and her brother ‘Max’ who is my boyfriend, their father runs the whole Nest and he is one very freighting Alpha Male Vampire.

ED- Are you going to have a sequel to ‘Fangs Rule’? With the current popularity of vampires amongst the student population I would assume that you would.

AM- . My next book is going to be like a novel but it is in fact my life story as it tells of my life in the human world, not knowing that I was a vampire but just someone with very strange dietary needs, the number of time I bite myself trying to stab a chunk of raw meat with my newly developed fangs is still painfully remembered. The book will be called THE NIGHT ETERNAL by Amy Mah  isbn  9781874192473 you can see in on Amazon but it will not be out until late this year.  Keep looking on my website for details this in the trade is called a book plug.

ED- What other books do you have planned, and is there another genre that you are considering writing in?

AM-  My publisher did ask what I thought about Werewolves and well what can one say? They smell of wet dog in the rain, as to going out with one ….yuck …….so you can have long romantic walks together until he sees a deer runs after it to drop a bloody deer corpse at your feet as a gift and you wearing your new white dress!         

ED- Amy, your work is truly amazing and the timing is about right as so many movies and television series have been the proving ground for the vampire genre. We want to thank you for the time that you spent with us and know that you will do well. Please keep in contact with us so that we can keep our readers informed about you in the future.

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