Interview with Author J. Daniel Stanfield

J. Daniel Stanfield

ED- The Eerie Digest covers many genres of writing that our readership enjoys. One of the newest, and popular type of writing, consists of a hybrid sci-fi fantasy style favored by many. Such is the work of author J. Daniel Stanfield. John, tell us about your military training prior to your writing career.

JDS-I enlisted in 1973, completed a year of Russian language training, and then served in a variety of intelligence positions as an enlisted soldier and non-commissioned officer. I graduated from Officer’s Candidate school in 1982. In spite of my best efforts to get into the infantry, I was kept in the Military Intelligence Corps. I guess the Army felt it had invested too many years in me to let me be grunt. After twenty years of service, I retired from the Army.

ED- Tell us about some of the military work that you performed and how it helped you create the background for your writing.

JDS- As one could imagine, along the way I served in a great many intelligence assignments including stints along the old west-east German border, Army Special Forces and Navy SEALs. I think the Army’s biggest influence on my writing is I tell stories about soldiers; particularly those of us who carry the wounds of service and sacrifice; physical, emotional and spiritual.

ED- You have written an interesting book titled ‘Tales of the Faerevold; Quittance’. How did you develop this title and what does it refer to?

JDS- It began as concept for a screenplay. I enjoy difficult tasks, ands as I had done quite a bit of professional writing during my Army years, I wanted to try my hand at something really challenging. So I came up with this concept which eventually became a novel. Quittance is a payment for a debt or obligation. It is more formal than quits, as in two parties are even.

ED- Please tell us the theme behind the book.

JDS- It is about one man who suffers from the horrors of war, and through honor and courage achieves personal redemption. Yet he is faced with the terrible dilemma to continue as he is, or sacrifice himself in order to redeem others.

ED- Who are the main characters for this story?

JDS- Nil Sicharias is the protagonist, a broken space marine haunted by the outcome of a particularly bloody battle. He controls his persistent PTSD with drugs and alcohol. Dom Avery is the dark and sinister antagonist. He is a person with an insatiable lust for power and will use any means; violence, money, sex to obtain and wield it.

ED- Who do they best relate to in real life and does the story hold a similar relationship in our world?

JDS- We all have our inner demons. Everyone who has been in combat suffers some level of significant trauma. For some, it is an insufferable curse, for others, just an unpleasant memory. But bottom line, war hurts in more ways than most folks can begin to comprehend.

ED- I understand that you like gaming and know of many Warhammer Gamers that would relate well to your work. Does your story parallel the ‘World of 40,000’ games that are so popular today?

JDS-What is not to like about nobel Warriors, evil Vilder-Zerk, a fair princes, and a dark force bent on dominion? However, I think the Warhammer gamers would be the ones best to answer that question.

ED- Will you be creating a series of books based on ‘Faerevold’ for our readers to enjoy, and what other genres do you hope to write in?

JDS-Yes, and the next one is currently in development. As I am creating a hybrid of the science fiction with fantasy genres, I’ll craft some that are strongly sic-fi and others within the fantasy realm. After that, I’d like to do a few parodies, and if I’m really lucky a spin of Larry Nivens’ Kzinti.

ED- Where can our readers find your work presently?

JDS- It is now available in variety of e-book formats at Barnes and Nobel, Diesel, and Smashwords.

ED- John, we really enjoyed this interview with you and know that many of the college students who read The Eerie Digest can relate to your work and will most likely seek it out to read. Please promise to keep in touch with us so that we can update all our readers about all your future products.

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