Eerie News: Tragic Fire Brings Acting Community Together

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A Unique Family Comes  Together Actors do more than just support !

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In times of tragedy all communities pull together to help get through the bad times, and that goes for the acting community as well. At the beginning of this year Sharon Carpenter, an actress and member of the Roman Pictures film production company, experienced a devastating house fire. She suffered a total loss of everything that she owned.

In the days that followed producer Carlos Roman contacted the acting community that was considered part of the production company’s ‘family’, and they contributed many items to replace some of the ones that she lost.

” You can’t replace the many personal items that mean so much,” she was heard to say, “and the insurance does not cover everything”.

Still, this united family of actors and filmmakers pulled together to make her life a little easier. An acting community is like any other, and they spring into action at a moments notice to support each other in real life, and not just for the roles they play on film.

Below you can find the many heart-touching statements made by this star-studded ‘family of performers’. Our hat is off to this outpouring from a great group of people !

Here are some of their statements during this event :

It took my breath away, not in a good way, when I read the news about Sharon’s home. Having lived through a devastating hurricane, I know the feeling of losing basically everything, picking through the ‘aftermath’ & starting over. Every little donation helps because you can never sit and write out all the things you lost. A lot of times, it’s only when you reach for that item & it’s not there that you realize how much you took it for granted. So when it comes time to list everything, that’s nearly impossible. Two important things the senior officers’ wives at the base taught me after Hurricane Andrew: 1-always take pictures of your possessions/home. Then if it’s ever necessary to remember every nook & cranny the pix will help remind you. 2-always keep those pix plus every important legal document in waterproof baggies that are in larger waterproof bags that are inside a fireproof safe. Makes a huge difference if ever these tragedies-flood, fire, hurricane, etc- should occur.

Carla Renee – CEO & Co-founder, Renee Internationale
We had a flood in the basement of our 25-year home last year. After going through six months of insurance hassle “mold remediation” with new flooring, walls, molding, painting, etc and throwing away years of memories as water-damaged items, I immediately imagined the turmoil of complete reconstruction. It also helped that Sharon is such a sweetie. Every ‘family’ needs a strong father-figure to stay together and grow and Carlos certainly fills that role with gusto.
Lawrence Whitener – Actor

Everyone I’ve met at RP (ESPECIALLY Carlos and Sharon) have made me feel like I belong to more than just the “current project”. Not only have they been professional, but somehow…at the same time, warm-hearted and down-to-earth; on and off-set. I feel like if MY house burns down (or in my case, my hut blows over) I could call them!

Greg Maye – Actor/Martial Arts Instructor

Sharon is like a sister, not just a co-actor. We know each other personally, not just professionally. I have always been a generous, unselfish, loyal person – that is why I fit in so well! Oh, and they claim I am talented too!
Greg Coale – Actor

I was appalled by the prospect of Sharon being homeless on account of a fire that started with a wood-burning stove. I use such a stove quite often, at a home I own in the mountains of Appalachia. I know how deadly and destructive they can be. When we heard the news of the fire, after giving thanks that Sharon was safe, my wife and I offered her a carte blanche invitation, without hesitation, to come stay at our home for as long as she needed. She wound up not needing to do so, as she had made other arrangements in her hometown, near the site of her former home. Since Sharon did not need to avail herself of the crash-at-our place-until-whenever offer, we were glad to materially contribute, by donation, to help get Sharon back on her feet. I know that Sharon, Carlos Roman and his wife, Judy, and daughter, Tracy, and many others in the Roman Pictures entourage, would have done the same for me if I were in Sharon’s position. That is just the kind of spirit that is fostered by Carlos and the group. Sharon: Mi casa es su casa, darlin’.
Terry McConnaughey – Actor

I was in a similar situation about 8 years ago when I lost my home and it’s so devastating to be homeless so when found out about Sharon’s tragedy instantly i felt a very strong impulse to help. Also seeing so many people of acting community ready to help motivated me to act fast.Olga Simonova – Actress

There are three things to remember about being a ROMAN PICTURES FAMILY

MEMBER: keep your shirt tucked in, go down with the ship, and never abandon a member of your crew.

Tracy J. Roman – Actress

The reason It prompted me to help Sharon is that we have worked on couple acting projects and when I heard what I happened to her I didn’t think twice. I thought it was even more powerful and very creative from the Roman Family to set up everything for helping Sharon. I didn’t hesitate and I think that we should always help
Nora Bauer – Actress

Having worked with the RP Family for over 6 years, I have learned that it isn’t just about the projects. It’s about the people. It’s about how we collectively share a common vision of making good, quality films and seeking ways to get the world to see what we’re capable of in the process. It’s about building a true support system which holds family, friends and love as key elements. When word of Sharon Carpenter-Rose’s tragic moment spread, it was almost as though I received that call about my mother or sister being ill or in need. There was no hesitation to what I needed to do…it came naturally. I wanted to be there for her as best I could and let her see that she was among family. I wanted her to know that no matter how tough things appeared, she was going to be alright. At Roman-Pictures we aren’t just about making independent films, we’re about building a franchise based on family values. The same values we all learn to have and respect in our own homes. Values that taught us how to love and respect others. Values that taught us how to be bigger than those who oppose to our cause or vision. Values that taught us to always do right by others. No matter what I do in my career, I will always be an “RP Family” member.
Kevin Troy Actor – RP Family Member

Our team from Roman Productions has again show our Film Community that we are Actors but above all caring human being to our friends.Yes it is of friends we speak when Roman Pictures comes to mind because each one of us has been working with Carlos and Sharon from the heart with diligence and respect.When I found out that Sharon had lost her home I had to step up and show her that we care…..the feeling she must have had during this trying time must have been that of despair and sadness, two feeling I know plenty about.That said, I hope to always be there for my friends when I can…even when I can’t. One still must try to help a friend in need; there are many Samaritans in this world, but only a few who stop along their journey to help those who need it most.Sincerely,F.D.Nick Braaksma – Actor – Martial Arts Instructor20 years ago I almost died in a fire in my grandmothers old hunting cabin, the only one there to save me was my dog (thank you Maggie, RIP). When Carlos asked for assistance with Sharon’s relief effort I was proud to help; we don’t just call ourselves a family we act like one. I wish I’d known these fine people 20 years ago, but I’m glad to know them now.

Gary McDaniel

Actor – Roman Pictures Family Member. After hearing what happened to Sharon and her family, I knew I had to rally my family to help her out in any way as I would have done for any of those in the “Roman Pictutres Family”. The Roman-Pictures Family is not just a group of actors who use one another to climb up in this industry, but a group of people who support one another as a real family should.

Laurence T Miller – Actor

When I heard that Sharon needed help, I didn’t think twice about it. I knew that by doing something as simple as gathering some items I knew she needed, that it would help her tremendously. That’s what we do as part of the Roman Pictures family, we help each other and support each other in good times and bad.
Paul Wiedecker – Actor

It is truly a Family of people whose closeness I felt almost immediately. These precious, talented people will go out of their way for you, as proven during this devastating event for Sharon. Actors play the roles of different characters, but the RP family of people have true Character and a positive, loving energy that can’t easily be described, helping each other is easy for us. Carlos takes everything he does seriously and expects the best from everybody he associates with and when you give him your best you become part of his Family!

My Wife Lyndi has been a volunteer firefighter/EMT since she was 16 and has seen more than her share of loss from fire and the effects it has on the victims. Having worked in broadcast news for nearly 18 years, I too have seen the tragic images and the heartbreak from world events, so we both immediately went into “help” mode when we heard the news. We both felt the pain she must have been feeling and wanted to do what we could to ease, if only just a little, of that from her. Sharon’s always so pleasant and caring projecting such a pleasant energy, we felt we needed to reach out to her and let her know we are here for her! Roman Pictures has pulled together a talented group of people, but nowhere else have I seen strangers come together as a Family as I have with this Family!

Danny and Lyndi D’Amico

“I have been a member of the Roman Pictures family for more than 12 years and have always found the members to be a team that worked together not only to produce the best in film, but to help each other when the need would arise. When I found out what happened to Sharon, my heart immediately went out to her and I did my part to support her immediate needs in the best way I could and will continue to support her in the future as she rebuilds her life.


In a world that can seem cold at times, it is overwhelming to have a family to depend on. The RP family understands us as actors but also as human beings. We give as much as we can to make RP a first-class production company. In return, we have a family that loves us and encourages us to be the best we can. In that, when a family member needs help – we are here for them! And always will be.

Robin & Amanda Wright

Well, when I first heard about what happened to Sharon, I was shocked and felt like I have to do something about it. I couldn’t just stand there and see a friend, and a member of my Roman family getting into trouble without helping outAnyone could have been in Sharon’s place, and if I was that person, I would’ve needed as much help as I can get, so from that sense, I had to offer my help to a dear friend. It is only normal that when someone in your family needs help, that you would step up and offer a helping hand. I’m a proud member of the Roman Family, and offering help to any of its members is an absolute joy to me. I must say that, Sharon dealt with the situation in a great way, and didn’t even loose her sense of humor in these difficult times, to just show what a great person she is. And I feel very fortunate and blessed to be a part of the Roman family. A family that is united by the love of the acting craft, and the love of one another. What more can someone ask for? Nothing really! Lol!Firas Natour ; Actor.


I am a Los Angeles based actor and was asked last year to help represent Roman Pictures here in LA. I will always be proud of being a part of the Roman Pictures family. That’s for life. When I heard about Sharon, I immediately contacted everybody I could think of and till today we still haven’t given up. For example, this Friday I will be presenting to many local stores and businesses documentation about her story so we can continue to get assistance for her and her family. Sharon is the type who would drop anything and everything for anybody. I speak for all when I say its the least I could have done for her. She’s a true blessing to all of us, and we’re lucky to have the mentality to take care of one another unconditionally. One person’s success is a huge win for the team, its always been about moving forward together as a whole. –

Raja Deka – Actor

Okay to be brief which is difficult for me. I love being a member of the Roman Pictures Family a great group of talented nice professionals. I knew Sharon Carpenter-Rose before I became a member. When Carlos Etzio Roman told me about Sharon’s devastating house fire I tried to imagine how that must feel. I believe in THE GOLDEN RULE – do for others as you would have done for you and your love ones so I made a donation to help a dear friend in need.

Tom Lyle – ActorI appreciate Carlos Roman’s talents, both as a writer and film maker, as a “people person”, and as the way he attracts such a diverse group of people to work with him. I know Sharon is an integral part of this organization, and although I have had just casual contact with her, she knows me, and I know her, and felt that I’d like to help her out in a small way with her terrible misfortune.David Berkenbilt – Actor
what prompted me to want to help wasn’t just because of the roman pictures family, I saw a friend in need and I was in a position to help, the end! the fact that she was family just made it harder to deal with the news of what happened but RP family or not I would have helped, that’s just who I am…..

Brandon DeGroat & Nyla Rose

Carlos Etzio Roman



Motion Picture & Television Producers




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