Interview with Actress Tracy J. Roman


Tracy J. Roman

ED- Party for Producer and Filmmaker Carlos Etzio Roman on the East Coast and met a startling find, Tracy Roman, his daughter.  Tracy, tell us about your earlychildhood and how your father’s career influenced you in deciding to take up acting.The Eerie Digest has recently had the pleasure of attending a birthday TR- I had been working by my father’s side since my teen years, mainly behind the cameras learning as much as I could from him. One day, out of the blue, he tells me “Look, I have a good eye for good actors, so, you are playing this role.” He was referring to the role of Jody, in ‘Geezers.’ My reaction at first was ‘Oh no, no, no!’ I felt apprehensive because I never did any acting. As many of you know, he doesn’t take no for an answer very well, so, he reminded me of how nervous I was when he taught me couple’s dancing and later we did a performance in front of 200 people, (against my will, I might add). And how after 30 seconds on the floor with him, I got addicted to the audience applauding and cheering and, how he had a hard time getting me off the floor when it was over. So, I figured, why not, I will give acting a try, the worse that can happen is I make a big fool of myself and have something to talk about at the Christmas table, for years to come.

ED- Your father has been a great source of influence in your career. What
was the first time you decided to take this course and the experience
that led you to your decision?

TR- First time was playing Jody/Joe in ‘Geezers.’  Knowing my father is very picky with his films, I figured, why not, I’m in good hands, then he hands me a script,  to my surprise he had giving me an extensive amount of lines, talk about a hyperventilating moment but I held it together, otherwise I would not only disappoint him but myself  as well. He taught me right, to take every obstacle as a challenge and learning experience, and that I will feel better afterwards, without living the rest of my life wondering “What if?”

ED- In 1999 you appeared in the TV movie, ‘Geezers’. Please tell us about
this and how it gave you confidence in your acting commitment.

TR- Considering my father wouldn’t allow me to play extra roles, and I never have, and that he just decided to give me the role of Joe/Jody in ‘Geezers’, I would say it was very intimidating. I was thrown into a pot of fantastic actors and I had to hold my ground, with NO acting experience at all. Joe/Jody was a homeless female teen, living on the streets impersonating a deaf boy, to avoid being attacked by other men. So, in a way, I played two roles, or one with a split personality. She ends up living with the ‘Geezers’ bunch and becomes a regular member of the family. The hardest scene to do was at the Thanksgiving table, where I had to put Alfred Kanter’s son in his place, while choking up with tears. My father, the rest of the cast and crew were all teary eyed after I did it, which gave me an incentive to continue acting.

ED- You also appeared in several productions being filmed by Roman Pictures. They include ‘Signals’, ‘Signals 2’, and ‘Time Refugees’. Tell us about each of these and where our readers will be able to view them.

TR- During the original “Signals” I was mainly doing make-up and occasional camera work. My father fired an actor who was playing Tommy Brock, A CTU agent. This actor was excellent and a long time friend of my father (They’re still friends); unfortunately he didn’t show up or call during 2 crucial scenes involving a lot of people. He had no choice but to replace him. The replacement actor was just as good, however, moved to LA overnight and couldn’t afford to fly back east to finish up his scenes. So my father had to get rid of all his scenes and cast again, not long after he said “I’m an idiot, I have the perfect actor in front of my eyes and I keep messing with unprofessional ones.” So, I got the role of a CTU agent, playing his granddaughter and named Tommy. He figured I could handle it and there was no chance I would let him down or not show up. It was a great experience, and I got to do lots of acting and action scenes. In ‘Signals 2’ I’m playing the same character and it’s just as exciting as the first time. ‘Signals’ has won multiple awards and premiered in Hollywood and New York, as well as the DC area, in 2008. It’s under a 7 year distribution contract with ITN of Las Vegas. ‘Time Refugees’ really gives me a chance to push my acting even more. I play Namor, a trained space fighter with no sense of humor and always hungry for a good fight. I’m a member of my father’s character’s (Ryker) underground group. We are all having a fantastic time making this movie. It is SciFi, involves a one person space fighter ship that ONLY women can operate and also 6 transport ships that house 3 crew members each with the exception of Ryker’s ship, (My father) that houses 4 crew members: his wife Sheena, played by Sharon Carpenter Rose, and his two teen daughters Isis, played by Stephanie Rigizadeh and Chaldene, played by Mary-Kate Amerson.

ED- You were also an all-around person for Roman Pictures. Please tell us about your work as a make-up artist with them.

TR- I was the go-to girl for all fashion, beauty and makeup at Roman Pictures.; in fact I did all the makeup during ‘Geezers.’ Elisabetta Canova and Karen Sidbury where brought in by my father in order to relieve me from having to do all the makeup. We now have a new addition, her name is Jaclyn Weyandt.  She is amazing! I was told by my father “as a Roman you have multiple titles,” in the early years of Roman Pictures. My responsibilities included; coordinating auditions, camera, sound, set staging, rehearsals, event planning and preparing meals for various scenes, you name it, and I’ve done it, with the exception of editing.  People call me “Jackie of all trades”.

ED- Tracy, you have provided a great amount of support for Roman Pictures and your abilities to wear several hats, including that of a make-up artist, is very inspiring. We thank you for your time with this interview and look forward to following your acting career with great interest, and ask that you keep us informed of all the latest developments with it.
TR- Thank you Ed, I will, and, as we resume production of WRPN NEWS, you will get to see me interviewing local actors at different events in the DMV area.

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