Interview with Singer/ Songwriter FAWN


ED- The Eerie Digest is really proud to introduce someone that has been a major part of many of the favorite television shows and films today. Singer / Songwriter / Recording Artist and Composer Fawn has created, written and sung many of the songs heard on popular television shows that we watch daily. She also is a well noted singer and has won some of the most prestigious awards. Fawn, please tell our readers about your early days in music and your greatest influence towards this profession.


FAWN-The earliest connection I had to music was when I was still in diapers, and not yet walking. My parents have video footage of me pulling myself up in the crib, bouncing up and down to music, until my diapers fall down around my ankles! My earliest recollection however, was when I was 7, singing in the famed Children’s Chorale directed by Duane Wolfe. Surely, that was a huge influence on me as well as other recording artists towards this profession. I would sit for hours with my heard phones on, listening to records, over and over, each time listening to a different instrumental line in the song and memorizing it. At the time, I didn’t realize that by listening to incredible songwriters, I was being taught prosody, commercial melody, lyrics, structure. Writers such as Gershwin, Sly Stone, John Denver, John Bettis, Queen, Pink Floyd, Sting, Michael Jackson, Paul Williams, Eminem, Marty Panzer, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Mercer, Dolly Parton, Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil, Madonna, Barry Manilow, Diane Warren, The Carpenters, James Taylor, Dan Foelberg, India Arie, Cat Stevens, Billy Joel, Carole King, The Beatles – were influencing and shaping my composing and lyrical skills. It felt like music was seeping out of my pores, so it had to go somewhere – into my piano, into my voice, into writing songs, into doing commercials. I started singing radio jingles at age 10 and I think that the catchy jingle melodies also had an influence on making me a very commercial writer.

ED- One of your earliest television shows that you created music for was ‘Witchblade’. Please tell us how you were given this coveted assignment by the producers of this show.

FAWN- I was called by a licensing company who was working with the show, and happened to have the correct sound for the type of song that they were looking for.

ED- How excited were you to find out that you were chosen by the show?

FAWN- Extremely excited, grateful and blessed.

ED- The next shows that your music appeared on were episodes of ‘The X-Effect’ and ‘Ugly Betty’. Both of these shows are well known and this must of thrilled you. Please tell our readers about these experiences.

FAWN- For X-Effect a Music Supervisor submitted a piece I had written and thankfully, they liked it. For Ugly Betty, they were looking for a specific storyline, sound, genre and style of song, so I wrote it and sang it for them. Luckily, they said, ‘yes!’

ED- You also had worked with a number of other shows between 2002 to 2011. Please describe these and the work you did with them.

FAWN- Basically I will get a call from a music supervisor, producer or licensing company, inquiring if I have a specific piece of music in a certain style or feel, and if I don’t, depending on the deadline, time frame, and what I am currently working on, I will write and record it. One of my favorite jobs was for the Natalee Holloway Story. I felt passionate about contributing to this film, because of the circumstances that had taken place and everything the family had been through. I wrote and sang a piece in French for the movie, with the musical genius of Chad Jack contributing music, producing and mixing the track. When they aired it through out the film and in the ads, I felt that I had been able to contribute in some small way. I wanted to tell the Holloway family that ‘I support you in your search for the truth and your daughters life mattered’.

ED- You then produced the music for fourteen episodes of  ‘Guiding Light’. This must have been a great accomplishment for your career. Please tell our readers all about it.

FAWN- I signed a contract with CBS/Guiding Light for 1.5 years and it was a thrill to be able to be on board with such a legendary show. It was really fun to see what scenes they were going to use my songs in. My mom called one day and said ‘I just heard your voice on the show singing ‘Trippin’ ‘- That was a fun moment.

ED- In 2009-2010 and the following year you worked on two more productions, ‘Dead End Falls’ and ‘NewNowNext Pop Lab’. What were the themes behind these and tell us how you contributed to them?

FAWN-‘New Now Next Pop Lab’ was when my music video directed by Stephen Wozniak, ‘Wish U Love’ debuted with Beoynce’, Lady Ga Ga, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, Jay Z and Jennifer Lopez. The show aired a few times over the months. The theme for this song was wishing the one you have left, love, even through the heart break. As for the film, ‘Dead End Falls,’ I was asked to write a particular style song for a specific scene, with a precise subject matter and type of lyric. I did my best and luckily, my best ended up being good enough! I was honored that they picked ‘Dream Weaver’ produced and mixed by Jake Benson for the one of the pivotal scenes in the film. The theme of that song is being completely enthralled and in love with some one.

ED- In 2010 your work appeared in ‘The Click List: Top 10 Videos’. Tell us about this and how it compared with your earlier work.

FAWN- It’s difficult to compare this because it had nothing to do with composing or writing songs for Film and Television, this was for mainstream dance/pop music. The Click list aired my music video for my hit dance song ‘Wish U Love’, produced by Chad Jack and Tim Letteer, and the music video was Directed by Stephen Wozniak. The song ultimately made it to #6 on the Billboard Dance Charts and the music video stayed in the top 10 for 5 months on MTV’s LOGO Channel, The Click List. It was a wonderful surprise.

ED- During this same period (2008-2011) you also worked with the popular television show ‘The Young and the Restless’. Please describe your work on this production.

FAWN- The songs I’ve written for Young and The Restless have ranged from Pop songs, ala Katy Perry in French to Dance songs, to piano based compositions, to Standard Christmas songs, to Jazz songs, to Halloween songs, to acoustic songs, to rap songs, to hip hop, to broadway, to children’s songs. As a songwriter and vocalist, I have an expansive range of styles I’ve written and performed in. I also sing in almost every language. There is one specific memory I have where there was an ’emergency’- the deadline was just one hour. I had to write, sing and record the song in French…luckily I had a brilliant arranger and producer to work with to make that deadline happen, Danny James. He sent me a 10 second loop, which I looped into 1 minute and while I was recording my vocals, he was working on the arrangement and production end, I sang the song in one take, flew the vocals over to him, he mixed it and viola’! There was the song! You can hear this song on youtube/FawnTv, it’s called ‘French Kiss.’ I think I thrive under this kind of pressure. Some writers don’t do so well with that, but I tend to blossom and revel in it, because I am extremely competitive, even with myself and it challenges me on every level.

ED-You have also won many coveted awards. Please tell our readers about these and the sense of accomplishment that you felt in receiving them.

FAWN- The fist award I ever won was for saving a Junior High School from a fire when I was 13 and another award at that age for philanthropic work, but as far as my music goes, the first award I ever won was when I was 16 for The Elovox Jazz Festival for my A Cappella, 12 voiced vocal rendition of ‘Here, There and Everywhere’ by the Beatles. Shortly after that I won the top songwriting awards 3 years in a row at Berklee College Of Music for my songs ‘Livin’ With Out Your Love,’ ‘Just Look At Us Now,’ and ‘Playin’ The Fool.’ Those will always be precious and dear memories to me, being noticed in the infantry of my music career. I have won a few songwriting awards over the years, one of which was the VH-1 song of the year for my song “Into The Light” with music co-written and produced by Lasswell. In 2009 I won the JPF Music Awards for Best Dance Song for of the Year – ‘Wish u Love,’ the JPF Music Award for Best Dance Album of the year – ‘Body, Soul and Mind,’ and was nominated for the Hollywood Music In Media Award in 2010 – ‘Wish U Love’ and the Wake Up Award for 2010, which is for people who make a difference in this world. This is all I can think of, off the top of my head. I am always completely surprised just being recognized with any kind of nomination, and winning…well forget about it! I’m a mushy mess of gratitude! I do my music because it chose me, I didn’t chose it, so it is always a blessing to be recognized that you are touching people in some way and making a difference in the world through the gift of music.

ED- Your newest projects are ‘Little Red Wagon’ which is in Post-Production and ‘The Girl Is In Trouble’. Can you give us a sneak peek behind the scenes and tell us something about them?

FAWN- The song featured in ‘Little Red Wagon’ is an original Christmas piece. The film is based on a true story about a young boy who becomes an advocate for the homeless. It’s written by Patrick Sheane Duncan (Mr. Holland’s Opus/Courage Under Fire) and directed by David Ansapaugh (Hoosiers). I hear it is a dear film and I am thrilled to be a tiny part of this endearing movie. ‘The Girl Is In Trouble’ is a murder mystery film. It has Spike Lee onboard as Executive Producer and is directed by Julius Onah. The song in the film is ‘Solitude’ with music co-written by Danny James. ‘Solitude’ is also on my upcoming electro album with several of the cuts produced and mixed by Danny James, along with a few co-writes with him.

ED- You’ve also sung, written, produced and done voice over’s for some of the leading commercials in the world. Please name a few that we are sure to be familiar with that you have also written.

FAWN- Ford, Mazda, Barbie, Lavazza Coffee, Pontiac, Target, Ponds, Squand, Epicurious and others.

ED- In 2009 you won the JPF music awards for ‘Wish U Love’ – ‘Best Dance Song’ and ‘Body Soul and Mind’ – ‘Best Dance Album’ for your album. You were also second only to Madonna in sales for the Masterbeat exclusive releases for ‘Wish U Love’ for 2 months running and you have produced several albums and singles and are working on some new material as well. Please tell us about these accomplishments and new developments.

FAWN-The JPF Music awards were held in Nashville, TN. and it was my first time ever being there, so just traveling and seeing the city was exciting enough! I remember when my name was called at the awards show – I couldn’t believe it! I think that the laughter and clapping in the audience was due to the funny, shocked look on my face when my jaw dropped down to the floor in surprise. As I was leaving the stage with my award, they were announcing the other category. The photographer was taking photos of me with my award when some one came running over to the red carpet where we were and yelled, “Fawn! You won again!” So I went back out there onstage, still a ball of nerves and excitement with tears streaming down my face from the first win. It was surreal. As for the success of “Wish U Love” it has been a dream come true. To be second to Madonna in sales was mind blowing. It was also another pleasant surprise to be just underneath Lady Ga Ga on the Billboard Charts. I was overwhelmed by the incredible talent surrounding my music and was also in awe of it. As for new developments, I am currently writing and recording some Christmas songs for a Movie Of The Week, after that I will start recording a Dance Remake of an old song for Hades Records and will be finishing up my 2 new albums – An Electro Dance Album and a Piano Compositions Album. Both will be available this year.

ED- Your work has also raised over five million dollars for people with HIV/ AIDS. This was a most worthy cause, and we know that you are a star in every right for all the fine work that you have created. We have been honored to be able to have this interview with you and want to thank you for your time with us. Please promise that you keep us updated with your career so that The Eerie Digest can share this news with our legions of readers.

FAWN – Well thank you. I think that we are all stars in our own right. I used to have this saying on my wall growing up, and I memorized it: “To be a star, you must shine your own light and do not be afraid of the darkness, for that is when stars shine their brightest.” We each need to be who we are born to be and be a LIGHT in the world. The song for HIV/AIDS was my first “real” song for the masses. Everything was donated on that song, and that was long before I knew any one with HIV/AIDS. I was a teenager when I wrote, sang and then recorded it with BT. The reason I wanted to do this song, was to give back to the world. I think we are only as good as what we give away. Thank you so much for asking me to be part of your magazine. I am honored and yes, I promise to keep you posted on my life, just for the Fawn of it! Ha Ha.

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