Thriller novel kiDNApped by Los Angeles Author Rick Chesler


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A priceless biotechnology, an FBI agent, and an unspeakable act of familial betrayal collide in a tropical kidnapping more twisted than a DNA double helix.

When a renowned scientist with a solution for global warming is kidnapped at sea, FBI Special Agent Tara Shores must unravel a high-tech trail of S.O.S. messages encoded into the DNA of living cells. As each decoded message brings Tara nearer to the missing genius, it also takes her farther from help than she ever thought possible.

kidDNApped takes readers on a Hawaiian Islands journey they won’t soon forget”.Night on Fire

ISBN: 978-1-936395-13-2 [pbk]
978-1-936395-14-9 [e-book]

Publisher: Chalet Publishers


“Author Rick Chesler melds science and adventure with the brilliant command of the late Michael Crichton.  Delivering pulse-pounding action and a breathtaking setting,

~ Douglas Corleone, author of


A former contractor for the National Marine Fisheries Service in Honolulu, Hawaii, this is Rick Chesler’s second novel, the follow-up to his debut, Wired Kingdom.

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kiDNApped by Rick Chesler

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