May, 2011

Interview with Author Tony Napoli

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Tony Napoli


ED- The Eerie Digest has always looked for the next big event in the field of literature. With the many genre of books that we have introduced to our legions of readers around the world, we have explored everything from mystery to comedy. It is those true stories, however, that most storytellers base part, if not all, of their written word on. Author Tony Napoli has revealed one of those true stories that is the equivalent of novels such as ‘The Godfather’ and ‘Wiseguys’, but entirely based on the true life story of his father. This book is destined to be a top seller and plans are being made to create a movie generated from the book itself. Tony, what was your interest in writing your novel, “My Father My Don’

TN- My interest in writing ‘My Father My Don’ was mainly based upon thoughts of my Mother who died early in life from Cancer at the age of 47 years old. She encouraged me before she died to tell the world of our family tradition of Respect, Honor, Integrity, and above all the Dignity that this Government or any other could never take from us. I was 26 years old when my Mother died, I have lived long enough and found Sobriety as a better way in life after so many years of living in the Mob Life-style. I decided to pen my story for those who are in need of Sobriety as well as family tradition.


Interview with Actor Jonathon Ruckman

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Jonathon Ruckman

ED- The Eerie Digest is very excited to introduce another great East Coast actor, Jonathon Ruckman. Jonathon we understand that you were actually seeking a career in Criminal Justice before you decided on acting. What inspired you most to follow this present course?

JR-I guess I’m dating myself however, as a child watching Saturday night programming, I loved watching Eight is Enough, The Love Boat, and Fantasy Island. I was inspired by Adam Rich, and when Salem’s’ Lot came out and I saw children acting, I knew I wanted to become an actor. I was even so bold to run around and tell everyone I went to school with in Edgewood that’s what I wanted to do. Unfortunately this predated the internet and I had no way to follow through. My second love was the military and it was there that my interest for Criminal Justice came out. However, I was still very actively involved in doing anything theatrical. I even planned and designed the biggest Haunted House my base in Zaragoza Spain had ever seen. I raised about 5k for the benefit of the youth programs on base. When I finally got out of the Air Force the internet was a new thing and I heard a few of my classmates were in Hollywood being actors. Namely, Johnathon Schaech , I mean I sat next to the guy in home room for about eight years. I figured if he could do it then so could I.


Interview with Actor Ruben Pla

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Ruben Pla

ED- The Eerie Digest not only loves to introduce new and rising stars to our readership, but we are compelled to add well known names and personalities of seasoned actors as well. One experienced actor stands out to demonstrate what it takes to make great profession from the field of cinema. The Eerie Digest is honored to present actor Ruben Pla to all our readers. Ruben, when did the acting bug bite you, and who was the greatest influence on your career ?

RP- I was bitten in college.  That nasty bitemark hasn’t cleared up yet, no matter what I put on it!  I would have to say my greatest influence was my father.  He was always very outgoing, hilarious at parties…and a great dancer.  I think he influenced me the most…and after him, Marlon Brando.

ED- What sort of training did you undertake to make your career so successful ?

RP-  I majored in Theater in college, then studied at Stella Adler’s Studio in New York which was really a great learning experience.  I also did workshops with Elia Kazan.  He was very inspiring.


Interview with Actor Brian St. August

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Photo by Joe Henson of NY

ED- There are many things that motivate people to choose a career in acting, and some times what may start as a near tragedy will become the catalyst for reaching for ones dreams. The Eerie Digest presents actor Brian St. August who fills such a situation to reach for his dream. Brian, your original career was far different then the one that you are in now. Please tell us of your beginnings and your early education.

BSA- I got my undergraduate degree at Towson State College, now Towson University. My major was in Sociology/Psychology. I entered the field of human resources and spent a progressive full career in that field, ultimately consulting senior executives in Organization Development. I was an international human resources director for a large corporation and was exposed to many cultures all over this hemisphere. I was also a songwriter since I was 13 years old and professionally wrote up to the near present time. I was very shy during most of my life and did very well one on one, but struggled in front of groups and crowds.


Interview with Producer Mark Moran

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Mark Moran Breadwin Productions LLC

ED- The Eerie Digest is always exploring all fields of entertainment and we have a keen interest in how productions are made. Therefore, we would like to introduce producer Mark Moran to all of our readers. Mark what first made you enthusiastic to create projects on your own?

MM- Back in my college day, even during the midst of my most technically inclined period, I was Assistant Editor of the alumnus magazine of Virginia Tech for my college there.  Although the college of engineering was then and nowadays still is supremely technical, I made sure that Engineers’ Forum magazine also published fiction, including fiction I myself wrote, because I intensely appreciated fiction and have always been in touch with the visceral power of stories.  And I appreciated more than just fiction, especially nonfictional history.  One of my springboard projects of the 1990’s was my idea to train people in the field of statistics using a science-fiction storyline on a CD-ROM.

ED- We understand that one of your first productions took place in New York with an episode of ‘Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II’. Please tell us something about this.


Interview with Faction M

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Faction M organization with Nima Maleki and Kailey Marsh

ED- The Eerie Digest always explores what makes both Writers and Hollywood tick. There are many of these avenues to explore and sometimes we need to go where no other inquisitive journalist goes, but to the source. In Hollywood there is an organization known as ‘Faction M’. They are run by two discreet individuals who, although remain nearly invisible, in fact remain at the forefront of what is happening in the Horror Picture genre. We therefore would like to introduce Nima Maleki and Kailey Marsh who run this organization. We will also direct our questions to them as a company and list them as ‘Faction M’.

ED- When was the concept of your team founded, and what was your initial goals?

FM – We both shared a passion to make films in a fun environment while also having a profound love for the same genres’. We naturally clicked from the moment we met at Sundance a couple years back. Kailey joined the previous team I was working with and we immediately started developing on our own. We wanted to have complete freedom in the projects we controlled and developed. We wanted to build a brand, and our clients’ careers, at the same time, while also making quality films as producers.

ED- Tell us about your creation, ‘The Blood List’, and the designer behind it.


Interview with Author Bruce DeSilva

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Bruce DeSilva

ED- The Eerie Digest loves to reveal breaking news about developments in the Literary field. We, therefore, are proud to present author Bruce DeSilva to all our readers. Bruce, you have worked for over forty years as a journalist before retiring to write novels full time. Your early years found you working for two of the most prestigious newspapers in New England. Please tell us about your work with them.

BD- The summer after I graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, I took what was supposed to be a summer job covering the little town of Warren, R.I., for The Providence Journal. The plan was to earn a few bucks and then head off to Yale in the fall as a PhD candidate in history. But that is not what I did. You see, I’d always been an eclectic student. My course selections (not to mention my outside reading) had always flitted wildly from subject to subject — human genetics, Brazilian politics, urban sociology, constitutional law, Chinese history . . . and I was also, I must admit, something of a gossip. That first summer at The Journal, I discovered that newspaper work was ideal for an oddball like me. Anytime I found a new interest, I could talk my editors into letting me poke into it. And when I was done poking, I could tell thousands of people what I’d found out by writing about it. After a couple of years covering the news in that surprisingly interesting little town, I moved on to the city staff, working the police beat for a time before becoming the medical writer. But the medical beat was too confining for someone like me, (more…)

Interview with Actor Paul Zacheis

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Paul Zacheis

ED- The Eerie Digest magazine captures stories and interviews of actors on both coasts of the country, as well as many in production companies across the nation. Actor Paul Zacheis is both a writer and an actor and has begun his career on the East Coast. Paul, tell us about your first film with Roman Pictures and your contributions toward it.

PZ-I auditioned with Roman Pictures in the late 90’s and won the role of Alfred Kanter in ‘Geezers;. I have always enjoyed character roles on the stage and welcomed the opportunity to create one on film with the Kanter role. Carlos Roman the writer/director/producer of Roman Pictures gave me an opportunity to write a few scenes for the sitcom and they made the final version. The role was most enjoyable with all the talent in the production.

ED- Tell us a little about that film company, who has graced many of our recent issues.

PZ-Carlos Roman, who owns the production company, surrounds himself with talent of all varieties. From the beginner to the experienced, all are treated as family whether they be crew or actor. It does make for a camaraderie the is a joy to be around. Carlos has a loyal following that even socially most of the participants enjoy.


Interview with Actor Craig Zucchero

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Craig Succhero

Craig Zucchero

ED- We have the pleasure, and honor, of presenting Craig Zucchero to our readers. Craig, you have landed parts in many of the top Television shows of our era. One of today’s well known show is Law and Order. Please tell us a little about it.


CZ-. “Law and Order: S.V.U.” is an amazing show! I was very fortunate to play the character ‘Tony”, a nightclub bouncer who gets questioned by Chris Meloni, and Mariska Hargity, the wonderful actors who play the two lead detectives in the show!! The episode was called “Abomination”. It was the first time I auditioned for the show, and I was very proud to land it, and also to have Chris and Mariska compliment me on my acting!! Two of the nicest people I ever worked with, and everyone on the set was so friendly and accommodating!!

ED- Another well know shows that you played in was ‘The Sopranos’ as Uncle Junior’s bodyguard. How did you land that part, and how did you like the cast that you worked with.

CZ-That was a great day!! It was the pilot episode of the show, the first episode ever filmed, and at that point, no one had any idea what so ever, that it would become the monster hit it went on to become. In fact that episode lingered for over a year, waiting to see what network would pick it up, and the networks thought it was too raw for television, so HBO, such an innovation station, ended up taking it on and the rest is history!! It was such a pleasure working with James Gandolfini who played “Tony Soprano”, and     Dominick Chianese,    who portrayed “Uncle Junior”. Please bear with me with some misspellings of the names!!  I played “Uncle Junior’s” bodyguard in that episode. I was also in another episode of “The Sopranos” playing a wiseguy as one of “Silvio’s” Thugs!!! It was the episode called “Christopher”. Amazing actors, and wonderful people, and great experiences!! (more…)

Precious Things by Guest Author Alex Knight

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Alex Knight

Caroline Stewart was certain that her husband Adam intended to kill her. As each day passed her suspicions grew stronger. After all, he had killed his first wife, hadn’t he? Well it was true that he had been acquitted, thanks to Caroline’s alibi and the testimony that she had given under oath.

The two of them had been having an affair for several months before Adam’s wife had been murdered. Adam claimed to have been driving around, trying to summon up the courage to ask Margaret for a divorce the night an intruder had bludgeoned her to death. Once the police learned of Adam’s involvement with Caroline, they had a motive and his arrest was imminent. Adam begged Caroline to provide him with an alibi. Since Caroline was alone at her cottage all weekend, it would be easy enough to say that Adam had been with her, and so she had. The officer asked Caroline if anyone else could vouch for the presence of Mr. Stewart at the cottage that weekend.

“Under the circumstances, that is hardly the kind of thing we would have advertised, is it detective?”


Boris Karloff and Vincent Price by Guest Author Eddie Butler

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Eddie Butler

William Henry Pratt would become world famous when he was billed as a question mark on the credits of James Whale’s classic horror movie Frankenstein (1931). The story goes that Mr Whale was enjoying lunch in a Hollywood canteen while mulling over the problem of who could take the role of the Frankenstein monster. Into the canteen walked English actor Boris Karloff, perennial bit player in movies since 1915 with only a handful of major roles under his belt. Two that stood out were the gangster in Scarface and as the murderous trustee in The Criminal code. His role as a mysterious hypnotist in The Bells had also shone in 1925. Whale studied the actor and made drawings of his skull adding edges where the make-up would be attached. He had found his monster and the rest is history as Karloff would become, arguably, the greatest horror star who ever lived.
But the actor only incorporated vampires into his resume three times. The first foray was as the psychotically deranged scientist Dr Niemann in Universal’s House of Frankenstein (1944). Neimann is an escaped convict who takes over Professor Lampini’s Chamber of Horrors travelling circus that boasts the remains of Count Dracula. Re-animating the Count by pulling the stake from his heart, he also unearths the bodies of The Wolfman, Lon Chaney and the Frankenstein Monster played by ex-cowboy star and stuntman Glenn Strange. The film was a lot of fun but barely raised a shudder as all the characters were thinly sketched caricatures of their former selves and only held shocks that a child of three years old could withstand. Karloff brought his usual professionalism and sepulchral whisper to the role in this mad monster marathon.

Promises by Guest Author R.B. Clague

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

R.B. Clague

The three Australian soldiers crouched low, covered by the large granite boulder, as bullets whizzed over their heads and explosions intermittently lit up the surrounding desert terrain and then plunged it into pitch black. They breathed deeply, unable to speak for a moment, exhausted by their sprint to this safe haven.

‘Where’s everybody else?’ Edouard asked after a while, his voice trembling with fear. ‘Did you see where they went?’

‘No,’ replied Michael, ‘it was too dark. I was too busy running for cover, trying to save my own arse.

‘Me either,’ added August, ‘I didn’t look back, I was a bit scared of what, or who I might see.’


Salla by Guest Author William Fripp

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

William Fripp

Salla sat and watched the stars.

He was the only one of the clan who noticed them, the only one to ponder their origin, the only one who wished he could touch them. The clan leaders, including Maruk, his Father, chided him for it.

“You should be sleeping!” his Father would growl. “Tomorrow you must hunt and you cannot hunt without sleep!”

Still, the stars, and the moon, and the sun, and everything heavenly, held a fascination for Salla that was irresistible, even compelling and he could not ignore it. Even though the guilt he felt from his father was very strong, and his clan believed him insane. Others his age called him names behind his back as he passed by (none would dare call him names to his face – Salla was the best hunter among them), and ostracized him. Except of course for Suka.


Star Update- Actress Stephanie Rigizadeh makes good !

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Stephanie Rigizadeh

In our July 2010 issue of The Eerie Digest magazine, we had the pleasure of introducing actress Stephanie Rigizadeh to all our readers. Stephanie has come a long way since then and has recently visited Hollywood with some remarkable results.

Stephanie has also had a role in Mark Moran’s recent production of ‘Blast and Whisper’ in which we will cover over the next few issues of this magazine. ‘Blast and Whisper’ is a period piece set in biblical times, and is a gripping tale of trial and faith, and is a must see for cinema audiences everywhere. It is a pleasant break from today’s showings of horror and mayhem, and will leave everyone with soul searching questions and close examinations of one’s own conscience.

Stephanie is most definitely a rising star and all of Hollywood is watching her very closely. She is talented and beautiful, and is quickly evolving into an actress that many Hollywood studios are searching for. Asked for her personal insight on ‘Blast and Whisper’ she responded with the following :


Virginia Writer’s Club Newsletter

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

The April newsletter for the Virginia Writer’s Club has been sent to the VWC members. There is a lot of great information for aspiring writers, and anyone can get receive a copy by e-mailing their request to . See the great write-up about The Eerie Digest magazine and its Publisher, Joseph J. O’Donnell, in there, too!!!