Interview with Actor Paul Zacheis

Paul Zacheis

ED- The Eerie Digest magazine captures stories and interviews of actors on both coasts of the country, as well as many in production companies across the nation. Actor Paul Zacheis is both a writer and an actor and has begun his career on the East Coast. Paul, tell us about your first film with Roman Pictures and your contributions toward it.

PZ-I auditioned with Roman Pictures in the late 90’s and won the role of Alfred Kanter in ‘Geezers;. I have always enjoyed character roles on the stage and welcomed the opportunity to create one on film with the Kanter role. Carlos Roman the writer/director/producer of Roman Pictures gave me an opportunity to write a few scenes for the sitcom and they made the final version. The role was most enjoyable with all the talent in the production.

ED- Tell us a little about that film company, who has graced many of our recent issues.

PZ-Carlos Roman, who owns the production company, surrounds himself with talent of all varieties. From the beginner to the experienced, all are treated as family whether they be crew or actor. It does make for a camaraderie the is a joy to be around. Carlos has a loyal following that even socially most of the participants enjoy.

ED- After the film, ‘Geezers’ , in 1999 you played the role of Dr VanHelsing in the film ‘The Vultures Eye’, directed by Frank Sciurba. This is one of our favorite genres that involve vampires. Please tell our readers about this film, and the role that you played in it.

PZ-Another chance to play a character role as a southern gentlemen with too much consumption of alcohol. A modern version of Count Dracula with a thirst for blood and only the good doctor standing in his way. The role was demanding and I did not make it to the end as the doctor was overcome by evil.

ED- After that you starred in another film directed by Fran Sciurba titled ‘Perfect Poison’. Tell us about the pivotal roll that you played in it.

PZ-‘Perfect Poison’ was a film about a scientist from Italy from WW II era. Because his wife was murdered by the people in power at the time, he sets about protecting his daughter by poisoning anyone who touches her. I enjoyed being the scientist with the Italian accent who protects his daughter at all cost. Unfortunately, it is another film in which I die, committing suicide by kissing my daughter. The film won the best feature film at the Myrtle Beach Film Festival. It was also selected by three other festivals.

ED- Please describe the difference in techniques between the two directors that you worked under for these early films and what you gained from them.

PZ-Both directors allowed for actor interpretation of the role and made adjust musts, one by praise the other by a more direct approach. Keeping the actor in mind and how you approach in getting what you want on film, showed me that in directing the director must have an understanding of the actor employed.

ED- In 2006 you worked on another film, ‘The Santa Train’, under Writer/ Director Tom Basham.┬áPlease tell us about this film and your part in it.

PZ-The ‘The Santa Train’ was a short film interpreting the consequences of alcohol can have on ones life and the lives of others. My role as Chris allowed a wide variety of emotions in a very short time within the film. The role was a large challenge, but it was an enjoyable challenge. The film was selected by three film festivals.

ED- Tom Basham is also working on the film ‘Bright Lights & Promises’ which you also have a role in. Please describe this project and the team behind it.

PZ-Tom’s film is a Bluesical with the music of Janis Ian and his award winning script. My role as Bud, the father of the bar owner, where most of the action takes place, has me sitting at the bar sopping up the beer observing all the action around me. The part was mostly akin to Norm in ‘Cheers’. An older singer gives way to a waitress to become the headliner for the bar. A fun role with an abundant of talent around me. The film has been accepted for showing at the International Family Film Festival in Hollywood.

ED- Do you have any other upcoming projects, and what other film genres would you consider working in?

PZ-At present I do not have any projects scheduled. As far as other genres, I have always liked playing characters whether on stage or film, so I am always open to anything.

ED- Where do you see yourself in this career five years from now, and what are you doing to prepare for your future?

PZ-At my age, one doesn’t plan that far ahead. I must rely now on all my training for any future endeavors.

ED-Paul it has been exciting to have this interview with you and I have a feeling that we will be hearing much more about you in the near future. We want to thank you and wish you much luck in all that you do.


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