Interview with Faction M

Faction M organization with Nima Maleki and Kailey Marsh

ED- The Eerie Digest always explores what makes both Writers and Hollywood tick. There are many of these avenues to explore and sometimes we need to go where no other inquisitive journalist goes, but to the source. In Hollywood there is an organization known as ‘Faction M’. They are run by two discreet individuals who, although remain nearly invisible, in fact remain at the forefront of what is happening in the Horror Picture genre. We therefore would like to introduce Nima Maleki and Kailey Marsh who run this organization. We will also direct our questions to them as a company and list them as ‘Faction M’.

ED- When was the concept of your team founded, and what was your initial goals?

FM – We both shared a passion to make films in a fun environment while also having a profound love for the same genres’. We naturally clicked from the moment we met at Sundance a couple years back. Kailey joined the previous team I was working with and we immediately started developing on our own. We wanted to have complete freedom in the projects we controlled and developed. We wanted to build a brand, and our clients’ careers, at the same time, while also making quality films as producers.

ED- Tell us about your creation, ‘The Blood List’, and the designer behind it.

Kailey Marsh

FM- Kailey is the creator and driving force behind it. It all stemmed from Hollywood insiders wanting to know what good new horror scripts were floating around. It was something that came so naturally for her and is so reflective of everything else she does. She polled a bunch of industry executives and then compiled the list with the writers and their reps and it took on a life of it’s own from there. It has been featured in THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER and several other major publications.

ED – We understand that ‘The Blood List’ had created a great deal of Buzz throughout Hollywood in 2010 and revealed to Hollywood what creations were taking place in the Horror genre. How has this stimulated this segment of the film industry?

FM – It has given horror writers the opportunity to be more noticed and industry people who aren’t familiar with the genre to get more involved in it. It also gives writers and reps that haven’t been recognized some action, which is always nice to see when you are a true believer in the genre. Overall it’s been a positive experience and everyone involved has been loving it! It just gets better with each year!

ED- We understand that ‘Faction M’ also finances and produces feature films

Please tell us about this aspect of your organization.

Nima Maleki

FM – We have very specific criteria for the films we want to get involved in. We’re not sticking to one specific genre, but definitely have an eye and a taste for horror among others. Our first project as a new company is THE DAY. It’s a post-apocalyptic visceral action thriller with moral depth spanning 24 hours during which the ensemble cast is pit against insurmountable odds. We were drawn to every aspect of the project from the scribe Luke Passmore, the director Doug Aarniokoski, the stellar producer Guy Danella, and of course the amazing cast.

ED – Can you reveal some of these successes to our readers?

FM – You have to be passionate about who you work with and go into every situation knowing that anything can happen and be ready to tackle anything that may arise. We don’t hit walls, we hit hurdles, and then we figure out how to go over them.

ED- Tell us about some of the colorful group of writers and directors that you also represent.

FM – We have clients that specialize in every genre. From our horror scribe Alex Daltas, to our comedy team Richard Eden and Shannon Hile. By having a diverse group of talent, we are able to cover all bases when it comes to material. Paul J. Salamoff is an extremely relevant cross platform media figure in the sci-fi and adventure genres while also being an established writer in the comic book world. Jesse V. Johnson is a writer/director who hails from the stunt world with credits including everything from TOTAL RECALL, WAR OF THE WORLDS, AVATAR, and ALICE IN WONDERLAND, to THE GREEN HORNET and SPIDERMAN 4.

ED – What are some of the great projects that they are currently working on and where can we see them?

FM – Paul J. Salamoff is currently adapting the big budget feature SINBAD: ROGUE OF MARS for Morningside Entertainment which we are very excited about. Jesse V. Johnson most recently wrote and directed the feature THE BUTCHER starring Eric Roberts and Keith David. He also just finished a lengthy festival run with his most recent project CHARLIE VALENTINE starring Raymond J. Barry and Michael Weatherly. The film had over 38 festival wins in one year. Both of these films are currently running on SHOWTIME and available ONDEMAND.

ED – Please tell our readers where they can view ‘The Blood List’ and how they can contact ‘Faction M’.

FM – You can find FACTION M and The Blood List on FACEBOOK.

ED – Does ‘Faction M’ have any plans for expansion and where do you see yourselves going in the next five years?

FM – We see ourselves growing steadily while also adapting to an industry that is constantly changing. As a new company, we feel it’s important that we continue to establish our brand while also expanding but not biting off more than we can chew. We believe in strong relationships and harvesting new ones. We are also branching into television, animation, new media, and webisodes. It’s all about creating quality content and developing work with our clients. Stay tuned for much more!

ED- You are certainly at the forefront of the industry, and as the Horror Genre grows we are all certainly be looking forward to ‘Faction M’ to point the way to this segment of the Film Industry. We want to thank you for your time with us during this exciting, and revealing, interview and ask that you promise to keep The Eerie Digest and our legions of readers up to date with all the new creations developing in this fascinating field.


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