Star Update- Actress Stephanie Rigizadeh makes good !

Stephanie Rigizadeh

In our July 2010 issue of The Eerie Digest magazine, we had the pleasure of introducing actress Stephanie Rigizadeh to all our readers. Stephanie has come a long way since then and has recently visited Hollywood with some remarkable results.

Stephanie has also had a role in Mark Moran’s recent production of ‘Blast and Whisper’ in which we will cover over the next few issues of this magazine. ‘Blast and Whisper’ is a period piece set in biblical times, and is a gripping tale of trial and faith, and is a must see for cinema audiences everywhere. It is a pleasant break from today’s showings of horror and mayhem, and will leave everyone with soul searching questions and close examinations of one’s own conscience.

Stephanie is most definitely a rising star and all of Hollywood is watching her very closely. She is talented and beautiful, and is quickly evolving into an actress that many Hollywood studios are searching for. Asked for her personal insight on ‘Blast and Whisper’ she responded with the following :

I  played the “Tribal Ambassador” in the movie credits for Blast and Whisper. My character is the Queen’s youngest-ever ambassador to the tribe of Elijah from the South (or in other words, the Ambassador from the 10 Northern Tribes, called the Kingdom of Israel at the time*, to the 2 Southern Tribes, called the Kingdom of Judah whose capital is Jerusalem). The Tribal Ambassador is very young, which implies that she is also very, very intelligent to be serving in such a dignified post in a royal government.

After Elijah (in our movie’s opening scene) gets caught underneath a fallen tree, he is injured and bleeds. Because Elijah trusts the Tribal Ambassador, after his rescue he asks her (this is implied from the dialogue later, not shown) to bring his blood-stained official garment to Tamar. (Tamar and Zyad are becoming betrothed to marry, but unfortunately Zyad will be drowned before this ever happens!)

In my first on-camera appearance of Blast and Whisper, my character carries Elijah’s blood-stained garment on a woven tray to Tamar. Thanks to the Tribal Ambassador’s skills as a diplomat, Tamar agrees to wash them.

In my next appearance, the Queen has retaliated against Elijah because of his spying upon her nighttime pagan child sacrifice. This entire diplomatic crisis has profoundly angered the Tribal Ambassador, even though she must make a show of normalcy standing next to the throne as Jezebel the Queen interrogates the only captured member of Elijah’s tribe who hasn’t been already killed. Probably in shock from all that has happened, she rebukes prisoner Zyad for speaking as though the Queen herself personally carried out the massacre. (Her anger is probably mostly against the Queen, but she sounds angry with him.)

Things go from bad to worse, this prisoner Zyad is drowned, and finally God steps in, causes a major league drought, which ends with a blast of fire from the sky upon the pagan priestesses and the altar. The husband of Jezebel, Ahab the Prince of Omri, finally decides enough is enough and sets off a rebellion against his own wife, Jezebel.

My final scene of Blast and Whisper is the terrified reporting to Tamar that murder, confusion, and terror has arisen on every corner of the palace.

By the way, I also play a dead body during the massacre, but that would of course be another character from Elijah’s tribe.

*Eventually in history the Kingdom of Israel was taken into exile and the remnant of it that was left behind became Samaria. You know, like in the Good Samaritan mentioned by Jesus in a parable?

Stephanie is a most talented actress and really loves the roll that she has played in this production. This magazine predicts that she will have a very bright future indeed. All our best wishes for her and we hope to hear more about her in the near future.

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