Interview with Actress Libertad Green

Libertad Green

ED- The Eerie Digest always looks closely in the making of a film and the many characters that appear in the film to give it substance. Many actors are portrayed in lead roles, while others make up the vast cast that is needed to give the production strength. Without them the film would lack the ‘crowds’ and conviction to make it real. Actress Libertad fills both these venues and you will see her as a queen, or just part of the crowd as she is that versatile. Libertad, you originally started as a model. Please tell us about this aspect of your career.

LG- I’ve modeled for companies such as Seventeen and Popular Photography, Brides Against Breast Cancer.  Last year, while living in San Antonio, I had the opportunity to model wedding gowns for Brides Against Breast Cancer for several different news segments, and a local entertainment show, “San Antonio Living”.  I really enjoyed the opportunity, and the fact that is was all for a good cause.  This year, I have modeled again for Popular Photograpy, as well as several other clothing companies.  Modeling is something I always enjoy because of my love for fashion.

ED- Libertad, you took off running in 2004 in the TV movie ‘Iron Jawed Angels’, then the TV series ‘One Tree Hill’. How excited were you to be appearing in these productions?

LG- “Iron Jawed Angeles” was the second film that I was ever a part of. I worked in the film for 19 days, playing various roles such a suffragist and a factory worker. I had a great time on the set and also enjoyed the fact that I got to work with my mother and father as well, since they are actors and were also a part of the film.  My family and I traveled to Wilmington, South Carolina so I could work on “One Tree Hill” for at least four different episodes.  I played roles such as a groupie, high school student, and a movie theater patron.  That was also another fun learning experience, since I had yet to see a film studio.

ED- You also appeared in ‘Mickey’ that year, but in 2006 you appeared in a spate of projects that included ‘The Foot Fist Way’, Psychic Witness (TV series), ‘Commander in Chief’, and the TV movie ‘Exorcism: Driving out the Devil’. Tell us about all your roles in these and how you were able to manage so many characters in such a short time.

LG- The Foot Fist Way was interesting, as I played a drunken model at a wild party, and I did stunt falls.  In “Exorcism:  Driving Out The Devil”, I played a young woman that was possesed, and my actual father, James Green, played my father in the documentary!  “Psychic Witness” remains one of my most memorable roles, as I played an actual murder victim.  We filmed over three days in Suffolk, Virginia.

ED- The following year found you in ‘Great World of Sound’, followed up with roles in two TV documentaries, ‘Is It Real’ and ‘Conviction’. Please describe these productions and the themes behind them.

LG- “The Great World Of Sound” was another fun production to work on.  My role was that of a waitress, and I once again worked with my mother and father, James and Frances Green.  The film is about the ugly side of the music industry – people preying on the hopes and dreams of others.  In ‘Is It Real?:  The Shroud of Turin”, I played Mary Magdeline. That was an exciting role to play, and I loved being a part of something period and educational.  In that production, my father played Nicodemus.  The documentary looked into the facts and fiction surrounding the shroud of Turin, the cloth that some claim was used to wrap the body of Christ.  In “Conviction”, I played the girlfriend of a real-life murderer.  I was the one that convinced him to kill his friend by claiming I had been abused by him.

ED- In 2009 you appeared before the cameras again in ‘Take-Away Spirit’ and ‘Greek’. What were these productions about and who were some of the other cast members in them ?

LG- In “Take-Away Spirit”, I play the young Ethel Hampton.  This was the first horror film I had been a part of.  The cast included Shoyi Cheng, Amy Brown, and Tiffany Sinclair.  “Greek” is a TV series on the ABC Family network.  I played a college student, and got this job while I lived in Los Angeles the first time in 2009.  The cast included Tiffany Dupont, Dilshad Vadsaria, and Scott Michael Foster.

ED- This past year you played Queen Jezebel in the film ‘Blast and Whisper’. How excited were you to play this key role?

LG- I was VERY excited; period films are just the thing I have always wanted to do.  And especially a role as exciting as a queen, and a starring role!  I considered it an honor to be trusted with one of the starring roles.

ED- Please tell us about this film and the producer for it.

LG- “Blast & Whisper” tells the story of the prophet Elijah and Jezebel.  Elijah is tested but maintains his faith to the end.  My charactor, Jezebel, is the evil queen who gets her just desserts in the end, showing that good does and will ultimately prevail.  Mark Moran was the director and producer of “Blast & Whisper”.  I am so happy that he took a chance on an unknown actress in hiring me to play the role of Queen Jezebel.  We had never worked with each other before, so I really appreciated the opportunity to play such an important role in the film.

ED- Not one to stay still very long you also appeared in five other productions that same year. How were you able to juggle so many roles in such a short time?

LG- I just wish I’d had more to juggle!  I do love staying busy, but now that I am in Los Angeles and working even more, I am trying to pace myself and make sure I have days off when I feel I need it.  I am enjoying being at a stage in my career when I can actually know what it’s like to appreciate having time off once in a while!

ED- This year , not even half over, has found you working in six shows. Please tell us how you are able to work these many venues and what do you do in them?

LG- Since moving to Los Angeles I have done audience work, musics videos (including a starring role in the new video for the Australian band “Cut Copy”), films, television, etc.  Right now, I am in the process of finding a good agent, going to auditions, and working and applying for work like crazy.  Since a lot of the time an actor never knows when or where they’ll get their next job, I try to enjoy the opportunities I have, even if I do sometimes feel a little overwhelmed.  I am enjoying being so busy!

ED- Libertad, you are such a very busy person and I know that our readers are sure to hear much about you in the future. We want to thank you for taking the time out during your hectic schedule to do this interview with us. We sincerely wish you the best of luck in all that you do.

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