Interview with Actress Tiffany Ariany

Tiffany Ariany

ED- The Eerie Digest would like to introduce a bright, beautiful, young rising star from the world of the Cinema to all our readers. Actress Tiffany Ariany has just gotten under way in the acting field, and she has taken off with a blast in her career. Tiffany what attracted you to the career of acting, and who was your greatest influence?

TA- I’ve always had a curiosity towards acting from a very young age. Once I started taking classes and booking jobs my passion grew, and I knew this is what I want to pursue as a career.

ED- Tell us about the abundance of training that you received for your career.

TA- I’ve been training since the moment I decided I want to get into acting. I’ve received training in commercials, improv, scene study, on camera acting, and theater. I’m currently taking advanced scene study classes at the amazing Cynthia Bain Young Actors Studio.

ED- You also spread your wings over many venues such as the Internet, and modeling. Please tell us about this aspect of your work.

TA- Modeling was something I did because I’ve always loved fashion and fashion shows. I worked backstage and then I would model as well. When it comes to the Internet, the new thing is the web series, I’ve had supporting roles in two projects.

ED- You were also a host on a number of shows, and appeared on ‘Americas Most Wanted’ twice. How exciting were these appearances for you, and how did they give you confidence for your future in acting?

TA- I love hosting. I’ve hosted several shows, one where I interviewed filmmakers, and the other I covered celebrity gossip and news. I’ve also covered many red carpet events and interviewed celebrities like Jada Pinkett Smith and the Kardashians. America’s Most Wanted was a great experience, the second one I did was a long episode and I played the lead, the case itself was the number one case of the year.

ED- You appeared in a spate of films in 2008 that included ‘Good People’ and ‘Ninja’s vs. Zombies’. That is quite a jump into acting. Please tell us all about these films and the roles that you played in them.

TA- Good People was a suspense thriller where I play a mysterious character who’s true identity isn’t revealed until the end. The entire movie you think she’s this vengeful evil character and then there is a great twist at the end when she has a breakdown, which was one of the most emotionally intense scenes I’ve ever done. Ninja’s vs. Zombies is a horror movie, I play girl who’s family is attacked by zombies, but it has a great comedic twist to it.

ED- The following year you performed in the production of ‘Smalltimore’. Please give our readers an insight into this film and the performance that you made.

TA-“Smalltimore” has received recognition at numerous film festivals, and it also won best director. It’s a romantic comedy with an ensemble cast. I played the antagonist in the film.

ED- This past year you played in ‘Blast and Whisper’, and we are all looking at that film closely. Please tell us all about this production, and the role that you perform.

TA- “Blast and Whisper” was a great film to work on, my character, Tamar, wasn’t even originally in the script until after I auditioned. The role also expanded through out the shoot, so it was great to have . It was a truly great experience and pleasure to work with Mark (director).

ED- You also played roles in ‘Azad’ and ‘Life After Lisa’. Describe these films and tell us about your varied roles in them.

TA-“Azad” was a wonderful film to work on. It’s a foreign film, about a young girl living on the border of Iran and Iraq who’s friend becomes trapped in a mine field. It’s a beautiful film and was recently accepted into the AFI showcase. Life After Lisa is a drama that takes place at a college in the late 1980’s. It surrounds a group of girls and the mysterious death of one of them, I play an Italian fashionista with a sassy attitude.

ED- This year we see you in the TV movie, ‘The Barista’. Tell us about this project and how you are able to separate the many characters that you have played.

TA- “The Barista” was a great project to work on. I play a mentally disabled girl. It’s the first time I’ve really stepped out of my comfort zone in a role but its the most fun I’ve had playing a role. It was very freeing and liberating to be in a position where the character I played was so comfortable to be herself and just say whatever she pleased.

ED- Tiffany, we are going to make the prediction that ALL of Hollywood will be following your career with great interest. You possess beauty, talent, and brains for what it will take to make a great star. We too will be watching your progress closely and hope to see you appear again in The Eerie Digest before too long. We want to thank you for taking your time with our interview and wish you much luck in all that you do.

TA- It is my pleasure and honor to do this interview and thank you for your kind words.


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