Interview with Musician Steve Cooke

Steve Cooke

ED- The Eerie Digest will now introduce a very popular member of the Music industry, rocker Steve Cooke. Steve, You were born in England and have established relationship with some of the best know musicians of our time. Please tell us how you first became interested in music and who was the greatest influence upon your musical career.

SC- I first became interested in music at a very young age, playing 45’s from my parents. The first music I heard and learned was Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino and Chuck Berry. My father was a musician and I used to sometimes help him before the shows.

ED- Tell us about your first band and some of the great musicians that backed you up.

SC- My first band in London was called Endever and we were often supported by a band called the Dolphins which had members of Brand X, Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac in it.

ED- Tell us about some of the greats that you were associated with in your early years and some of the well know names that you did projects with.

SC- I was fortunate enough in Henley on Thames to work with Rick Lee (drummer from ten Years after). Through him I met guitar legend Alvin Lee. He had just finished working with George Harrison on his album called Zoom. Shortly after that I met and played with John Coughlin (drummer Status Quo), that lead to me meeting Simon Townsend who now plays with his brother in The Who.

ED- You also played some principal character’s in many of the most notable of the UK’s musical stage productions. Tell our readers about these and the roles that you played in them.

SC- I played in Godspell a lead character and then various English pantomimes. I then toured Europe with the NY Broadway musical Hair. I had a principal role (Wolf). I returned to England and performed Tommy at the Oxford Apollo.

ED- Your songs ‘Live for the Moment’ and ‘Working for the USA’ are well known and have won a number of awards. Please tell us about these.

SC- Live for the Moment won an award for best song and video in 2004 in New Zealand. It got a lot of radio airplay in Germany and New Zealand, especially at int. sport events. Working for the USA won the Hollywood Music Award in 2009. I am currently re recording this with Grammy award winning producer Bob Cutarella.

ED- You also co-wrote an album with Madonna guitarist Monte Pittman. Describe the album and your contributions to it.

SC- The album is called the Mercury Feather project. I have composed 10 songs with Monte (I wrote the lyrics and vocal melodies) and we will finish production work on this album this year with Rollings Stones producer Chris Kimsey.

ED- Please tell our readers about some of the major luminaries that you performed for and how exciting it was for you .

SC- One of the most exciting moments was performing for and meeting the Prince of Wales. I performed at a private Polo game at the Beauford polo club in the UK where Prince Charles played against his 2 sons William and Harry. I also had the pleasure to perform for Heidi Klum at an awards event in Germany at the Brenner’s Park Hotel in Baden Baden.

ED- Please tell us about your musical style and the instruments that you play.

SC- My style is in Rock roots and heavy Blues. I mostly play the 12 string guitar, apart from my Guild 6 string and my ’69 Gibson Les Paul. I am currently endorsed by Jarrell Guitars and play their acoustics and electrics.

ED- What awards have you received from these past works ?

SC- XLR8 New Zealand entertainer of the year, Hollywood Music and Media Awards.

ED- Please tell our readers about your newest work and the awards that they have won.

SC- I got nominated twice for 2 songs of my current album Radio. The single Radio was nominated for best Male Vocal in 2010 and Gravity has just been nominated for best song in adult contemporary AAA in 2011.

ED- Can you inform our readers where they can find you and about any upcoming performances and new music that you have on the drawing boards.

SC- , . I will be performing a special show at the Café Cordiale in Sherman Oaks on May 18th. And I am recording a new video for the song Radio on April 2nd in Los Angeles, which will be in the public domain in early May. I am also planning a summer tour for this year. I am writing a new album which I hope to release in the spring of 2012.

ED- Steve it has been an honor and a pleasure to be able to have interviewed you. The Eerie Digest has developed into an all around Arts and Entertainment magazine and I am sure that our readers, and your many fans, will enjoy learning all about you. Please promise that you will keep in touch with us for all that you do.

SC-For sure! Live for the Moment (L4TM).  And thank you.



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