Priest Movie Review by Joseph O’Donnell, Jr.

Joe O'Donnell, Jr.

by Joe O'Donnell, Jr.

When I heard that they were going to make a movie based on one of my favorite graphic novels, I was excited. That excitement soon turned into disappointment. There was no contrast between the movie and the graphic novel. I tried to look at the movie from a different prospective.

The settings in this movie are in a post apocalyptic future, where humans are on the brink of extinction because of over welling number of vampires. .The movie’s main character called priest, who belongs to an order of the church that hunts down vampires. This order is made of priests and priestesses that have super natural abilities and well crafted weapons. The order was shut down due to the belief that the vampires were eradicated. The main character was told by an outland sheriff that his niece, Lucy, was captured by vampires.

The priest asked council of the church if he can find Lucy, but the council has denied him of request. The priest has decides to go against the church and find his niece with the help of the sheriff. They track the vampires through the barren wasteland. Unbeknownst to the priest and sheriff, the church has sent priests to capture the main character for break his vows. A priestess of the order decides to help the two in their quest to find the missing girl. They face vampires and familiars who are loyal inhuman servants to the vampires. They find the one who was responsible captured the priest’s niece. It was a former priest, now called Black Hat, who was turned into the first human vampire during the wars with vampires. Black Hat’s objective is to destroy that human race with the aid of the vampires. It is up the priest, the priestess, and the sheriff to save the human race and to rescue Lucy.

The graphic novel is focus in Wild West, but the story also takes through medieval and modern times. The main character is a priest named Ivan Isaacs, who stumbles upon a secret about monastery where he is living. The head of the monastery has been worshiping a tomb which embodies a fallen angel named Temozarela. The head of monastery wants to bring Temozarela back to life. Ivan attempts stop the rival ceremony, but he fails. Temozarela is revived once more and plans to destroy the human race. A demon named Belial who was entrapped in the tomb along with Temozarela tries to slay the fallen angel, but is beaten. Ivan Isaacs sacrifices his soul to the demon Belial in order to kill Temozarela and his brethren. By doing this, Ivan gains unnatural and unholy powers. Ivan must not only face these fallen angels, but also faces against zombies, outlaws, zealous knights, lawmen, and anybody that stands in his way.

The movie isn’t remotely based on graphic novel and for me that is a big upset. The vampires in the movie remind me Gollum from Lord of the rings series, except they have no facial structure and have vampire teeth. I would recommend reading the graphic novels. Unfortunately the company that produces this novel, Tokyopop, is no longer in business. You can still buy the novels through Amazon or Ebay. I would rather rent this movie then see at the theatre.


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