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The Story of Michelle Brown Vandivere

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The Story of Michelle Brown Vandivere Ava Sprayberry Shook

Michelle Brown is a struggling small business owner that resides in the

small town of Adairsville, Georgia. Just as it seems that she is about to

lose everything she has worked for, she learns that she is an heiress to

a multi-million dollar fortune, left to her by her biological grandfather.

After fixing all of her debt issues, she moves to the Vandivere Estate in

Valdosta, Georgia. That is when Michelle realizes that her blessing in

disguise is truly her worst nightmare as she fights to survive the spirit

of Charles Vandivere.

“I recently picked up Ava Shook’s The Story of Michelle Brown

Vandivere and I couldn’t put it down. It was a marvelous read. The

story jumped right out of the pages. It kept me on the edge of my seat.

I loved the characters and the way they interacted. Michelle was a

great character. Her strong will made me root for her all the way. I

enjoyed this book so much that I’ve read it at least twenty times now.

Ava’s writing style keeps you interested all the way through and delivers

a great story. Truly the best book I’ve read in along time. Ava

gives Steven King a run for his money.”


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