Interview with Author Mel Comley

Author Mel Comley

Author Mel Comley

ED- Our true base for The Eerie Digest is mysteries. Our magazine has a large following of Mystery lovers from around the world, and our readership just not seem to get enough of it. There is nothing better to spark the imagination but to curl up in a chair and read a good book, and to let one’s mind uncover the written plot or follow the sleuth as they unravel sinister deeds. We, therefore, would like to present an extraordinary writer to our faithful fans. Author Mel Comley is a British writer now living in France and has produced several great novels for your reading pleasure. Mel, tell us about your days in England and your move to the Continent.

MC- I used to be a Store Manager with a large Supermarket chain in the UK. I got fed up with working 70-80 hours a week, sometimes 7 days a week. After running my own business I found working lengthy hours for someone else totally unacceptable. So we decided to pack up and leave England. I retired at thirty-five!

ED- Tell us about the property that you bought there and the labor of love that you performed on its renovation.

MC- We bought a run-down farmhouse that turned out to be haunted. It came with 5 acres of land and several barns. We turned two of the barns into a three-bedroom Gite or holiday home, for a much needed income. While the builders worked on that I decorated the main house, over the next six months I stripped, filled and decorated 22 rooms.

ED- What inspired you to become a writer?

MC- I had always written as a child but a heavy work schedule seemed to get in the way of me knuckling down to any serious projects.

ED- Tell our readers the efforts that you made in preparing to make writing your dream.

MC- I enrolled in a creative writing course and joined several writer sites, such as Authonomy which is run by Harper Collins.

ED- Describe your first novel, ‘Impeding Justice, and the theme behind it.

MC- Impeding Justice is a fast-paced thriller, full of twists and turns. I made a conscious effort to make sure something big happened in every chapter, there are sixty-seven chapters. It’s about a female detective whose life, both professionally and personally, is turned upside down by The Unicorn. He’s been her nemesis for the past nine years but has always managed to stay ahead of her due to insider information. Lorne has twenty-four hours to uncover the mole before The Unicorn harms her daughter.

ED- Who are the main protagonists in it?

MC- Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins and The Unicorn.

ED- Who is the publisher of it, and what recognitions has it earned?

MC- I have self-published. Impeding Justice made it to the editor’s desk on the Authonomy site where it was reviewed by a Harper Collins editor. Had I been a celebrity with an autobiography, I’m sure they would’ve snapped me up, as that’s all they seem to publish lately. In the past six months I have sold over 20,000 copies.

ED- We have discovered that this is a first in a series of novels that you are writing, and the second is ‘Final Justice’. Tell us a little about this book.

MC- Impeding Justice is the second book in the series and Final Justice is the third. Final Justice takes place in France, this time Lorne has left the police and is involved in a covert operation with an MI6 agent.

ED- Is there another in this series that you intend to write?

MC- This is a little confusing granted, but the first book in the series Cruel Justice has now been completed and is sitting with my agent. He’s trying to secure a three book traditional publishing deal for me.

ED- What other writing have you worked on, and is there other novels that you may have for us in the future?

MC- I hope do settle down and write more books in the Justice series as Lorne is a powerful character and my fans love her. At the moment I’m tweaking three romances I wrote several years ago and I’m hoping to get these published either this year or next.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to talk with you, it’s been a pleasure.

ED- Melanie, it has been a real pleasure to introduce you to our legions of readers and we will be closely following you in the future. We want to thank you for this interview and wish you much luck in all that you do. Please promise to stay in touch with us so that we can keep the readers of The Eerie Digest up to date with everything that you do.

And Final Justice.

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