Interview with Video Journalist Skip Bolden

Video Journalist Skip Bolden

Video Journalist Skip Bolden

ED- There are many facets of the arts and entertainment industries, and sometimes they intertwine to create a relationship that becomes beneficial to each. One such a marriage is the combined talents of Video Journalist Skip Bolden. Skip tell our readers about your early education towards your career.

SB-My early education was in the public school system of New York City where I received a well rounded education but always gravitated towards the arts.  During that time, I was interested in acting and dance.  I was always involved in school plays with a particular interest in musical comedy though I couldn’t sing a note.  My college years were spent at the Leonard Davis Center for the Performing Arts at CCNY as a theatre major.  As part of the curriculum, I studied voice and diction to learn to speak in a general American dialect which has been a tremendous asset as I do the narration for some of  my projects.  It took me two years to get rid of my Bronx accent.

ED- What first influenced you to take up this lifetime ambition ?

SB-Being a Video Journalist or a journalist of any kind wasn’t always a lifetime ambition for me which came much later on in my life.   That interest was sparked by The Travel Channel Academy’s course in video production to create destination videos.  This was an ideal way for me to pursue my two passions of movies and travel.

ED- You have worked for the Travel Channel. Please tell us about this aspect of your life.

SB- My connection with The Travel Channel was attending The Travel Channel Academy Boot Camp in video production though it would have been a excellent opportunity.

ED- Tell us about your love of travel and some of the countries that your work has led you to.

SB- From the time a was a child, I was fascinated with far away places and different cultures and wanted to experience them.   Studying the atlas was often a way to pass time for me so I ended up at being an ace at geography.   So far, I’ve only visited seventeen different countries but there are so many places I still want to visit.  Currently, all my projects are here in the U.S. and I hope to get the opportunity to do some projects abroad.

ED- Just like myself, you originally hailed from New York and are attending the New York Video School to further your education in that field. Tell us about your early days in ‘The Big Apple’, and about the school that you are now attending.

SB-Growing up in New York City was a great experience for me.  It was the center of my universe and offered everything I could want or need at that time.   Of course, it was also the center of the arts and culture and all things creative and was a very exciting period of my life.  Going to the theatre, ballet and museums were an important part of my education and social life.  Of course it also included the night life and going club hopping  every weekend.  I refer to that time in NYC as my formative years which gave me an strong foundation in the arts.  Though I live in LA now, I still love visiting New York from time to time and had gone back to NYC to attend The Travel Channel Academy.

ED- Tell us about the courses that you are attending there.

SB- As I live in Los Angeles, I continue my education with New York Video School through their on-line courses.   Currently, I’m taking advanced courses that include shooting techniques, lighting and editing.  It also keeps me informed of the current trends in video production and it’s ever growing influence on entertainment and communication.

ED- You have also taken up photography as a hobby towards your interest in architecture and urban landscape. Please explain in detail about this passion of yours.

SB-My fascination with architecture started when I was a child when my mother first took me the the Guggenheim Museum in NYC.   With it’s rounded exterior and it’s spiraling interior, I was immediately awestruck.  It was so different and unique to all the other  buildings and skyscrapers.  I was more interested in the design of the museum itself than the art that hung on it’s walls.  My other favorite building is the Chrysler Building in all it’s Art Deco glory.   My favorite city for incredible architecture is Hong Kong.   My fascination is with the juxtaposition of austere modern architecture against the traditionally ornate Chinese esthetic.  The contrast is amazing and makes for great photography as well as video.

ED- You also have a great interest in cinema. What are your plans for this vast field?

SB- Yes, I love cinema and always have and and over the years I’ve become quite the movie buff.  I consider myself a video journalist and videographer more than a film maker that produces feature films.  Currently, my  business focuses on producing content for business websites and public events such as trade shows and red carpet events.  Recently, I also started creating actor’s reels for their auditions.

Video Journalist Skip Bolden

Video Journalist Skip Bolden

ED- You also have a keen interest in a wide range of musical styles. How do you apply this to your work ?

SB-My life is set to music.  Sadly, I have no musical ability but I have a keen appreciation as a listener.  Music is very inspiring to me and often a big part of my projects.  When I’m shooting video I’m ofter thinking of the type of music to use in the background.   Sometimes, a particular piece of music will inspire an idea for a video.   When appropriate, I use music a component of storytelling that can set the tone an evoke the emotion I want to convey and helps to move the story along.

ED- What is some of your current projects and your plans for the future?

SB- I just completed shooting an actor’s reel which showcases the talents of four actors which who were a joy to work with.   My upcoming projects include shooting a friend’s wedding, a restaurant needing video content for their website and a red carpet event in Hollywood an another actor’s reel.  As for the future, there is a possibility for making a documentary which I’m not at liberty to give details about at this time.

ED- Skip, we want to thank you for your interview with The Eerie Digest, and wish you much luck in all your future plans.  With the many students who follow our magazine as guidance towards their careers in the arts and entertainment, you have definitely answered many of the questions asked for one seeking your career field.

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