The Well by Guest Author Ava Sprayberry

Guest Author Ava Sprayberry

Guest Author Ava Sprayberry

The legend says that long ago

Back in the past

In the days of old

A village lay in the clearing there


The people heard whispers in the wind

They talked to the steams

They even had spirits

That visited their dreams


Then one winter’s day

A stranger came from the wood

The villagers didn’t know

He was up to no good


When famine struck

And every villager fell ill

The stranger quickly went to work

Every villager he did heal


With every villager blinded

Their intellect bound

A position of authority

The stranger soon found


A town that was once

Merry and gay

Soon fell from grace

In the worst way


They began to sacrifice

Children of God

With every ritual

Their master did nod


When people from the town

Locked their doors in fear

It became evident

The fall of Autumn Harvest was near.


The town’s people invaded

Deep in the night

And killed everyone

To cure their plight


When the time came

For the stranger to burn

The rules of the curse

The town’s people did learn.


That when one of magic

And gifted bloodline

Stepped foot on the grounds

Revenge would be divine.


The souls of Autumn Harvest

Would once again rise

And the descendants of the towns people

Would meet their demise.


Let this be a warning

To all far and near.

Don’t uncover the well

That rests in the clear.
©  2011 Dianah Brock


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