In The News – Director Jeff Bonilla and Chakra Love

Jeff Bonilla

Jeff Bonilla

Writer/Director Jeff Bonilla and his film ‘Chakra Love’, made headlines recently due to the fallout from the Jerry Seinfeld show, ‘The Marriage Ref”. Jeff, who The Eerie Digest magazine interviewed in our September 2010 issue, was tickled to death about the free publicity the uproar gave to his film, ‘Chakra Love’.

Apparently Howie Kohlenberg and his wife, Christine, appeared in the very first episode of Jerry’s reality show, and then blamed the NBC show for his marriage breakup. He claimed they would advertise his spa (now out-of business) then failed to live up to their promises. Instead, he claimed, they complimented his wife to the extent of leading her astray, in which she packed her bags and left for Hollywood.

There she found a bit part in Jeff Bonilla’s film, Chakra Love, which he produced, wrote, and directed.  “It’s ironic that my film is about being careful what you wish for and the Kohlenberg’s are going through their own true life version of  Careful what you wish for” said Jeff when reached for a comment.   Jeff won ‘Best Director’s Award’ at the Best Actor’s Film Festival for this short film. Christine went on to another reality show and moved in with a Canadian producer. The Seinfeld show has no comment on the matter.


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