J&J Movie Review- ‘Bad Teacher’

Bad Teacher

Joe O'Donnell, Jr.

Joe O'Donnell, Jr.

Joseph O'Donnell


The Arts and Entertainment Magazine’s movie reviewers, J&J, decided to see the comical film, ‘Bad Teacher’, to present our thoughts to our readership. We decided to see this film at the Rave Motion Picture Theater-Centreville Multiplex Theater, in Centreville, Virginia for our critique.

The movie is centered around the character Elizabeth Halsey, who is a foul-mouthed gold-digger, and teaches in a Junior High School. Her life changes dramatically after losing her wealthy fiancé. Now looking for another sugar daddy, she chooses to target Scott Delacorte, a substitute teacher, and heir to a watch-making company fortune. She is pitted against a rival popular teacher, Amy Squirrel, and to gain on the competition Ms. Halsey decides to enhance her bodily features.

The movie quite funny but most likely will not be remembered as well as ‘Animal House’ or ‘Porky’s’. It had its good moments as well as predictable ones. Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, and Jason Segal, gave good performances to match the character’s strength and weaknesses. All-in-all it was an enjoyable picture, but we would recommend this as a DVD rental only.

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