September, 2011

Interview with Casting Director Dan Hubbard

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Dan Hubbard

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is very excited to introduce Daniel Hubbard to our legions of readers. Daniel is a casting director and has been involved with such films as ‘King Kong’, ‘Bourne Supremacy’, and ‘Bourne Ultimatum’. Daniel, how did you begin your career in the exciting world of filmmaking, and what was your greatest influence in doing so?

DH – I would have to say my Parents on both fronts. My Mother started the company over 30 years ago. I have been surrounded by it all my life, from coming home from school to find Actors on my couch, to going to the theatre it has been a big part of my family. I didn’t intentionally go into it but was working on films sets in the Mid-90’s and couldn’t get consistent work so decided to run in my Hubbard Casting for a while, liked it so much I didn’t leave. I cast my first movie when I was 20 and the rest is history.

TAEM- We have many students of the Arts that research our magazine for guidance. Please explain what you do and the responsibilities that you perform as a Casting Director.

DH- That is such a complex question to answer but in a nut shell it’s my job to provide the Production with the best possible talent available  based on what in the budget and the strength of the material. Usually it’s my responsibility to breakdown the characters with the guidance of the Director based on his creative vision. I then draw up my own ideas and also see who the Agents suggest. Sometimes it can involve many sessions meeting lots of people, other times I would put up my top 15 choices and set up meetings with the Director and Producer. It differs every time. It’s my responsibility to make sure the sessions run extremely smoothly and that the room is well lit and the sound adequate. I then have to do the auditions and distribute the auditions amongst the Director, Producers etc. There is usually a lot of debate as to who is right and for what reasons (marquis value, look, experience, acting chops etc). I help the Director and Producer reach their decisions. Once they have made their choices I negotiate a deal and work out what kind of stipulations or perks the Actors are going to get, close the deal with each Actor’s Agent and then I draw up a Casting Advice Note which is document reflecting what has been agreed and then we go to contract. That’s more or lest it. (more…)

Interview with Actress Christina DeRosa

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Susan's Remembrance

Photographer, Darrin VanGorder

TAEM- It’s not many times that I have been able to interview a famous celebrity from my old stomping grounds. Therefore I’d like to present a beautiful and talented actress that hails from my childhood home of Long Island, Miss Christina DeRosa, to all of our readers.

Christina, please tell us about your first introduction to acting where you worked on-stage with Natalie Portman.

CD- If my memory does not fail me, I was less than 10 years old, just 11 years ago or so.  I always have problems with numbers.  By the time I was 10, I had already been in numerous theatrical productions and when I met Natalie, we became fellow munchkins.  I can tell you that during our breaks, we would all sit in a circle, playing games and sharing secrets.  Natalie shared, she did not want to be an actress when she grew up and wanted to be a doctor like her daddy.  That was when her last name was still Hershlag, before the movie, The Professional.  Since then the medical world has lost a great doctor but the theatrical world, gained, an amazing actress who I hold the greatest regards and admiration for. (more…)

Interview with Actress Anna Easteden

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is always looking for interviews that would inspire our readers and influence young actors in their careers. We are proud to be able to present the beautiful and talented actress Anna Easteden to our legions of fans. Anna, you were born in Finland and got your start in modeling. Please tell us about your early years.

AE- I grew up on a large farm in the middle of nowhere in Finland. We had cows and grew rye, wheat, barley and oat, and also had a lot of forest. Now my brother owns the farm that we grew up on, so it is staying in the family. I wasn’t much of a farmer, so I chose acting and modeling instead.

Photo by Rob GreerTAEM- Modeling gave you the chance to see the world, and you represented some of the biggest names in the industry. Please tell us about the major corporations that you represented.

AE- I did a lot of print advertisements, catalogs, billboards and magazine work for lots of familiar things like: Sony, Jockey, Nissan, NEC, Lux, Calvin Klein, Guess, T-Mobile, Chevy, Kohl’s, Salvatore Ferragamo etc.

TAEM- In 2003 you entered the career of acting landing several roles including one with the television series ‘The Days of Our Lives’. This must of been very exciting for you. Tell our readers about this show and the role that you played on it.

AE- I love acting and movie and TV business is very exciting to me. In Days of Our Lives I played a French Hairdresser. I spoke with a French accent and I got to wear a short black wig. It was something completely different than what I am myself. It was fun! Working on a soap is such a fascinating experience because everything is shot so fast and the entire crew has their jobs down so well, that everything moves smoothly and gets done super fast. Also that keeps the actor’s acting chops on a high level, because you really have no choice but to be good! (more…)

Interview with Actor Cuyle Carvin

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Cuyle Carvin

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine scours both the West Coast and the East Coast for television and movie celebrities to present to our readers each month. This month is no exception and we’d like to present actor Cuyle Carvin for all our readers to learn about. Cuyle, like me you were born in the State of New York. What first interested you in acting, and who was your greatest influence?

CC- Ah my New York state brother! I don’t think I can pinpoint any one thing or time specifically when I decided to make acting my profession. I was what one might call a jock in high school and even for bits of college. I didn’t seem to have an interest in acting during my schooling years. Although in retrospect, I just didn’t realize then. I went to a liberal arts college, Hartwick College, that was more of a business school than anything else. I really had no interest in any of the educational degrees that the school offered. I went there because A. my mom was an employee and tuition was free and B. one of my best friends from childhood was going there. The first two years of my college experience were spent in classes that I needed to take to fulfill the general curriculum. Of those, an Intro to Theater course. I didn’t love it but it seemed one of the more interesting classes of those those first two years. To make a longer story short – I went towards the Theater degree. That’s how it all started but I still can’t say that I wanted to be an actor even when I finished college. I was just curious about the whole thing and decided to try it out.

In terms of my greatest influence, perhaps it was the movie BRAVEHEART. That’s my favorite movie and I remember seeing it for the first time when I was fifteen. I had seen hundreds of movies before but it was the first time that I truly felt something in my gut. My emotions ran high, I became inspired, I felt a part of that movie. I wanted to help, to be William Wallace. I wanted to live my life with all of the spirit and honor that he did. I just remember this being the first movie that gave me that rush of emotions and the first time that a movie was more than just entertainment. That movie just might be the catalyst for it all, but like I said, I didn’t know it at the time. (more…)

Interview with Author Alexandria Altman

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Alexandria Altman

AA-This is easy , I started with my career at age 3, when my great gam ask me what I wanted for Christmas. I said a Movie camera, and knew exactly what to do with it, So I got the little red plastic camera that you put cartoons in and turn off the light and I was producing cartoon shows for family…

My Family Hoped it was a passing thing, The Wizard of OZ, Also motivated me so, I really thought their was a wizard to go see, So I decided to also travel down this Yellow Brick road when At 10 years of age I began painting writing, singing…

It was when I moved to Beverly Hills, that I really got the writing and acting bug…Big time…but I had a famed Husband whom refuse to let me grow and continue in my field which cause a painful divorced , which I moved To Nashville Tn…there I began My music career, in management of major country stars to press Media etc…ending up with my own BDE recording label, soon the music Business fell in Nashville, and around the world it changed…

At this point I went home , meaning back to me, and re discovered my writing, in 1998 with a best selling novel that went International and is still selling to date, followed by a stream of talk shows called Mission Possible which resulted in 3 books where I interview some of the most renown people in the World…

This sent me on a tail spin writing novels and now I have 3 completed Novels and a Christian Book series which serious People now have on Table in Holly from Scrip to Screen….


Interview with Radio Host Nancy Denofio

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Nancy Denofio

TAEM- I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Page Turners Blog Talk Radio’s host Nancy Denofio not too long ago and I would like to introduce this wonderful, and talented, woman to all of our readers. Nancy, tell us how your radio program started.

ND- Page Turners began in 2010 when I was shuffling people into a private group for Dystenium, LLC; those I believed had something to offer by networking with others and establishing a name online. Networking is taking an idea and running with it, no matter what genre or arts and entertainment one was working with.

I introduced myself to Meg, telling her little about myself but learning more about her.  I told her to use my name to enter the group and advised her to join Got Poetry, where I am still one of the administrators.  It is rare when two people can connect to help one another, but Meg was a good listener and grew quickly, understanding networking. Meg asked me if I would consider being a host on Page Turners – networking began.  Having a background working face to face with the media on several levels, it took a couple of days to answer her.  I asked those I trusted their thoughts; everyone agreed it was a stepping-stone online. I still wondered who she was, would it hurt my name, and what audience was her target regarding guests? I took the leap to radio, and after a few shows I knew we had to push our guests upward a few notches, with only the best.  Networking with Writer’s Etc. administrator, Laura Shultz, who had given advice as a professional and friend, helped me to know who was who. We were networking.  Page Turners would turn into one of the best for arts and entertainment.  A radio show had to develop a name, a brand, as known throughout online entrepreneurs, so we worked with only the best in art – writing and entertainment. (more…)

Interview with Children’s Author Meg Collins

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is very proud to introduce one of the leading authors of children’s books, Meg Collins. Meg, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by you recently on Page Turners Blog Talk Radio, and was pleasantly surprised to learn all about you. You excel in teaching, writing, editing, and conduct lessons on motivational speaking. Tell us about these interests in these multiple fields and what inspired you to work in them.

MC- Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, Joseph, and it is an honor to have this interview with you. I began my journey as an artist of words at the age of eight years old. Reports were being sent home that I seemed to have a great passion for writing and reading; I discovered these letters later on in my adult life. I have been writing for over ten years, beginning at a local bookstore open mic venue in which I was fortunate enough to meet famed artists such as Kwame Alexander, Lorraine Oberlin, JaHipster, and Beth Baruth Joselow. After each open mic and poetry slam, these outstanding writers would hold free mini workshops for nearly one hour long. Outside of this venue, some would even charge $25 for a six session writing workshop once a week. I attended these sessions of brainstorming and writing, hence excelling in my writing field. I attempted greeting card writing, short story writing, and several others; however my greatest passion at that time in my life was poetry. I began to find myself at the bookstores and local libraries all the time and went into the magazine section to discover where I could submit my works of poetry. The submission process soon thereafter began for me, and I received ample poetry awards and was published with Iliad Press,, (more…)

Family Jewels by Guest Author Alex Knight

Thursday, September 1st, 2011
Guest Author Alex Knight

Guest Author Alex Knight

Jake Stevens read the article again; he couldn’t believe what he had read the first go round. Yep, it said exactly what he thought it did and he immediately envisioned his next ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme.

A company in the east had developed a way to take the ashes of a cremated person and turn them into diamonds. A spokesperson for the company said their premise had been based on the principle that diamonds are merely crystallized carbon and carbon is found in all organic life. He further stated that people could now keep their dearly departed close to them always, by wearing these specially created diamonds in custom made jewelry. The spokesperson then outlined that approximately a thimble-full of ash would yield a 1/4-carat diamond at a cost of $4,000.00. Jake snorted when he laughed hard and he was snorting now.

“Molly quick, c’mon ya gotta read this. We’re gonna be stinkin’ rich!”

Molly ran as she always did when Jake hollered. She never knew if he was going to be in a good mood or a foul one. But even if the mood started out good and she wasn’t fast enough, it could turn foul in a blink of an eye. Molly read the article, but wasn’t sure what he was so all shook up about. Dare she ask? It would probably set him off again.


The Man In The Woods by Guest Author David Rhodes

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Author David Rhodes

I’ve never told anyone this before, except my older brother, and back then he thought I was just a nutty kid who was afraid of the dark. Years later, I told my wife, and maybe she thought I was nuts, too, but she kind of swept it under the rug, and accepted it as one of those idiosyncrasies that you don’t find out about until after you’re married. She must have loved me a lot. Now they’re both buried out at Pleasant Green Cemetery back at our home town of Compton, and there’s a spot right next to Mildred waiting for me.

There comes a time in a man’s life when he has to get anything he needs to off his chest, stuff he’s been carrying around for a long time – uncork the bottle, so to speak, and let it all out. That time of your life when at any moment, the sun might go down for the very last time. So, I’m going to uncork the bottle, and let it out. I’m going to tell you everything. That is, if you really want to hear about it. I’ll tell you right now, I never told anyone everything. If I had done that, they would have locked me up in the State Hospital, where I’d have to wear one of those hospital johnnies with my ass hanging out the back, and draw pictures of kitties and doggies and flowers with my trusty box of crayons. Life is a cabaret.

Anyway, I guess I’ve run out of reasons not to tell everything. So, if you think I’m crazy, or senile, or if you want to laugh at how ridiculous the whole thing seems, then be my guest. I don’t care anymore.

I just don’t.

So how about lending an old man a few minutes? It won’t take too long. Shouldn’t, anyway. (more…)

Crookbarrow by Guest Author Glenn James

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Author Glenn James

Author Glenn James

© By Glenn James 2009

I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not know of Crookbarrow Hill.  Despite all attempts to block it out I could even see it in my sleep, and it will be before my dying eyes when I finally close them forever.  I don’t think it will be long now, and I can see the shadows lengthening beneath its lonely tree.

It was once a fascinating mystery, a strange, pudding-basin shaped mound we would see from the windows of our coaches as we passed, heading off on holiday, with a single tree on top.  My mother was convinced it was an ancient burial mound, and swore that it was man made, and I was sure even then that she was right.

I shake now to think that I know for certain that she was right, and I can almost see the funny side of the thought that archaeologists are said to finally talking about cutting into the hillside.

It won’t happen.  Something unexpected and wild will stop it, because there is something sleeping under that hill, deep down inside, way down under the questing roots of that old chestnut tree, which fidgets’ in it’s evil slumber, and does not want to be disturbed. (more…)

‘It Depends on What “Old” Is’ Guest Author Suzanne E. Snyder – No. Virginia Community College Staff Member – Loudon Campus

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Suzanne Synder

I have worked in the Loudoun Campus Counseling Office for about four years now, and lately a number of people have asked me the same question: “I’m (fill in the blank) years old—am I too old to go to college?”

As more and more baby boomers pass the half-century mark, they realize that fifty is not as old as they thought it would be. Let’s face it, when our parents were fifty, they were old. And when our grandparents were fifty, they were ancient! But those of us who arc turning fifty as we approach the millennium arc in better shape than any generation before us. We arc healthier, happier, stronger, smarter, and virtually ageless.

Okay, there was that one incident in the department store. 1 was shopping with a friend I have known since high school, and as my friend put her purchases on the counter, the cashier (who couldn’t have been more than twelve) asked my friend if she had her senior citizen discount card with her. Since my friend was fully five years away from eligibility for the senior discount, her mouth dropped open and she gasped for breath. She was stunned. She was insulted. She was furious! She tried to find the words to tell the cashier what an appalling mistake she’d made, when the girl waved her hand and said, “It’s okay. Don’t bother looking for the card. I’lljust give you the I0%discountanyway.” My friend, her mouth still open, looked at the cashier, looked at me, looked back at the cashier and said, “Thank you dear. That is very sweet of you.” (more…)

‘The Marriage Contract’ by Guest Author Bobbi Carducci

Thursday, September 1st, 2011
Bobbi Carducci

Author Bobbi Carducci

“Damn it Jim, I can’t believe your asking me to do this. You know what my schedule’s like this week, and tomorrow is a nightmare too. I have at least a dozen things on my to-do list as it is. I’ve closed a couple of contracts of my own in the last month, and on top of that, our daughter, the economics major, has once again overdrawn her checking account and needs an emergency infusion of cash or she won’t be able to buy her textbooks for the new term. “Where are you calling from anyway? It sounds as if you’re standing next to a freight train.”

“You know I wouldn’t ask unless it was an emergency. I’ve been trying to finalize this contract for three days. Every time I’m supposed to deliver it, Ferguson’s schedule changes and he doesn’t show up.  I have to be here tomorrow. I have a firm commitment that he will be there this time. Besides, it will only take you a few minutes. Just deliver the contract and bing, bang, boom; you’re out of there and on your way home.”

“You and your bing, bang, boom. Can you imagine how long it’s going to take me to get out of the city at 4:00 on a Friday afternoon?  I’ll be sitting in traffic for almost two hours, and that’s only if the rain holds off.  If so much as a drop falls from the sky, you can tack on another thirty minutes easy. That will really put me behind and God help me if I show up late for your mother’s dinner party. She’s expecting Senator Livingston, hoping to get backing for her latest pet project, ‘Save the D.C. Virgins’ or some other mythical species she’s adopted.” (more…)

Gemini Nominated Actress Ellen Dubin in ‘Dead Before Dawn’

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has learned that Gemini nominated actress Ellen Dubin, whom we first interviewed in our May 2010 issue, has landed in a role in the new movie, ‘Dead Before Dawn’. This film has been produced by Wango Films, and is a fast paced horror adventure comedy.

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine released a Press Release in our News Section in our August issue and just learned of Ellen’s involvement in it. Ellen, can you tell us a little about the film?

TAEM- Describe your role in this production for us.

ED-I play Beverly Galloway – a sweet doting overprotective loving mother – a kind of throwback to those tv mom’s of the 1950’s – who turns into an evil vindictive zemon- half zombie, half demon.

It is so much fun for me to go from such a pert loving character to a wild crazy zemon.

Love the contrast. Wait till you see the fabulous zemon makeup! Spooky!!! I have to thank the make up and hair team of Kenji Sato, Monik Walmsley and Erin Olmstead- what a transformation that really helped in my playing of the character. (more…)

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine attends: World Music and Independent Film Festival!

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine attended the World Music and Independent Film Festival in Washington, DC on Saturday, August 20th.

The event was a success with many artists from the music and independent film fields attending. The affair was held in the beautiful Capital Hilton, not far from the White House. We started to gather on the second floor and entered the waiting area just outside the hotel’s Congressional Ballroom. Here the Red Carpet event took place and many of the celebrities gathered to have their pictures taken. A short time later we entered the Congressional Ballroom where we were served some of the renowned food that the hotel is famous for. (more…)

News Flash! – The Resolve Webseries for September’s Issue

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

‘The Resolve’ web series will not be seen in The Arts and Entertainment Magazine as it is now being prepared for DVD sales. We wish a hearty congratulations to the cast and crew of the series, and it’s producer Russ Cootey, and wish them much luck.

‘The Resolve’ is a great fiction-thriller about a murder and mayhem in an anger therapy group. It is well filmed and the acting is superb. Our hat is off to ‘The Resolve’, and Russ Cootey in particular, for this great production.