Gemini Nominated Actress Ellen Dubin in ‘Dead Before Dawn’

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has learned that Gemini nominated actress Ellen Dubin, whom we first interviewed in our May 2010 issue, has landed in a role in the new movie, ‘Dead Before Dawn’. This film has been produced by Wango Films, and is a fast paced horror adventure comedy.

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine released a Press Release in our News Section in our August issue and just learned of Ellen’s involvement in it. Ellen, can you tell us a little about the film?

TAEM- Describe your role in this production for us.

ED-I play Beverly Galloway – a sweet doting overprotective loving mother – a kind of throwback to those tv mom’s of the 1950’s – who turns into an evil vindictive zemon- half zombie, half demon.

It is so much fun for me to go from such a pert loving character to a wild crazy zemon.

Love the contrast. Wait till you see the fabulous zemon makeup! Spooky!!! I have to thank the make up and hair team of Kenji Sato, Monik Walmsley and Erin Olmstead- what a transformation that really helped in my playing of the character.

TAEM- Tell us the names of the other actor’s that you play along side of in it.

ED-The cast is an amazingly talented ensemble of actors who have a huge following in various genres- from sci fi to comedy to drama and soap opera.
I play the mother of the male lead – the wonderful Devon Bostick from (THE DIARY OF A WIMPY KID franchise and George Romero’s SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD).
The cast includes Emmy winner Christopher Lloyd (BACK TO THE FUTURE) , Martha MacIsaac (SUPERBAD),Brittany Allen (ALL MY CHILDREN), Brandon Jay McLaren ( THE KILLING) ,Kyle Schmid ( BLOOD TIES), Kevin Macdonald (KIDS IN THE HALL), Rossif Sutherland (HIGH LIFE) and April Mullen and Tim Doiron (ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS).

TAEM- Describe how you were chosen for your part and the excitement that you felt when you would play in ‘Dead Before Dawn’.

ED- This was THE best way to get a role. My agent phoned me and said I had been OFFERED the role. No auditions; no callbacks! As an actor, it was music to my ears to hear that word offer. It very rarely happens anymore because our business has so many chefs to please and we usually have to audition in person or on tape. So I was thrilled to get thie role in this way. The producers April Mullen, Tim Doiron and Avi Federgreen
were fans of my work and so was the casting director Stephanie Gorin – So that combination helped me land the role! I felt so grateful!!!!! They loved Napoleon Dynamite so that didn’t hurt either!

TAEM- When will the film be finished and when will it appear in theaters?

ED- The film finishes shooting in about a week and will be released in full 3D in theaters sometime in 2012. Stay tuned for more information at a later date!

TAEM- How did you feel when you learned that actor Christopher Lloyd would be cast in the film along side of you?

ED-I jumped for joy – an icon like Christopher Lloyd in the same movie was mind blowing! Dr Emmett Brown from Back to the Future- one of the best movies made of all time, Jim from Taxi, Uncle Fester from the Addams Family movies- I could go on and on and on. What a thrill to have someone so unique, brilliant and astounding in our cast. I am humbled!

TAEM- What’s new and exciting roles are upcoming for you in the future?

ED-I am currently working on two video games- Guild Wars 2 in which I voice a few characters- and another highly anticipated game (which I can’t name as yet) that will be released before the year is up. I love doing voice work! These are fun imaginative games to work on.

I am also going to go back and do some more episodes of the web series THE RESOLVE and according to producer Russ Cootey some provocative story lines are in the works.

I also hope to be at Megacon in February – so stay tuned on that!

TAEM- We are all proud of you Ellen and this film is in one of the favorite genres of our readership. We wish you, the film, producers, director, and all the cast members of ‘Dead Before Dawn’ much luck, and please give us a heads-up on its release so that we can keep our readers informed.

ED-Thanks so much again Joe. Your support and dedication to actors and the arts is so inspiring and appreciated!

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