Interview with Actress Anna Easteden

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is always looking for interviews that would inspire our readers and influence young actors in their careers. We are proud to be able to present the beautiful and talented actress Anna Easteden to our legions of fans. Anna, you were born in Finland and got your start in modeling. Please tell us about your early years.

AE- I grew up on a large farm in the middle of nowhere in Finland. We had cows and grew rye, wheat, barley and oat, and also had a lot of forest. Now my brother owns the farm that we grew up on, so it is staying in the family. I wasn’t much of a farmer, so I chose acting and modeling instead.

Photo by Rob GreerTAEM- Modeling gave you the chance to see the world, and you represented some of the biggest names in the industry. Please tell us about the major corporations that you represented.

AE- I did a lot of print advertisements, catalogs, billboards and magazine work for lots of familiar things like: Sony, Jockey, Nissan, NEC, Lux, Calvin Klein, Guess, T-Mobile, Chevy, Kohl’s, Salvatore Ferragamo etc.

TAEM- In 2003 you entered the career of acting landing several roles including one with the television series ‘The Days of Our Lives’. This must of been very exciting for you. Tell our readers about this show and the role that you played on it.

AE- I love acting and movie and TV business is very exciting to me. In Days of Our Lives I played a French Hairdresser. I spoke with a French accent and I got to wear a short black wig. It was something completely different than what I am myself. It was fun! Working on a soap is such a fascinating experience because everything is shot so fast and the entire crew has their jobs down so well, that everything moves smoothly and gets done super fast. Also that keeps the actor’s acting chops on a high level, because you really have no choice but to be good!

Photo by Rob Greer

TAEM- You captured roles in two very popular television series, ‘Medium’ and ‘Bones’. Describe the actors that you worked with on these and how you interacted with them on, and off, the set.

AE- On Bones I got to work with Zeljko Ivanek who was playing my husband in that same episode. He is such a great actor and I admire him a lot. A few years later I was on a same flight with him going to northern California, and I said hello to him, other than that I haven’t kept in touch with him. But I must say that all the actors who I have worked with in general, especially those who are in series regular roles, are such nice and generous people, and very deserving of their success.

TAEM- How did the acting in these productions differ from working on ‘The Days of Our Lives’ for you?

AE- Soaps a taped in much faster pace with less takes, so actors really need to be ready to perform when they get on set. As far as my personal preparation for the roles, it didn’t differ at all. To me any role is an important one and I prepare the same way no matter what type of show it is. I just become the character and am that person for those moments.

TAEM- The following year saw you in ‘John from Cincinnati’, and three episodes of ‘Who Wants to Be a Superhero’. Please describe the themes behind these productions and some of the other actors that you worked with.

AE- I am always super excited when I get to meet someone who I watched on TV growing up. One of those people who I watched was Luke Perry in the original ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ and then I got to meet him working on ‘John From Cincinnati’, I also met Ed O’Neill on that show and I had always loved him in ‘Married With Children’. They were both fantastic, once I got over being star struck! On ‘Who Wants to Be Superhero?’ I got to work with Stan Lee, who is just a legend and I appreciated every moment of being in his presence. On ‘Who Wants to be a Superhero?’ I got to play an evil character, which is always fun, as we are taught as children not to be mean, so when you really get to be evil, there is something fun about it. And after that I go back to my own life and appreciate the niceness of others!

Anna on set with Actress Ingrid Rogers

TAEM- Not long after these you appeared in two other TV-series, ‘Passions’ and ‘Secret Fridays’, and the comedy ‘Ante Up’. How were you able to keep the characters personalities separate with your acting?

AE- I never have trouble keeping the personalities of the characters separate. Once I get to “know” my character I feel that I can turn that character on and off at will and there seems to be some kind of a memory in us actors that we can bring in the same character back at a moments notice. It is really fun to be able to do that – that way I get to have my life too when I am not working and just be myself!

TAEM- The next year was very important to you with a role in ‘Sideways’. You were also chosen by award winning director Mika Kaurismaki in his film ‘The House of Branching Love’, where you played the role of Nina. This won you much recognition. Please tell us about the film and the awards that you achieved.

AE- Nina was one of those characters for me who I loved deeply and I really felt for her. After the movie was done shooting, I missed that character – that was the first time something like that has ever happened to me! I was nominated for “Best Supporting Actress” award at the 2010 Method Fest Film Festival for portrayal of Nina. One of the other nominees was an Oscar Nominee Carey Mulligan, so I was very honored to have been nominated alongside her. On the Japanese remake of ‘Sideways’ I also got to work alongside another Oscar Nominee, Rinko Kikuchi, she had gotten her nomination from ‘Babel’ a couple of years earlier.

Anna with Spiderman, Illustration by Mike Mayhew

TAEM- These past two years saw you in such well know television series as ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and ‘Two and a Half Men’, working alongside Charlie Sheen. Tell us about your experiences with these and some of the other projects that you worked on during this time.

AE- I love it that I got to be on ‘Two and a Half Men’ with Charlie Sheen, in some ways it feels very historic now. I played ‘Wanda’ in the 4th last episode. With everything in the media about him, I must say however that he was a great person to work with, as were the producers and everyone else on the set. That show is recorded in front of a studio audience and it was my first experience in a show that is shot that way.

TAEM- We also understand that you are working with two new projects. Can you give us a sneak-preview on them?

AE- I shot a great short film in New Mexico this spring. It is a period piece called ‘Temazcal’. We shot in the same set as ‘Cowboys and Aliens’, and many other Western movies have been shot there also. It was super cold in New Mexico when we shot this but all of that gets forgotten after seeing the great result the movie is. It in fact looks fairly warm in it! I was also very happy to work on a TV Pilot called ‘A Mann’s World’, it was written and directed by Michael Patrick King, who is known for writing and directing ‘Sex and the City’, this show takes place in a hair salon and it stars Don Johnson (Miami Vice). I am always working on some of my own projects too. Right now I am directing some short films about Finland with some other Finnish Celebrities. Maybe you can check those out later online. You can just search my name online and find these videos this fall. Also, you can always check out what is latest with my projects from or

TAEM- Anna, you have had a remarkable career, but you have also given this world another reason to be thankful for, and that is your Humanitarian interests world-wide. We understand that you worked with the United Nations with research studies to aid refugees, and the Foundation for a Civil Society, for free and fair elections. Two great undertakings that have left me humbled by these efforts. Please tell our readership about these.

AE- I love doing what I can to help out in the world. I went through a short time in my life where I felt that modeling industry especially was too superficial and at that time I searched out to do something what felt more meaningful. I found it with the United Nations Human Commissioner for Refugees at first and did a research study to help set up some asylum laws in a country where there weren’t any. I still feel that is a big accomplishment for me and I am very proud of that. It gives more of a meaning for my life and I am happy helping others. Last year I also got involved with ‘The Women’s Forum’ which helps to empower women all over the world, especially in the third world countries, where women don’t have as much opportunities as women like I do.

TAEM- Anna, I want to thank you for your time and contributions with your interview with us at The Arts and Entertainment Magazine, and ask you to keep in touch with us in all that you do. We wish you much luck and know that our readers will be watching your career very closely.

AE- Thank you very much!

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