Sacrosanct Shade by Guest Poet Candice James

I danced on the edge of a Tsunami wave,

Tripping, stumbling, slipping into dark cave;

Losing loose grasp on subconsciousness,

Spirit unwrapped in full state of undress.

Waking, baking in suffocating heat,

Head swimming in pain with aching pulse beat,

Fumbling in pocket, find a match and light it.

On the walls, stone age painting  Fear grabs me. I bite it.

From behind me hushed voices, now growing loud.

A motley crew, ancient ones, round me did crowd

They drew me into haloed aura of blue,

Then on misty cloud through the paintings we flew.

Blinded by white light whilst we tarried there,

When at last we alit all I could do was stare.

I gazed upon acres of velvet green grass;

All types of wildlife gathered en masse.

All communication was delivered by thought.

I knew their strange language without being taught

They bade me follow, led me through forest glade

Where elfin and fawn frolicked in the green shade.

Strange magical music permeated the air.

Feelings of joy and love were everywhere.

The sun never set.  The moon always hung high.

Embracing each other in surrealistic sigh.

Everything happened now. Time did not pass;

Caught in this moment of sweet demi tasse.

Then of a sudden I fell very hungry,

When fit for a king a meal appeared before me.

The wine was the color of magenta grape.

I sipped as the music and dancers took shape.

A vision of beauty and sanctified sound

Gathered in my mind and began to surround

Every thought I ever thought I could lay claim to

Every thought, though old, was becoming brand new.

I noticed my body was now supple and lean.

Energized, I felt like I was nineteen.

A beautiful spirit took me by the hand

And danced all my dreams in this wonderland.

The sky cried teardrops of deep azure blue.

Everything shone in their sparkling dew.

I knew I was born for a moment like this

That melts the heart with the cool of a kiss.

In the blink of an eye there was born a blue lake

And it was created that I may forsake

Every blue heartache that followed me here.

It erased from my soul every pain and each tear.

On gossamer wing I flew lighter than feather

At the edge of my vision, a change in the weather.

A hushed hazy whisper passed through the throng.

They gathered in gospel chanting strange song.

The air began circling in soft undulation

Growing thick and heavy with great expectation

The lake harnessed me in her Tsunami wave

And covered me gently in watery grave.

Lost in deep sleep for I know not how long,

I awoke alone.  My sweet captors were gone

The raft of my bed white crumpled sheets wet

With the blue of lost lake I’ll never forget.


Now I search for the edge of a Tsunami wave

To carry me back to that magical cave,

To the green forest glade where elf and fawn played,

To the blue lake shoreline and that sacrosanct shade.

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