TAEM interview with Producer June Daguiso

TAEM – The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has the pleasure of introducing one of the most versatile producers in the movie industry.  Producer June Daguiso has performed many of the tasks that strengthened his abilities behind the camera, including acting.  He also has arranged many of the top Independent Musical and Film festivals in the U.S. and Canada , and we introduced June to our readership in the article about the Washington , DC WMIFF event in our September 1st issue.  June, tell us about your earliest performance before the camera in “Deadlands:  The Rising”.

JD – I played one of the survivors at a rescue center that is slow to respond to people’s needs for food and security and, eventually, they take matters into their own hands.  The outcome is dismal, as the shelter soon becomes overrun by the walking dead.

TAEM – Please give us some of the details about the movie, and the theme behind it.

JD – “Deadlands: The Rising” (2006)
Budget:  $10,800.00
Writer, Director and Editor:  Gary Ugarek
Producers:  Herb Mollman, Darlene Barbour, Brian Wright, Lisa Brandt, Gary Ugarek and Paul Volpe
Composers:  Brian Wright and Gary Ugarek

“Deadlands:  The Rising” was shot in and around Montgomery and Anne Arundel Counties, MD.  The underlying story behind the movie was conceived after watching the devastation and outcome of the Katrina Disaster; however, the original concept for the film was post-apocalyptic and was simply titled “Deadlands.”

Film Synopsis:  After 5 major US cities become victims of biological attacks, a mysterious plague grips humanity and begins converting citizens into flesh-eating monsters.  It is about a Mom trying to save her child, two best friends trying to get home to their families, and a stranded motorist warning others of the impending doom.

TAEM – How exciting was this for you, and what strengths did you gain from it?

JD – This was a very exciting experience for me.  I learned so much from watching Gary Ugarek and his crew while filming the movie.

TAEM – The following year was a big step for you with the film “ Full Circle .”  Aside from an acting part in the film, we found that you wrote, produced and directed it.  Please tell us about it and the many other hats that you wore in creating it.

JD – “Full Circle”

was my very first feature-length film project.  I casted most of the 105 actors who were involved in the project.  It took us almost 7 months to finish the whole movie.  The most difficult task that I encountered was coordinating the schedule of the actors, since most of them also were working on other projects.  I did all the stunt and fight choreography.  I was so lucky to have good actors and a professional crew on the project.  I collaborated with several musicians who provided me with their original music compositions for the soundtrack.  FC Steel Anderson was my musical director.  He compiled all the songs, and I used them in several scenes.  We had 4 nominations in the 209 Grammy Awards for one of the original songs, “Boss of the Industry.”

“Full Circle” synopsis – After 23 years in the US Drug Enforcement Agency, Marco Santini (June Daguiso) is looking forward to his retirement and time with his family.  Still mourning the death of his youngest son, Charles, from a drug overdose, Agent Santini cannot help but spend his final days with the DEA, taking down the crime syndicate responsible for his son’s demise.  His vindictive plan creates a series of unexpected tragedies.

“Full Circle” Trailer:  http://youtu.be/iP2iAPw7pmc

You can purchase the DVD or watch it through Pay Per View in www.hotspintv.com

TAEM – In 2008, you appeared before the camera again in the movie “Signals”.  Please describe your part in it and the production team that produced it.

JD – I played Mani, one of the gangsters.  I was also the stunt and fight coordinator in this project that won Best Stunts and Fight Choreography in a festival in California.

TAEM – In 2010, you began a slate of films, one of which you not only acted in but played a part in producing.  Please tell our readership about the film “Torture”.

JD – “Torture” was a very low budget film.  The Writer/Director Alvin Gray told me that his budget for this feature film was only $100.00.  At first, I could not believe that you could shoot a feature film with just $100.00.  He collaborated with another production company that owned all the equipment and worked with a bunch of his friends and music artists to compose the original soundtrack.  In order to make the fight/action scenes appear as realistic as possible, I was the master instructor of fighting techniques for one of the leading ladies and the main actor, as well as for Alvin and some of the other actors.  I also did most of the stunt and fight choreography in a majority of the action scenes.  The story was pretty decent, and both the leading lady and the antagonist were pretty good.

TAEM – This was soon followed by “Jeepney,” “Close,” and “Drug Related.”  Describe these films for us and the many roles that you played in them to make them a success.

JD – “Close” is another feature film written, produced and directed by Denni Wagner.  I played a main role as a member of a Russian mob.  I also did all the stunt and fight choreography.

“Jeepney” is a comedy action in animation.  I played the leading actor named “Dante.”  I did all the stunt and fight choreography in this film, including the “Stick” fight scene in one of the big action sequences.  Rose is the writer/producer of this project.  I was Executive Producer, Assistant Director, and also the Second Unit Director of Photography when the DP was in the scene.  Rose is still editing the film, and I hope she can finish it soon.  It has been almost 2 years since I heard from her.

“Drug Related 1” was originally a short film.  I premiered it at George Mason University along with two other short films, and most of the viewers liked the story.  However, I was told that it was a little bit short, so I added a few more scenes to make it a feature film.  The Drug Related projects turned into a trilogy.

TAEM – Your latest work was with the films “Collide” and “Drug Related II.”  Please tell us all about them and where they stand today.

JD – My latest film “Collide” is one of my best creations.  It took me over 3 years to finish the project, since I was filming 2 feature films back-to-back.  We shot this film in several locations overseas, including  El Salvador, the Philippines and a small scene in Taiwan.  I submitted it to a few film festivals and won a few awards, including the best actor and best actress categories in the Viewers’ Choice Awards.  It was also officially selected in the Queens International Film Festival in New York and the Silent River Film Festival in LA.  We also had 2 Grammy nominations in 2010 for the original soundtrack, “American Nightmares,” written by FC “Steel” Anderson.  The original composition is based on my character named Chino aka Niko.  We produced 2 music videos that had several nominations in a few festivals.  “Collide” is currently on a worldwide distribution outlet through Pay Per View.   www.hotspintv.com.

“Collide” centers around 3 drug kingpins from El Salvador, China and the Philippines.  Each one has his own back history of hardships.  These hardships fuel all 3 to flee individually to an unnamed US city to get rid of a large supply of heroin.  The title signifies how these characters, as well as a few other integral characters, “collide” into one big, unexpected series of events.

“Collide” Trailer:  http://youtu.be/_DyLqoQPgjk

“Drug Related 2” is currently in post production, and I am currently finishing “Drug Related 3.”

TAEM – You also have extended your talents to producing the World Music and Independent Film Festivals in Washington , DC and Toronto , Canada .  Please tell us about these events, as I know many actors that I have interviewed in the past who have attended them.

JD – The World Music and Independent Film Festival just finished its second year of film screening and held its Annual Gala and Awarding.  Last year was a great success with over 22 countries participating in submitting films and music videos.  This year we had almost 200 films from 20 different countries, and a number of the directors came to join us at the Gala.  Winners from Switzerland, Morocco, England, Poland, Philippines, India and other filmmakers from within the USA were in attendance and received awards.  We had several well-known actors and music artists who joined the gala and awarding, and most of them performed at the gala.  I hope it will get much bigger with more participation from all over the world.  I intend to open a special category for filmmakers and music artists from South East Asia and Africa to encourage more participation.  You can view the website at http://wmiff.com and see the results for this year.

Hot Spin TV International Film Festival is also launching our first year.  This company also is a worldwide distributor through Pay Per View.  We accept any film for distribution if it’s selected in any film festival around the globe.  We also can screen independent filmmakers interested in distributing their films through Pay Per View.  You can watch free films on the website or submit your film projects or music videos.  Go to www.hotspintv.com for more Info.

TAEM – When and where is the next big event taking place, and how can someone arrange to purchase tickets for it?

JD –  We just finished our 2nd Annual Gala and Awarding on August 20, 2011.  Actually, this was a week-long festival that ran August 14th through August 19th,,showing the top-selected films.  We showed a total of 47 films at both the Navy Museum in Washington, DC and the Capital Hilton Hotel.  The actual gala was held Saturday, August 20th at the Capital Hilton Hotel Presidential Ballroom.  WMIFF is somewhat like a combination of Oscar and Grammy awarding for independent artists.

My next event will be in Toronto, Canada where I will run the festival in late March or early April 2012.

TAEM – Please tell us about the many other film productions and distribution services that you run as well.

JD – In addition to the two festivals that I run, I also helped coordinate and sponsor the Ticket to Hollywood Festival in Tehachapi, California, www.tickettohollywood.org.  David Heavener is a well-known indie writer, actor, producer, director and the CEO of this new festival.  He has over 40 IMDB credits under his belt as a film producer.  David also has a distribution company and can distribute quality films for theatrical release.  I will be joining him, along with other well-known celebrities, on October 14th, 15thth and 16thth for his film festival.

My partner, Laura Hartman, and I also run an on-line magazine, “WMIFF Magazine,” for indie artists, as well as a talk show, “Hollywood in Washington, DC.”  You can view some of the interviews and articles posted on our website at http://wmiff.com

I will be casting actors soon for my next feature film project “The Cult”, sometime before the end of this year.  I will be producing and directing this project with the writer Alexander Monzon from Canada.  I still have 3 more feature films that I want to shoot in the next 3-5 years.

Currently working in finishing the following scripts:

“Split Personality” – Psychological/Thriller

“Diary of a Serial Killer” – Horror

“Full Circle 2:  Bring me the head of Marco Santini” – Action/Martial Arts

Master June Daguiso IMDB Resume:   http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2408461/

TAEM – June, it has been a pleasure and an honor to be able to interview you for The Arts and Entertainment magazine.  I am sure that our readers, and many actors who follow us closely, will enjoy learning all about you.  We certainly wish you luck in all that you do and hope to hear from you soon, again.


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