TAEM News Flash- Major Change in Publication

From the Publisher- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine/ The Eerie Digest, will be changing the way we publish our material beginning November 1, 2011. From that point forward we will be adding new Interviews and Stories weekly.

This change is due to the increase in both readership and news opportunities. Our magazine will still have monthly advertising displaying product lines, promo reels, and articles in ‘Our Book Store’ and ‘Our Music Store’. Our Interviews and News articles will appear as a rolling ‘blog’ to keep our readers interested in our publication all month long. Stories and interviews will continue to appear without fading into memory. In this way we will also attract more viewing of those segments of our periodical in which we advertise.

This change will be for the better, and we have been urged to do so from a number of interested participants, and have been applauded widely for adapting this stance.


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