TAEM News Flash – WMIFF and our Publisher Team Up!

The World Music and Independent Film Festival  (WMIFF) has added Publisher Joseph J. O’Donnell to its ranks. Mr. O’Donnell has agreed to join their team and will secure Student Films for upcoming festival activities.

The Student Films category is an important segment of WMIFF, and they will be presented to the judges at the festival that will take place in the coming months. Winners, and contestants, will be mentioned on the agenda and will gain recognition throughout the film industry. Our magazine will also run stories about the event which we publish World-Wide.

Student film makers will be notified where to send your films to be judged, and the information needed to do so. The Arts and Entertainment Magazine/ The Eerie Digest is most proud to be a part of this prestigious organization. With the many University’s Student Newspapers that our magazine is presently advertising in, upcoming festival activities are predicted to be eventful with recognition of their films by all of Hollywood.


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